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Azienda: Spotlight Six Software LLC

Genere dell'app: Health & Fitness

Valutazioni: 4.59

Versione: 5.2.1

Download: 1,121

Rilasciato: Mar 19, 2010

Aggiornato Nov 19, 2016

Progressive Alarm Clock è l'app a health & fitness sviluppata da Spotlight Six Software LLC ed è disponibile per il download su dispositivi iOS e Android. L'app è compatibile con iOS 10.0 o successivo.

Progressive Alarm Clock Procedura dettagliata di gioco (iOS, Android)

Progressive Alarm Clock will wake you up gently and gradually using the beautiful sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl. At the specified alarm time, the bells will begin to ring in a pre-defined pattern - starting out softly and slowly and gradually getting louder and more frequent. You'll come out of your slumber slowly and peacefully. No more being jolted awake.

+ After setting the alarm, the app can be put in the background - allowing you to use other apps. At the specified alarm time, the alarm pattern will begin.

+ Choose from five pre-defined patterns with varying bell schedules and escalation lengths.

+ Choose from six different bells of varying size and metal compositions - from bright and clean to deep and complex with lovely overtones.

+ You may enter journal notes upon awakening - great for recording your dreams before the memory fades. You can then go back and review your journal entries and you may export the journal via email. For privacy, you may set a password to prevent unauthorized access.

+ To save battery, you may lock your device's screen and the alarm will still work. Either start the alarm and press the lock (sleep) button, or turn on the "Auto-Lock" setting.

+ This app uses the same amazing bell sounds used in our Insight Timer meditation timer. Here are some app store comments pertaining to the bells:

"Best sounding bells of any meditation app so far" - sibergrrl

"The bell samples in this app are gorgeous" - LairBob

"Several different bell sounds to choose from and they all feel 'live'" - VaderPi

"Great Sound Quality" - KarlAgathon

"The tones are stunning" - hellsleeve

"Beautiful bell sounds" - Wolf94114

"Wonderful digital bell sounds" - zenji

"The bell sounds are lovely" - pngwen

Other Features:

- Snooze from 1 minute to 30 minutes

- Sure Wake: Optional LOUD backup sound

- Seven colors available for time display

- Optionally keep phone from sleeping

- Huge landscape time display

- App works even when phone is sleeping (locked)

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Very well done but may be improved a little:

By digit.ale

It would be nice if a few features could be added: 1)Instead of the "snooze" button just shake the phone. 2)the option of having random bells during the pattern 3)adding a few more sounds, maybe some birds or other sounds of nature 4)the option of making the screen turn dark when the phone is not moving but going back tho show the time when one moves the phone (I.e. grabs the phone at night to see the time) Anyway, the App is already awesome!! Thanks!!

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