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  • Azienda: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
  • Genere dell'app: Entertainment
  • Valutazioni: 0.00
  • Versione: 1.20
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  • Rilasciato: Jun 20, 2022
  • Aggiornato Jun 21, 2022

Tropical Resort Story è un videogioco mobile an entertainment and simulation sviluppato da Kairosoft Co.,Ltd ed è disponibile per il download su dispositivi iOS e Android. L'app è compatibile con iOS 9.0 o successivo.

Tropical Resort Story Procedura dettagliata di gioco (iOS, Android)

Develop a lush island full of nature and aim to be the no. 1 resort!

Build accommodation for your guests and get those tourists coming! Make the environment even nicer and discover great travel packages to give visitors the best vacation possible.

Develop the resort to make your guests' dreams come true!

On this ocean island, the sparkling sea is a huge attraction of itself. There's a huge variety of incredible fish waiting to be discovered! Try improving water quality by placing marine plants and rocks in the ocean, and releasing fish you've caught while fishing - you may attract new fishy residents!

Once your resort starts drawing in more tourists, business partners will come asking to open stores and restaurants on your island, and you may even help them create new products! Make sure your resort meets their expectations and you'll both benefit!

Got a juice stand on your island? Why not place a bench next to it? Some things work even better together, becoming feature spots. Discover such winning combinations and watch visitors pour in!

Turn your tropical island into a vacation paradise!

Supports drag to scroll and pinch to zoom.

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Cerchi un modo per scaricare Tropical Resort Story per PC Windows (o Mac OS)? Per installare e utilizzare l'app Tropical Resort Story sul tuo laptop o computer desktop, è necessario un emulatore in grado di eseguire questa app. Ti consigliamo di utilizzare Bluestacks. Usa la nostra guida per installarlo sul tuo computer.

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