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Despite having to pay for a subscription, you have to sit through 5 ads every commercial break. It’s kinda ridiculous

Please fix

Jaymie Lego 13

Keeps crashing every few minutes

Big brother


I appreciate that when I miss an episode of big brother it is easy to catch up using the free app! Love the free stuff👍👍, thanks CBS!

Keeps crashing


Please fix it it crashes every 5 min

I have deleted and reinstalled the app. Disconnected and reconnected by router and modem. Still won’t play. Very annoying.

The app is great but it could really use a watchlist/my shows kind of feature so I don’t always have to search for the show.


chunky co mudina

CBS has a wide selection of shows and all the Star Trek you can watch ❤️

Into the future!


I’ve always wondered when the Federation would imagine itself across new universes. Great way to stretch the imagination

While I do love and appreciate the app where I can watch all my favorites....during watching the app glitches every 5 minutes or so which is very annoying while watching 😒

I have to put the volume in my TV all up in order to be able to listen, why the low volume when watching in the Apple TV?



I gave this app 2 stars because it constantly freezes. There are too many commercials for a paid app. And it always freezes on the commercials As long as this app has been around it should be much better than this

Criminal Minds


I need y’all to put criminal minds seasons 13 and 14 on the app. Also leave season 15 when u add 13 and 14. Thx



Easy to use and navigate. Lots of great shows to watch.

It’s not starting me off at where I stop and an episode is missing but I literally was just watching the episode so where did you go what did you do

Can’t cast


After the last update I can’t cast anymore.

Freezing issues


This has been a very disappointing app as right in the middle of a show it freezes constantly or makes you restart it!



im getting this app to see if i can watch the late late show cause james cordon and ben are making me clown. BEN CONFIRMED ON RELEASING THE MCDONALD DRIVE TRU SENCE FROM ONE DIRECTION OMFG

Tv provider


My tv provider spectrum is not supported please add this so I can watch the NFL season this Sunday please that would be nice

LOVE the CBS App


CBS app is by far my FAVORITE. Original show, on demand originals... what else could you hope for in an App. I literally haven’t opened my other movie/tv apps in over a month because I’ve been stuck on CBS programming. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!



The only reason I’m paying for this app. The show is pure greatness and i suggest everyone watch it.

I love that I can watch love island but disappointed I have to buy to watch on most shows when I already pay for cable and on most networks you just have to enter your cable login and they let you watch every episode and season on the site

Big Brother Live Feeds


We pay for CBS All Access for the Big Brother live feeds. It’s not worth the money because they keep cutting the live feeds in the middle of conversations and for several minutes at a time. It’s ridiculous how frequently they cut the feeds.

Great (mobile) app if you like the content, but next episode selection and opening up episodes by season is much more obvious on HBO and Hulu (from resume watching and from in-episode).

I am currently trying to watch the live feeds for Big Brother and there is some sort of error that’s not even letting me open the app. This extremely frustrating as it is resulting in me missing time-sensitive content

Best Shows

Mad M B

CBS has the best show selection!! Worth every penny!

Big brother


What bb/ big brother on this ALL THE TIME I LOVE IT.

Content is great. Apps is clunky compared to similar apps.

Love the app but, lately, the subtitles have. It been synced with the video. Waaay out of sync. Please look into this. Thanks.

Fatal error

stupid app gang

I like the app and the shows but recently it has been saying fatal error 5301 and not allowing me to watch anything. please fix this


Dumpy Kat

Luv all your shows. Luv Frazier one of my favorites!!

CBS app


Like it but too expensive. Bring down the price so we can all watch it!

This app plays so horribly. It’s glitchy and often has audio and video out of sync. We’ve tried it in several locations so we know it isn’t our internet. We love some of these shows but it’s hard to watch them :(

Great app!!!


I have no idea what these negative comments are about. This is a great app and functions perfectly. I guess we will chalk it up to user malfunction or just someone that has nothing better to do. Thx...

Seems to work fine on my IPad and IPhone but always has problems on the Apple TV. It either won’t load, takes me back to the home screen when I try to choose an episode, or freezes. Can you please fix. It’s frustrating when I pay for it.

It is annoying when you are watching a soccer game and the app stops and you have to restart it.

Pretty lame that I’m paying for this app for the NWSL games and the livestream is terrible. Buffers constantly and the app randomly loses sound.

Usually can’t finish watching one show without it losing connection several times. Very disappointing.



I really enjoy this app, especially when I get to watch my favorite show The Bold and The Beautiful great soap to watch after a hard day at work. Thank you



So I am on the trial without commercials. Many series do not have all the seasons or episodes. It this because of trial version or is that the app you get and not ‘full access”?

Love the app


It’s nice to catch my show when I’m not home



The app wont even open for me anymore ive tried everything and every time i click the app it wants to open then just closes right back out

I absolutely love this app it literally reads my mind! All of my favorite shows are on here! TOTALY recommend this to people who don’t pay rent! Best app ever!!!

Mrs. Luke

Mrs. Tippi66

I didn’t know all this was on my iPad. But thanks I do now...will be watching more. Thanks,

I Love CBS


So far this is my favorite streaming service. I need to add that CBS customer service was beyond excellent! Something that is a huge plus for me

Great app

come along make it b

Got rid of cable because of the high cost and , rarely home to watch tv but comes in handy when I’m on the road.



add a “next episode” button

Limited Commercials?


It is okay, got it to watch Picard (which is excellent by the way) but the frequency and amount of commercials is equivalent to Network TV, with one annoying addition: blaring the sound so you are consistently having to adjust the volume.

Paid for commercial free but still seeing commercials, and the same ones, over and over

Mostly satisfied


Love most of it but show like NCIS LA and Magnium PI don’t have all the episodes. This makes me consider canceling once I have caught up on some others. Please put all the episodes on like you promise. Thanks

I like it

a simple viewer

Fine way to catch up with the it



I only got this app to watch NWSL games and it’s great!

I love CBS shows but this app freezes and stutters often. I don’t have this issue with other streaming services.

Love it

chuck hurst

I have Hulu and Disney + and all the other doo dads but I really like the cbs app. Simple and easy. Keeps track of everything I’ve watched. Puts everything in an easy order for me. So far so good.

I don’t like paying for content from a broadcast company but if you’re a Trekkie, the shows are worth the price of admission.

If you are a Trek fan of old, please subscribe and enjoy the ride! I will not talk more or I am afraid to reveal spoilers.

Really - you’re going to put double letterboxing around all you videos played on mobile? No option to fill on XS’ and 11s? Okay...

CBC is wonderful

Lady Burnie

I can watch anything I want to because if I miss a show, all I have to do is go to my CBS show without commercials.

Episode memory

Used to be great, he

I love this channel... we have it as part of our Roku. What frustrates me is it doesn’t remember which episode I watched last... so we have to flip through the episodes hoping we remember which one we want to watch next.

You will for sure enjoy using this app to catch up on all your series.

Just wanted to know if it has the Big Bang theory

The best streamline. “CBS”.

Five stars

loveislandus fan

I just got this app for LoveIslandUS but then I started to watch more stuff on there



Would be so much better if you would quit charging a fee to get rid of the commercials.



It's all great and it's perfect



Great app, great show’s, Star Trek top notch show, keep up the good work.

Too many commercials for a paid app, and the audio mutes for 5 seconds before a commercial starts. Thoroughly enjoy the content, but wish it was available on a better platform.



I’m having issues with CBS all access! While I’m watching a show it stops playing, it freezes! If I’m paying monthly for this it should be working right.


No farm heroes saga

Good show.......Don’t have a tv provider so thankful with a good drama as tommy ...I don’t need any.....

Love the shows


Love the shows on cbs, still wish they did not require their own app though.



I’ve been way Long time for a Nother Star Trek show with Patrick Stewart this show is off the hook I like it thank you

In my roku and fire stick the programs keep stalling. It’s not my internet. All other apps are fine.. very irritating..

My review


I keep losing voice and satellite during my shows

Worth the price

Yinzer Girl

Great on demand for me to binge watch a week’s worth of Young and Restless (guilty pleasure) but the All Access originals are very good too.

I love all the content and the freedom to “access all” my favorite shows whenever I want. I also find shows I would never have watched on tv because of my life doesn’t revolve around tv show air times.

Great App!!!


Love being able to watch shows that I missed!

Young & Restless.

union mills

For people who cannot watch their soaps during the day, this is a god send. Thank you♥️♥️


fannie mama

I love the shows I can watch I tell all my friends because I don’t have to have cable so thank you



@CBSAllAccess StarTrek old and new -keep it coming! Brilliant productions, brilliant characters, and plots. Don’t lose these writers!


No farm heroes saga

Good show.......Don’t have a tv provider so thankful with a good drama as tommy ...I don’t need any.....

From Picard to the Late Show with Steven Colbert, this app is a must! Plus all the all titles for me to re-watch!



Only get to watch in 5 min intervals the app keeps crashing. Then I have to reopen and fast forward to keep watching the show.

Loss of sound


I have tons of apps but CBS is the only on that loses sound throughout every show. Why? I have googled and updated. I also deleted the app and reinstalled it but every time I watch an episode the sound goes out.

I love the app , but would like to be able to pop the screen out so I can multi task on my iPad like all the others similar apps. Also not sure but I can’t cast to my Lg tv only Visio and there is not app for my Lg tv to download.

Cool App

X Stream Chaos

Great free content, but the same commercials over and over again is a bit annoying.

CBS Access


I love the shows Available If I could add one button to move shows I No longer watch to update from the Shows I watch group it would be perfect

Mr. Ted


Can’t complain. I can use the app anytime anywhere. That means, I have access to all of CBS Offerings. Good job!

Love CBS


I bought it for a year without commercials and it is great. There are a lot of shows to choose from. I am enjoying Star Trek Picard plus The Good Fight to name just a few. I highly recommend this streaming service!

CBS older episodes


I don’t like that only 3-4 older episodes are available to watch. If you want to watch older ones you have to pay for that privilege. We’re already paying to have this channel. I was able to catch up on ABC without paying extra.

Loving this APP


I love this APP because all my favorites are on this app. Keep them coming!!!

By mistake


I add this by mistake But I’m paying for one month only I cancel I hope they don’t chat me me more

Good app no bugs

Ray in the Burgh

The set up of the shows is quite sensible and the app works beautifully. I’ve used it both in an excellent WiFi and with my phone as a hotspot detecting little change.

CBS app


The best! Enjoying watching my shows on here as dish network removed while they dispute with network😩🙄


Flex mauler

Why are there commercials when we buy it!!!!!!??? I will not be keeping it unless this error is remedied

Since the Young and the Restless has been pre-emoted by the Old and the boreing “impeachment trial” it was fantastic that I was able to watch all the episodes I missed. Great app to watch all of them. Thanks!



I bought this for Picard..... PLEASE, PLZ, PLEEEEEEEASE let Picard run for at least 12 episodes! PLEASE.!. I LOVE IT; I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN WATCHING IT!!!!!! THANKU!!!!!❤️❤️❤️😃😍🥰

I am enjoying the shows on this service. Picard is great. Same with Discovery. And there are many shows on here that I will love watching. Great app for me.

Great Streaming Service!

Derrick Mashburn

I’ve been streaming since the debut episode of Star Trek: Picard. I enjoy all the shows and movies within the app. Thanks for the good experience!

During a show about 5-10 minutes in the app just closes, has been doing this for a couple months I keep thinking the next update will fix it and that still hasn’t happened.



So far so good. Whenever I’ve used it, it works fine. I have no complaints at this time.

Y&R app


I truly enjoy this app however it spends an enormous amount of time “buffering” - can this be fixed?

Y and r


Always there!! Thus app is so handy and free!!

I have hundreds of generated passwords in my manager that are 20+ characters long; this app forces me to type it in and it really sucks—it makes me not want to be a subscriber anymore.

But where is Season 2 for Limitless? Had never seen the show before and watched Season 1 via your app - Really great show!! Can’t wait to see Season 2

CONSTANTLY FREEZING DURING COMMERCIALS ONLY!!!!!!! Please fix this frustrating glitch



So blurry like your internet is still dial-up modem. Please work on it

Didn’t work on my TV

Luke Jedi of the For

Could not watch on tv. Had to use iPad

New episodes??


How come I’m not receiving new episodes??

Not playing videos


Every time I try to play a video the video crashes and says fatal error. I am two episodes behind from my favourite shows on television because of these issues.


Riley Ranch mama

The repetition of the commercials is ridiculous. The app is great! Love being able to catch up on my soap operas when they're cut out of regular TV because of politics!



For $10.00 a month the commercials have to GO AWAY!!!!

Good, but needs basic features

President JK Polk

Where is the “play next episode” button? How about skipping the intros? These are fairly basic features that most other streaming services accommodate, but not CBS. Not sure if the monthly fee is worth it.



I decided to watch the 2020 Grammy’s this morning. I clicked Watch, which took me a different Watch, which took me to a 3rd Watch before I could actually Watch.

It’s a amazing app!!!! When I start a show and have to come back to it later, most of the time it picks up where I left off. That is one of the things I love about this CBS app.

When is CBS going to start the Show !!!

Audio cuts out

Yoga kc

The audio cuts out about 15 seconds or more before a break in the viewing (for ads). Needs correcting



I love this apt it runs any where I go. It’s really worth it. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money. I will always have this apt as long as it continues to serve my needs for great TV.

Awesome app


One thing I didn’t like tho was u had to pay but other than that awesome 1080 view

Not working


I have had the App for over a year now. I stream from my IPhone. It worked great till a couple of months ago. It will stream well till the first commercial then freeze and shut off. I am very disappointed in this.

CBS All Access


Awesome! Love Star Trek Discovery!!!

Signing in


Even tho I have a subscription for my local cable company I am not allowed to watch somethings on the app I would like to know why I would have to sign in to the app when I am signed in to the local cable company

Silent moments


Using the free app to watch a weekly episode, the audio goes silent about 10 seconds before the commercial break. This also happens about 10 seconds before the end of the last commercial at each break.



Nothing special. Does what it’s supposed to. I’d really like to see a “skip intro” button like both Netflix and Amazon Video have.

It’s nice


But does freeze up a lot & there’s too many commercials. I should be able to skip the commercials after 20-30 secs. I am glad I can watch my soaps but it’s very painful & time consuming.

CBS football


Just have to tell you that listening to Ian Eagle broadcast the game between Titans and Ravens was great. Let’s see more of him.

Usable but feels very outdated with relatively frequent freezes.

Poor App...


I love how it comes in on my phone but it won't allow me to Chromecast to my tv it connects then it will just continue to say ready to connect.

I’ve tried the app with a fire stick and multiple different TVs and it still freezes on all of them most of the time.

Images of the past

pure reality of self

Living in events and creative rooted of past self-enjoyments .Have never taken away the montions of future living

What’s the point of an iPad streaming app that can’t do picture in picture? Also if it doesn’t remember my place in a and I have to manually fast forward, I have to watch ads all over again sometimes.

Free week

Dell's Belle

I have had the free version of this app and saw that I got a week free if I upgraded to the paid version. I never got the free week I was just charged. So not really happy about that.

The free access to evening news sometimes available within minutes is definitely a game-changer for me. I do not find it elsewhere. I also find it easy to access the shows I want to watch.

Fatal Error


Can’t play anything. App is broken now. “Fatal Error”



The football game ran over so I missed the end of my show God friended me. So excited to see the ending. Thank you


God watcher

I really like using this app too look up and watch all my live sports

Worth it just for the Star Trek: Discovery and Short Treks. Trek has never been better. Now, if they would just make a new Pike’s Enterprise series!

And I can’t figure out how to make them stop. Love the content, though. I’m a Trekkie.

Great Back-Up

Clussy JC is a great back-up to my daily recording of my daytime shows. If something goes wrong with my recording or the show is preempted, I can count on the app to help me out and not miss a show.

😍Thank You


I Got a iPad for Christmas know I can watch tv every day thanks for your service I will tell all of my friends and family about you 🥰. 😊🐸❤️

Keeps me informed even if miss out for the day. Love it!!!


gamer 56 swat

Amazing app just a little lag issues

You guys gotta fix the glitch. Serious issue with it crashing every few minutes.

Young & the Restless


Started watching Y&R back in 1982. With all the issues that CBS had few months ago and now with the Impeachment trails going on, grateful that CBS has this out there for people to watch the shows that they have been watching forever!!!

Bold Beautiful


CBS has the best daytime, action, drama of all the four mainstream networks!

I like watching survivor, but recently, the audio cuts out 7-10 seconds before the commercial break, which makes me miss key dialog that’s important to the show. It never used to do this, and it’s quite annoying

New update is horrible


The app won’t stay open. It force closes. Not happy I can’t get on. Please fix

No commercials


Loving the no commercials option; and getting caught up on shows I’m never home for...YouTube tv is great but expensive.

Apple TV fixed

Steve 899

The last update on 11/17/19 made my home screen only half visible. After a prompt response to CBS customer service they did resolve the problem. Thank you!

Too many bugs. Hockey East coverage is spotty. No customer service.



App keeps crashing after 15 seconds...



This app is definitely worth having 👍🏾👌

CBS Viewer


No adds and shows get uploaded quickly.

Disappointed in the Content

Desperately Seeking

I am disappointed in the content. The new shows aren’t that interesting and the old shows can be seen on cable. Star Trek Discovery started strong with the first few shows but has been unsatisfying ever since.



This app constantly crashes, like every 5-6 mins! Frustrating!

We now don’t have to miss all of our favorite shows—after ditching our satellite connection—thanks to this great app.



Works great for me on my iPad and makes it way easier to watch things.



What happened to the ability to set favorites? My mother in law has poor vision and now her favorites have disappeared and she has a problem finding the shows she watches on her own.


dirt rober

Like this app I just wish it would work better


Miggy's 2 girls

If you only have antenna tv you can not watch all the episodes of shows. That is not fair to those of us that cannot afford paid tv. Wish you would change that. Thank you.

Latest update


Shows only play about 10 minutes and the app crashes 😣

All my Favs


All my fav shows I miss while at work I get to catch up on and commercial free! I love it!

Great APP❗️


Great APP easy 2 USE THANKS ❗️✅

The app has become more stable in recent months. It no longer crashes frequently as it once did.

I’m so glad I can catch up on my Y&R and B&B on the go!


Mustang GT 84

I will soon be going into a nursing home and I am so thankful that I will be able to watch Survivor.

My favorites on my schedule.

The Secrets of Time

I have odd hours that change daily. Fortunately I don’t have to miss anything with this app on my phone.

Why is this update making it more dysfunctional. Please fix this consistent crashing please!



Great thanks help me get through my work day

Decent app


Touch controls lag. Ads occur at sometimes stupid intervals. Short Treks are hard to find u less engaging the Search function.



It has all the seasons of survivor and it updates at 12:01 am after a show airs.

Awesome App!

Krissy Brink

Great app to watch all my favorite CBS Shows on & with the option of NO Commercials! And downloadable content is a huge plus!💯📱💖

Easy to use. I never fret missing a show because I know I can watch the following day. And I can watch from multiple platforms!

Save spot


I wish the app would save what we’ve watched on an episode. Sometimes I can’t watch a full episode of something I’m watching and I have to come back to it later. It’s really annoying. Otherwise good app.

Six & Young Sheldon


Fantas, really enjoy young Sheldon and Six

Tv show Evil

I.D. Nurse

My friends and I can’t get enough of the new TV show Evil !!! It’s the 😘



Greatest app I have ever had. It helps my time.



Love this app and the shows the only way to make it better would be to have the local news. Love all the CBS shows

I have a ROKU stick on my TV, but that thing buffers frequently. The CBS App on my iPad almost always just keeps working! I prefer to watch on my iPad because it works better.

Almost good


It’s great but it doesn’t save your place in videos

Great App


Love watching survivor free on the app

CBS is back!


It was a local issue - CBS is back! -DTV rep / at&t employee 🤓

Sound issues


Always working fine, and now it’s constant sound issues. Every 3rd word is silenced out. So annoying!



I love there show but I get the free CBS to watch its great I lonely can’t stand that it’s always refreshing itself it’s like wasting time ,but other wise it’s ok ..

i love this app. free access to current shows. it completely crashes after 8-9 minutes. oops, your bad code writers. or should i just delete it and move on?

it’s ok


pay for no commercials but still get ads.

Update crashes


This latest update crashes in my iPhone 7 several times during a one hour show.

CBS app rating


I love the CBS app .Cannot watch young & restless &Bold and Beautiful until after work.So this comes in handy for me.

Love CBS app!!


Thank you CBS for putting up my favorite shows! We love Survivor!

CBS app


I love the CBS app. I just wish I could fast forward thru some of the ads

ME 💖💖

Raining in the sky

I’ll love and love this new movie app and but they should make and they should have on here more and more movie’s and more and more tv show’s on here

I record my favorite shows, but when breaking news is happening a lot of the time they break in and the only way I can watch the show is on the app later. Thank you.

It’s nice to be able to catch up on some of our shows when DVR doesn’t work properly and/or live show gets pre-empted.



You advertise to catch up on episodes for free, to download your app, but you only get watch a few before you have to subscribe. I’m not subscribing to nothing!

Keeps crashing


Watch a show for a few minutes, app crashes and shuts down. Open it back up, turn show back on, few minutes later app crashes yet again. Repeat this over and over again and that’s my experience.

All Rise


All Rise is very entertaining and funny. Has great characters and nice situations. Thanks for some comedy


we are most displeas

Why do episodes of Madam Secretary keep crashing every few minutes of play? Help/Support never answered, so please address the point.



Superlative is just one word of many to describe this app. Kudos to the people who worked on developing this.

This is the greatest show if you are into not knowing what to expect. Thank you CBS for entertaining me a millions of others!

Keeps Crashing


No problems with app until sometime in September. Now it crashes every 7 minutes. Very frustrating. Appears to be problem only for apple, my android works fine. Before it would have been 5 stars.


McKenna Massman

Really helps when I’m in the car waiting or going on a trip and has all my favorite shows



I wish to cancel my subscription please. My credit card will no longer work!

Well balanced News

Your Hawaii Connecti

You provide a wide range of topics which include some positive & something medical such as health alerts. We appreciate the first hand knowledge that keeps us informed & up to date.

Great App

Keteran Moon

I get to watch my shows at breaktime at work! Very compatible app!

Bold and Beautiful


Love this show. Been watching this show for years!


Stephen Cram

I love this app it’s really cool but there is a problem i tried to play big brother 18 episode 21 but it keeps failing can you fix this ?

App malfunction


This app used to be fantastic but then the app got “upgraded” over the summer and now I can’t watch more than a few minutes of an episode without the app crashing. It takes me hours to watch anything.

The CBS app actually works unlike some other network apps. Almost never freezes and shows stream well without taking forever to buffer. I love that recent shows are up quickly after airing.

Binge Worthy


I like the app so that I am able to watch on my Ipad when family is watching tv but don’t like that if you have to pause or stop watching show it doesn’t save your place where you left off.

Top notch network


CBS is the best! Love that I can watch my show that I missed during the week.


Sue sue also

I love the ability to be able to catch up with my shows anywhere.


Sheila Wakely

Best overall network best overall programming!… Well worth the price!

CBS outstanding


All my favorite shows without commercials plus I can watch them when I want. Now I get to watch another Star Trek I am excited about this one.

Great, funny show and I live in Detroit where the series is based off of

I’m gonna make this nice and short.I know you can’t make it free to watch all shows because you wouldn’t make money, but it would be nice to have more free shows. Also, please keep Survivor listed as a free show, at least the new episodes!

I loved the app. Until the update. Now it crashes constantly and you have to watch the commercials again and again to watch two minutes of a show to then have it crash again. Super frustrating.

4k and 7.1 on Roku


Please work with Roku to enable this streaming option over HDMI.



too many adds :( & im not enjoying my shows as much



The app is amazing I just dislike ads lol

I haven’t been able to stream a show on here for a few weeks. It plays for three minutes and crashes every time. I thought the latest update would finally fix it, but it didn’t. So frustrating!

Really like this app

Yosef Divid

Really like this app because I can watch class episodes of my favorite shows and catch up on the ones I missed onTV.

So easy access all my favs anytime of nite and day. Thanks for helping me making through my elliptical ride another day or keeping me company during the restless night!



I love being able to watch my favorite shows that I missed or just want to watch again from anywhere. I can watch shows on the go on my mobile device



It's just great to use the CBS aap to watch all show when ever I want

Since the last update it constantly closes on its own after five to ten minutes really getting ready to cancel. Have version 7.2.3 and app closes down after about 5 minutes have to keep restarting app

App closes unexpectedly

Daddy's Smoker

This app closes unexpectedly in the middle of a show. The same thing occurs when streaming to my AppleTV.

Love the App

KLK 78

I love the App.. It’s great to be able to watch Young & Restless and Bold and Beautiful when live shows on TV have been interrupted. So grateful for the option!

Great actors and actresses been watching this show for along time , miss a lot of the characters from the early days but a good daytime series.

Awesome App!

CeeCee Lane

I enjoy watching Y&R on this app when I do r feel like watching it on a big screen!

Injusto use it Love it ... and now I’m going to watch discovery and new generation

Love my soaps


I love this app when I’m not at a tv to catch my soaps. Glad I found it!!!

This app has provided an option to watch what I want, when I want it. The picture is very clear and the commercial inserts are tolerable. Thank you for Seal Team

Love love love


Appreciate being able to watch my shows anywhere anytime ❤️😄

Great series


Thank you for made this action and drama series

Great for classics

Yosef Divid

It Great great to watch Classic tv like my favorite show like Star Trek , I miss that show since it cancelation 6/3/69 and watch shows you missed recently. And all the modern show too.

We’ve had problems with being able to run this app on our Fire TV. We’ve 4 calls and they say they are working on it.

Best App


Love being able to watch my favorite shows at my convenience!!!



I’ve used the app forever and it’s been great. Just got my update and it kicks me out every couple of minutes. If you fixed the bugs, you might try to go back and fix the other issues you’ve created in their place.



Your app turns off in the middle of the show since all these updates very disappointed

Trash app


Doesnt allow you to watch live with just your provider. Sorta defeats the purpose.


Stephen Cram

I can’t take screenshot pictures on video who came with that idea.

The best!


Love watching anywhere and anytime!


NYS agent

Hi everyone, I know that a lot of people have been complaining recently about the app crashing non stop, I had the same problem, I deleted the app restarted my phone and downloaded the app, the app is back to normal, no more crashes....

My Review


This is sooo awesome as it is easy to use you can find what your looking for and watch the episodes for that week and previous ones you missed I love it !!


Bryant Lee Davis

Watch anytime, anywhere!! Love it...

Since the last update I can only watch for 2-3 min then it crashes no matter what I am watching.

I don’t know why but when I am trying to watch a show the app will play for a few minutes then it would just close out completely and I am up to date on all updates any idea on why this is happening ??

Love it because it keep me on top of it every time I miss it on tv.because I can always come back to it.



I’ve used the app forever and it’s been great. Just got my update and it kicks me out every couple of minutes. If you fixed the bugs, you might try to go back and fix the other issues you’ve created in their place.

Shows that I miss


I am joyed catching up on the shows I missed



How are you all going to give us a choice between the 5.99 or the 9.99 but when you get near the end it only shows the 9.99 option??!! That's a con and I don't like the fact that it's misleading but I love the show all access 🤗

Force close


Every 5minutes this apps keeps force closing. Will this ever be fixed


Emme Anne

I love being able to watch at any time! When I can’t watch my recordings, I’m able to lie in bed with my headphones early in the mornings or late at night without bothering anyone. Thank you CBS! Much appreciated! 🙋🏼‍♀️😍💋

For about a week, while viewing B&B and Y&R on my iPad about 5 minutes, the screen turns black and closes the app..not sure why. I tried deleting the CBS app and reinstalling; didn’t work. Please fix. Thanks.

Love it

Yo ma!!!

All my favorites shows in this network is ON..

Mobile TV

Connie Bert...

I love being able to watch my shows on my schedule!

I enjoy watching after hours, I would enjoy even more if they didn’t have commercials..

Crash Issues


I love the app, however it crashes after a few minutes every time

Bold and beautiful


I’ve been watching for years so happy to watch it at night when I get home!

New episodes of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert are always delayed about a week. What on earth is the point of paying for this app? I don’t think it’s worth it anymore.

CBS only better


Great quality shows and live TV. Redundant and occasional duplicate billing.

I love this app but lately it has been crashing - it plays my shoes for about 3 minutes then it closes down.. not cool - fix ASAP

For some reason I can’t watch all seasons of my favorite tv shows. I can only watch the current season. I don’t know why this is but it should be fixed ASAP. Also there is way to many ads.

I can’t stay up late enough to watch on television so I’m glad I get to watch on the app. Thanks!

I really appreciate how CBS allows one to watch new episodes of shows within several hours of original broadcast. They don’t make you wait a week to view ABC and NBC episodes. I’m much more likely to watch CBS shows.

Great app


All the great CBS shows. NCIS, FBI, Nagy Seals, Blue Bloods and more. Well worth it.

I love the shows I can watch for free. Other channels I have full access with my DTV account. I think that should be the same for CBS. CBS All Access extra charges is the only downfall to this app.



I previously had a subscription with no issues, decided to try commercial free and it will only let me watch a few minutes before it crashes and kicks me out. Quite annoyed Update: I deleted app, reloaded and no further issues


Beta version?

App is ok but I already pay for cable - makes no sense to pay twice

No Criminal Minds?!


Why is CM not showing up in the shows I watch que? I pay for commercial free too.

Great App


This is the best App for CBS. All the shows on demand anytime of the day. Glad I have this in my phone.

Love this app!


I love this app! I just have one issue. Why can I watch Blue Bloods’ current season without paying for it on my phone but not on my Fire Stick? I really wish you would fix that.

This app lets you catch up, review, and enjoy all aver again.



Better than the other network apps. Pleasant viewing user friendly

App crashes


Luv the app but it is still crashing after using in for a few minutes. I keep reopening it and the app always shutdown. The update in the app didn’t help much either.

The Star CBS


This is the best channel on TV. I watch all of them but my favorites are always on CBS. Thanks for being here. Bobbi

Keeping My Interest

Me And Only Me Today

I like the story line My me look forward to the next episode

I like


It’s great when ur always on the go and I don’t have time to sit at the time this show comes up and when u do have time u can watch it I hate the price but I like that I can watch it when I CAN

I enjoy my programs at my leisure! The quality is great!

Blak John

Blak John

The CBS app gives me quick access to the shows and network I Love!!!

App still crashes!


I was happy to see the CBS app update in my queue figuring they worked to fix the crash problem. Nope still crashes every 3-4 minutes of play, crashes over and over.

Catching up


Can always count on catching up on this app. If the news cuts things short as it has been lately, I can come here and watch the whole show with only putting up with commercials.


Herbert Norville

Great App, video playback and sound clear.

CBS app review


It’s so convenient and I can watch it anywhere and time to fit my schedule. Thanks CBS

Supper slow. App itself launches quickly but thumbnails for the actual episodes takes forever to load even on a gigabyte fiber connection

Streaming our favorite shows (which are all on CBS) on my iPad Pro remains problematic. In a 20 minute show it will crash at least 3 times. WiFi is running above 30 consistently. Seems to be an app problem. Help!

I am trying to figure out what is the point of creating a streaming video app that does not stream video half the time.

Criminal minds


The app is ok.. I just don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have criminal minds on there to watch.. That was my only reason for buying it.. Why is that??

A solid app

positively fifth st

Minimal lag crisp video could use a few more shows but all are well presented

Enjoy watching CBSN while doing the dishes along with the other live tv channels!!

Fix It


Please fix the feature where it doesnt sync the audio and visual properly.

So Disappointed


For so long, I loved this app. I pay extra for no commercials. But now it freezes often. I can’t download shows half the time, and when I do, they won’t play. I’m looking at other options to watch the shows I enjoy.

Young Sheldon


I don’t watch much tv. But love this show an a few others. Glad I can see it when I miss it. Thanks for making this available.

Amazing app no problem what so ever. I work a lot and this keep me right where I need to be with my favorite Monday night shows.

TV Star

Power user 2

Really love this app for show contents



Don’t really enjoy paying for something that only works half the time. Constantly getting “fatal error”.

Great app


Great app! Love the liveTv option

Happy User

Miss Jai 75

I am very glad that I can watch missed episodes of some of my favorite shows on my commute to/from work and during lunch. Great app!! So far, no issues.

No longer can use CBS app on my iPhone. I have most recent updates for app and iPhone and CBS closes out within1-2 minutes


Caressa Renee

Please fix the chromecast on the app. It shows it’s connected to chromecast when it actually isn’t.

Love it

George Schweitzer

CBS all axis has great sports and entertainment shows love this app


Tabarak Aljimil

It has everything you wanted to watch!

Love it but


Why does the app keep closing in the middle of watching an episode?

All my favorite shows are on CBS. It is shameful we have to pay for shows for streaming as well as pay for cable. I only do it because I am not home a lot. Catch up with the times CBS.

Close caption


Love I watched closed captioned without Dvr record on tv I loved my iPad

Update fix


Changing my review....after the latest fix, the App is now working just fine. Thank you! Now I can watch my shows without the App shutting itself.


Sndguy in fl

Went to watch a Steelers game today, at the suggestion of my cbs sports app. Click on CBS.......crash. Can’t watch my game.

I pay the monthly access fee. Then I go to watch BigBangTheory But It says I have to PURCHASE each episode What am I paying for?

Every other television app shows when you have watched an episode but CBS won’t. It also won’t let me add specific shows I watch to a Watchlist. With all the improvements, these are desperately needed!



I really recommend this app it's so good.



App is usually great. With iOS 13.1.2 is keeps crashing

Y & R


Great show, not so many commercials



It is great to be able to see the shows you missed while at work. The voice in the app is clearer than on my TV. Thank you



I don’t understand why we have to pay for the app when all the other TVs all I have to do is login in to my Fios account!!!



It’s very good to watch when you miss that show when it comes on.

Good app


Basically a good app but a lot of commercials

App crashes


Works good on the lab top but app crashes every 2.2 minutes on my iPhone xr really annoying. Tried reaching out to them for support but just crickets...... currently canceled sub because it’s not worth paying for if I c sac b use it...



A great way to watch all your favorite CBS shows past and present in one place.

Crashes Often


I loved this app until a month ago. Now it crashes every 5-10 minutes. I have to close the app, reopen, and restart my shows. So frustrating, I’ve pretty much given up.

Great app


Keep up the good work!! I’ve been watching The Young and the Restless show since the ‘90s, and thanks to your app, I am able to watch it every day no. Great tool to use!!! Thank you!!!

I absolutely love the content of this app. The new version has a bug that cuts the streaming and causes me to have to restart it every few minutes interrupting the flow of enjoyment. Please fix it.

I’m not a fan of this update. It doesn’t keep track of which episode I’m on. But I like the new layout.

Does not show up in continue watching. So video starts from the beginning all over again. Update: Works great after uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Has restricted viewing if using prime video app. Can only watch on portable device. Limits ability to watch programs with family on tv even if you have prime video app.

I love the shows on CBS but like others problems with freezing and why end a show 10 minutes early? Watching/listening to survivor and it ends before the voting!!!! Then I have to restart and fast forward it!! Annoying!!!!



Love CBS, it is by far the best station.

Shutting off


When I start to watch the Young & The Restless is shuts off every five minutes. I love my soap opera and I can’t even watch it on here lately. Very frustrating lately!,

Keeps freezing up


I'll be watching a show and it freezes up.So I want rate until the matter is taken care of.Becaue right now I would not give you a good rate.



Having this app is heaven sent! I don’t have cable for regular TV programming & this app is just truly amazing!

Getting caught up


Love being able to watch my shows when ever I miss them on the night they premiere

Young Restless

Free Easel

Something has CHANGED. The format is totally DIFFERENT than it was in August. I went on VACATION, I came back and I don’t recognize this site. Why did it change ??Why did it change???



I previously had a subscription with no issues, decided to try commercial free and it will only let me watch a few minutes before it crashes and kicks me out. Quite annoyed


Continues to crash

I deleted the app and the redownload it, works great now!!!

Still crashing


Even after the update that was supposed to fix crashes, the app still crashes on my iPad



These needs to be a way to select favorites. This would allow people to go directly to their favorites section and find their favorite movies and TV shows faster.

I wish Murphy Brown had gotten a second season to it was a very funny show. It keeps crashing on my iPad though I’m not sure why? It works on all my other Apple devices. I love the shows so much.

Favorites list


Only downfall to the app now is since the update it no longer has the my favorites bar so you have to scroll through all the shows or recent episodes to find the shows you like to watch


lish pop

I love the bold and the beautiful I wish they would stop doing a lot of commercials and show more of the stories



I love it because I get to watch one of my favorite shows and movie

Great Network App


This is the best network app available

CBS APP is a. Great!

cox att verision et

The cbs app is great because you can watch a great show without answering a million questions like other APPs. CBS gets it. They want to help you watch their shows not poll you on your cable provider!

App works


I can watch my shows. I haven’t had any problems with this CBS app as of recent.



Love this CBS app! My favorite soap is The Young and the Restless but I’m often forced to miss it! So this app is perfect! Also my very favorite prime time show is Blue Bloods!! Again this app comes to the rescue!

Can’t add and remove shows from shows you watch. Like every other streaming app.and shows I watched not even show up on shows I watch. Poor app fix these problems.

Great app


I found it easy with great content

This app has been great all along and I have had it for a long time. I watch so many shows in it, but lately it has been crushing every 15 to 20 seconds. Can you get this issue fixed please, I love my shows from here. 🙃

I love the Bold and The Beautiful! I get to watch it at night Thur this Amazing CBS App! Thank You so much for offering it! CBS that’s where it’s At....... Love you guys!

CBS ALL ACCESS app are still illness when comes to Continue Watching features which those episodes are already watched long ago. Why some of those episodes are back even though I already deleted it. Is something wrong with CBS headquarters?

As of 10/1/2019, the newly updated app is crashing on iOS 13 every 5 minutes, taking you back to the beginning when you restart and making you watch multiple commercials just to get back to where you were. Don’t update!!



Superb! Always on when you want! I’ve never experienced a problem.

Why is this update making it more dysfunctional. Please fix this consistent crashing please!



I like CBS shows the day after, I just wish no commercials.



Good app but on live TV it crashes, love the shows.

Y and R

Bijan 1955

I have been watching the Young and the restless since I was in my teens. I love that I can watch the shows I missed on my phone or iPad. Even though I have a DVR, most of the episodes I watch or on this app!

I'm a watcher!


Me and my brother watch Star Trek Discovery everytime. And I watch Twilight Zone and if I occasionally miss it FBI. Thanks for making these shows enjoyable!

Allows me to watch my shows even when my cable carrier prohibits viewing away from home!



Absolutely easy to use one of the best!

Why no xfinity

Please F1x

Please add extinguisher to your tv provider please!!!!

Frustrated with the app. I watch for about 5 minutes then it shuts down and I have to open it back up. I wrote an email to you about it but no response.



When the app is working it works great, but then for no reason it will start crashing. And I mean constantly crashing. Nothing seems to fix it. So frustrating! You never know what you are going to get.

I love the app awesome movies Shows and live tv but ...... it loads every few min so annoying. If that was fixed this app would be flawless!

I have been away from tv for the summer, just came back for the premiers and the upgraded app is awesome! It was easy before, but now even faster to navigate. Thanks!

No complaints- this app works well


Sheila Wakely

Best overall network best overall programming!… Well worth the price!

Y&R and BB

Terri Tazmanian

I have been watching these for years. It makes it nice when I have to work and miss them, I can. Catch up in the evening. Always the unexpected happens and I love it. Thanks so much. Terri Phillips



The cbs app constantly quits in the middle of watching shows.



Love this app! Use it everyday to catch up on my soaps! I’m not able to watch them at the time they air so having this app helps me keep up to date!

I love the CBS app just to watch Sunday morning and 60 minutes that’s my favorite shows thank you

Great App


Love this app the best and only way I keep up with my favorite CBS shows. It comes in handy when I don't have time to watch tv and when I'm on the go.great

Bold and beautiful

clara mcmickle

Best soap ever /Clara McMickle



Love that if I miss any I can watch here.

I’m sure the advertisers would love to know that the CBS app constantly drops audio not only on the shows but even on the ads. So annoying and frequently that some shows are not even watchable.

Crashes several times during a 30 min show. Not happy when I pay monthly...guess I’ll have to find another service. FYI...before the issues this was a five star app.

This is my favorite app. I love it. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Just within the past month the app just crashes every 5 to 7 minutes. It happens while watching live TV, or pre-recorded shows. What is causing this? It started right after the last update/format change. Is anybody else having this issue?

❤️ this app

Aries Hicks

Best app out of all the networks



There’s to many commercials how do you Amit the commercials


Nj o

Every time I use the app it crashes and brings me back to the home screen. I can watch something for maximum 5 minutes before the app crashes again. How can I fix this

Bugs not fixed


Since the update I can not watch the free shows. They stop and I start over which they stop at the same point. This never happened prior to the most recent update. Also you did not include every tv provider. I have xfinity.

Love this app if I miss a show because I’m working The CBS APP lets me catch up before the next episode... Thank U CBS... Great app! Great Job!📱👀

Love Love

Wanting to beat my b

I upgraded when at&t wasn’t getting my CBS so I could watch my series that I was missing faster and I just love no Commercials:)

Don’t be confused


Don’t be confused. CBS All Access isn’t all access! I eliminated cable and got CBS All Access to catch up on my favorite shows. Most of the shows I watch do not have all the current episodes. So furious.

Play missed series


I love the CBS app, when I miss Y&R. I can stream it and get to see it... Some others shows as well. Great app

You will no believe what this show gave expand my update of arts people and events

Needs improvement


I do like the improvement you recently made to this app, love the fact that I can go back and FORWARD by 10 seconds now. You do need to fix the issue of unexpectedly closing the app at random times

Good app. Nice that they have updated it, but some bugs still to be work out. App crashes often



The app crashes multiple times on live tv and on replay. Please fix this.

No need for any other entertainment app cbs is enough for me

Thank Tou


Thank you to CBS for addressing my concerns about my wonderful All Access App!! I am so happy that you fixed the bugs. Great Job!

CBS app

Grandma Babies

The CBS app is with me ALL the time 😁 I can catch up on missed episodes 😁 I think it’s GREAT 💯.


When the app works it’s great. I get caught up on my shows. Unfortunately the app cuts out or crashes repeatedly. No idea why it happens. No technical issue messages or explanations.



The latest update is crashing constantly. So far 7 times and I am only halfway through a show.

Not on my end, CBS. I have been a loyal customer for several years. But get with the program, already. You did something that isn’t working and you need to fix it.

Back to enjoying my shows!! Thanks for fixing the issue!!

Show aired on Sunday, where is it on all access?



Keeps crashing I pay too much for this 😡😡😡

Cbs app


I like this app but cannot get this on my ipad. Every time i access my show it comes on for about 2 minutes and then goes off and I have to find it again and again and again. Extremely frustrating!!!

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