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Google is really helpful because it lets you search what you need!



The app keeps freezing for a couple of seconds and it happens a lot. This is really frustrating when trying to do something NG and having to wait for it to unfreeze



Google is very interesting and has a lot to it I am on it about 50Percent of my time

Love google

turman 18

Mostly love google search engine and products

So if I use google on my phone it’s so bad it take to much time to loed

Google is great ig, but I can use the search engine in safari, so the only reason I downloaded this is because I thought it would have hum to search, but it is not on iOS, so there is no reason to use it. Edit: I’m just blind, it does work

Stop changing things!


Used to be able to use my voice and get the search results without it rambling on FOREVER. Just want to see my results BUT THATS NOT AN OPTION ANYMORE. WHY??? Please bring that option back.

Not entirely sure what's going on, but no matter what I do, I cannot keep Google from speaking what I've searched for, even with the spoken answers turned off. It's basically made it a nuisance to use now. Please fix?

Even thought e the if Vhr

It does matter

R By IMO i r ex SB m be I’m ok Ih up by et I m eBFFrItsk



This app is amazing. When I search up something it goes straight to it!

I love it!


Ok I done sonic sfufff I saw a Soooooooooooooooooooo Sexy it’s was “Sexy nakedPeppa Pig

Fix tabs please


Every time I exit the last page I closed out of is reopened. Very annoying



i’m trying to listen to articles with the listen feature. It freezes up and then the app crashes.

Google is the best


Why is that it has all the wallpapers I need and all the information it dose not show ads either and on YouTube it has better quality this app is the best

Really good!😁

i know she like it l

It’s just really good helps me find the things that I’m looking for!



It keeps crashing and glitching



I’m so sick of googling one subject then next thing I know every card is that title I searched, I just looked up Birria tacos bc I didn’t know what they were and I counted 7 new cards about birria tacos.


Rose N. Malfoy

You should put the rating to 12+ since I don’t think the 17+ rating is odd because everyone uses Google.



I love google always been a fan of there products, would be nice if they could add a widget just for google lens, would like to use as a widget on my Home Screen! maybe you consider in future updates.. Thanks !



Tremendous service and follows thru on each sale!!!!

My google keeps on reloading websites and images and it keeps crashing. It sometimes just goes to a blank screen and freezes. This isn’t happening to anything else on my device so I doubt it is a glitch. If you can please fix these issues.

I pretty muck love it just can’t find how you find the song your humming but other then that this app is pretty good you can also just search google on web

Disappointing add


It said it could find a song with humming on iOS device

Just a question


Yall trust them with y’all private tabs💀

Love this app. My main app. But I cant change my pass back to my old pass and I hate it cause thats my main password.



Thank you for add the song hummer thing I’m trying to look for a song but I don’t know the lyrics or title of it and I saw it on tiktok

Missing Features


Why does this version not have the new Google Hum feature ?


Biggie da Balla

Safari is soooooooo much better

It’s weird

alex big fat oof

So I think this is pretty good but it’s weird

I don’t know


I know it’s really good and help me a lot but it’s kind of glitchy sometimes

E ok

Ikonik Oas

Contul fratelui meu a fost furat.De ce nu adaugati un buton de stergere definiftiva a contului ca pe laptop inca a ramas dar nu merge parola ca zice ca un e7 plus primeste parola dar nimeni pe care il cunosc nu are e7 plus

I saw on you pictures of the google app that had widget . There was no widget appearing on the screen . Keep working on the widget part . I rated the app two stars because it is bad .

hyunjins long hair🥰🥰

chans veiny hands




Dude! Make a new update!! It’s been a friggin month!

Can’t use hum feature

horrible apps for re

Currently I am unable to attempt the hum to search feature. Can you please stop showing ads of this feature if it doesn’t exist on iOS.

Default browser



I haven’t received notifications of incoming emails since they change the icons. It’s very frustrating.

Sooooo gooood


How to explain i will just say it’s the best thing ever

Dark Theme


Did they straight up remove dark theme :/

Google app


Google is my first go to for information. I like the option of taking a picture to identify plants and other unknown things. Love the find a song by singing or humming what you know of it. Keep on improving as you have been.

Wow wow


The best app you could ever get



I like it bc I can search up anything I guess

Not good


Whats wrong with this app its sooo slow it keeps crashing every once in a while seriously plz fix just plz i’m begging you🥺

Cancel all oldies but goodies on my FB.

Why oh why if you ask a question Like “ how round is an onion” it says ask instead how round is an onion



This is really not bad but can have a little problems but really good



Still no option to switch tab styles for older Iphone users?

The ‘People also view’ bar at the bottom of the screen is very intrusive when it expands and it’s also not very useful in my opinion. Other than that the app is good.


Avtar Singh Chattha

If you add truck route to the map


Ryker Powell


Music search bug


“What song is this” search crashes my app”

Afcurgentcare Denver


On November 20th, Britannia was the practitioner that gave me my covid rapid test and she did a great job!

T h e v o i d


When I look up the void why does this come up?

Search bar


Lower the search bar back down. I have a 6.7 inch screen and you raised all the way to the top of the screen. Please lower it.

Account problem


I was watching youtube when I was suddenly signed out, I can't reach a live person and the help support is not helping, I just want to recover my email and make sure I wasn't hacked into, please reply

New Issue


On the new iPhone 12 Pro Max , Google account cannot be logging



I hummed my fav song it’s called choke me AND IT WORKED! I use to have a app like this and it didn’t work but I found another(which is this one)and it actually works!

It’s kinda helpful


It’s always doing stuff like bringing you to the ring thing you search up.😒

Widget won’t add

max rome 1

I’m trying to add the google widget on my iPhone 12 but when I’m the add widget page the google widget does not show up. I have downloaded the app and made sure to update it to the latest version.

Too many ads


The only complaint at this time is, when I put in a search, there are too many searches on the first page that are ads.


Uhh what?

Happy lol user

I mean this is google so there is not much to say about it but I can’t seem to activate how to hum

I don’t understand why people are giving bad reviews, this is easily 5/5 stars, it’s like safari but better and smarter, and easier to use than safari! It’s easy to use and spanswers questions I ask or search clearly! It’s good for sure

What song is it!?


Hi i just want to say there is a song that i like called where u are but when i play it on my Alexa she played the rong one and really want to here that song but it won’t let me google it



I think that it’s a great app but my only problem is it’s loading time ik it might just be my internet but also just pop up my answer not a bunch of websites that might get my phone a virus

I hate this app


Okay google classroom need some help because this app is glitchy I wish the schools started using Wes site or a app, this app has to update it needs to change okay

I am disappointed


when I hum a song it won’t listen and it wouldn’t get the song that I want to know be search up

How do I do that music thing

bobjoe billy jim

I got this app because I saw the ads showing how you could hum a song and it would tell you what it is, but I tried it and it didn’t work. There’s no “find song button” maybe before you advertise something you should release it first.



I love it but I’m 6 idk how to do it😪

Does not work


The what’s that song does not work

I use all the time google for my business or personal, also ask all my friend & family for sharing the trusted with google. Great service I always use a google for everything

Dove soap


I have been using DOVE SOAP for OVER 40 years, consistently, none-stop. Looking forward to receiving my DOVE products. THANKS!!



I had a song stuck in my head I asked google it dose t work uhh😒😒😒😒😒😒🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬

Needs to be fixed this is unacceptable

Doesn’t let my friend log in

Itz~Gamer~Lunar YT

I invited my friend to a google classroom and she tried to log in. It said incorrect so I gave her her email and phone number. It incorrect again and I checked contacts but it was the right email and phone number, please fix this :/

Lou and Mike repaired several drain pipes around my home! They were polite, professional, and very skilled! The repairs were done quickly but correctly! Highly recommend!! A+



Best useful app. I use it every day!



thanks google you helped me alot with my online mcq exams thanks bruh🥺🥰

I love using google it’s so helpful to many of us I would think the services are as great



The trending stories NEVER change.



I like how when you search movies, where it is comes up and I like that you can make petitions also do the my little pony season 10 petition. Also I like google image search I even found my parents wedding pictures! :)


no hablo ingles 69

it’s pretty good if i do say so myself

Picture saving

I Think I'm Caillou

I used to be able to save pictures from google images with no problem. Now when you hold down on a picture you wanna save the whole screen turns blue for copy and paste. Please fix this, it never used to do this before

Best app ever

very good but bad an

This app is the best it has every thing

That alone is lends itself to an above average rating. Keeps improving. Recommend.



ÉL mejor motor de búsqueda del mundo

No cool


When no internet where dinosaur ?

The best app ever

Justin Barnes

How do I play music off of google?



Provide’s the services I need at the age of 82. This course wasn’t taught when I was in school. Thanks SJC’57

Google Support


It’s berry important for me, because always I’m looking for something, and I fauns the answer hear , thanks Google

Google makes everything better.

Read aloud

annyoed customer pls

I want to be reading articles and stories using this, but it always crashed and deletes what I’ve been reading, or reads half of the page deleting the audio. It’s really annoying, please fix

When it works it’s great

Bill MF Jackson

I’ve been having to use safari on my phone because google is going so slow... we’ll see if this latest patch does anything but I’m considering deleting it if it doesn’t improve.

Great app

owhf dysbfor

Please make a way to view pages in desktop view only

Dark mode would really be helpful

Very useful


Thank you for bringing theof both words to iOS! Also for fixing the share button being always visible on bottom control bar, went missing and was not useful.

It is ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO RESEARCH “ANYTHING” i am curious about!!!!

I really think the navigation changes were a downgrade. The changes make it harder to reach the most important UI icons.

update decayed user experience


latest update, as of 11-25-2020: where the flip is the REFRESH button???? i need to access a pull down screen to refresh a gunked up page load out now?


Missie V

Hi:) I never do this... but if ur reading this......... google is the best :) if ur having problems then it’s UR internet not google :) anyways have a nice day :)

Love it


It has great features and everything you need in 1 app works perfect I have an iPhone and it works completely fine. Love it

The app used to be good. Then a few years ago they decided to make it look and work like a website from 2008 and it’s very slow and doesn’t hold your history well.

Update was terrible

Izuku Bakugo

The new update is horrible, I can’t refresh the website nor can I go back

Google app

l7 pounding

Ever since my phone updated google automatically it won’t let me open the app which I was hoping that the new update would fix it but it’s still doing it

Change back

Not a G+ Refugee

The previous version of google was so much better but they overhauled the UI and feels like they removed a lot of stuff. It was fine before but now it’s just annoying

I like kinda


This may not be a game or a social game but it shows you anything but a little weird.



So I came to google when I didn’t know stuff and I searched it up.I am going to use google to search up things for my school! And I feel really greatful for having google to exist! Sorry if I’m wasting time I just wanted to let you know!

Infinity providing


Sustain this great app and service, nothing to complain on daily basis.Without it I would not be knowledgeable.

In my opinion the new format is such a hassle. I get held back from doing what I need to do and it’s so frustrating! I performed the format from before for sure.

It’s not workin


The app keeps crashing and I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it and it still keeps crashing, it’s never done this before until the new update

Great but....


Great app, just make the fonts bigger for the visually impaired.

New Issue


On the new iPhone 12 Pro Max , Google account cannot be logging

Why the heck is the age limit 17and up I can’t look up stuff at 13,14,15, or 16 like dang


hepy me deppy

All i have to say that is good is incognito mode.



Terrible service, it’s the worst app available. It might as well be 80s tech, very out of date and not user friendly. Don’t waste your time.

Google is amazing since I was a little girl period.

(My opinion because safari for me takes 4 seconds and google takes only 2)

The update is bad

slime Queen the firs

The update is bad if I try to search up images it just leaves it blank ugh this is soo annoying




Good... kind of

Christopher Oswin

It’s ok, it answers my questions, but doesn’t always give me the correct answer, or what I’m looking for... it’s not great, but it’s not awful, it’s just ok

google trash


when trying to find a song google is no help at all and the update is very bad.

Love it


It’s the best it helps with school work

I can’t remove my Google searches on My YouTube channel search history and it’s annoying.



I can delete the app after I am done doing you know what.



No problem,This app provide everything happen in the world and love the website

There is a pop up saying will expire January 1,2021. In A.M. dns. Google issued by GTS Ca 101 not trusted. What does that mean?

I’m upset

gianna dunn

I do not get why at 17 and older little kids should be able to use this app



I made a new google account to make a YouTube channel but it deleted the account from existence for no reason. I made another one and it got deleted too! Fix this bug please


unicorn girl unicorn

Downloaded this on my iPad its great Suggested getting

iPhone /IOS 14


I use the google app for EVERY single thing I do ! And since the update it runs like GARBAGE ! Slow to open , slow to respond , and even slow to let me type in whatever I’m searching . Please get with Apple and fix this crap .

Vary nice


I don’t complan but its chill i don’t use it all the time but its nice

There isn’t a image search option anywhere. It use to be on the search bar but now it gone

I worked with Lynne at EFO furniture in Wilkes-Barre and I had a nice experience picking out a lift chair for a family member. She was very helpful and we got the chair the next day.



Every time I try to search if somethings copyrighted it just shows videos... please fix it and make it actually say if it’s copyright or not it’s very annoying😡

No wiget?

hey there buddy chum

Google has recently updated so a wiget will show up on iPhone but I the wiget is not downloading



Do you want your kids in a environment where someone one is Racist or in general any one very disappointed



I keep on crashing with all updates webs don’t work.



Love the Google lens, so helpful when doing homework.

It’s great 5 stars

Tyrone the c. o. c.

I love google I am no bot bot bo bot bott

To much steering towards one political party and certain news outlets

so bad

marshmillow. is melt


Please get rid of incognito toggle in keyboard. I don't have secrets. Can I have an option to not have it take up so much real estate on my keyboard? Thank you.



Most of the time it works perfectly. A lot of the time it loads and will not let me look anything up. This will last for days until I delete and redownload the app.....

I have a virus how do I remove but yea great app doesn’t always give you what you want but it’s fine great app to help with school and other stuff. But plz how do I remove the virus on the iPhone X/10

The new update is horrible!! Like when I let my little brother do his I ready on my phone when we’re in the car, You can’t even request the frocking desktop website anymore! I Mean no hate but I want my google back .

I don’t like chrome or safari. I want this Google app to be my default browser. How do I set it? Make it please

Google is so good searches everything knows everything

Hate speech


When I look up Biden , trumpet the loser keeps coming up to vote for Trump / never new Google was political and racist/ that's what is wrong with this app



You can’t search while loading and it takes forever to load

As of today that I write this, my google app will not open. It keeps crashing and kicking me out. Please fix this.

Es muy interesante y muy buena app

Print page


Didn’t let me print the full page like on Siri. Hopefully, it’s just one of those bugs

I love this app. It’s so much better than the calendar app on iOS. I would love to see a iOS 14 Home Screen widget. Any chance that’s in the works ?

Stays frozen

Strawberry lover 87

Every time I open the app, it will stay frozen. I can’t search or look at the news.

Google is an awesome app! First, it finds places around you. Second, I like the app because its just convenient. Last, its just AWESOME !!!

I would give it 2 start because they have to many virus. When I click on a website they start to have a viruss and is pop up on my calendar.

Google widget


My google search has disappeared from my iMessage apps to send google searches within conversations. I’m not sure if it’s my mistake or part of the app but it’s annoying that I can’t seem to figure it out after googling it LOL the irony.

Plz add something to block a website like stuff I don’t want to watch thanks google.

Honestly everybody has this app and it doesn’t make me look cool or special. Like some of my friends have Firefox but whatever that thing is called but I really do love Google and Google chrome



The google app whenever I try opening it is automatically closing and not launching.

As much as I love google keyboard and it’s integration with google account, I still myself unable to use Gboard because of the unusual and unnecessary placement of globe key in the bottom row. Please please please remove it.

It’s extremely frustrating and absolutely pointless to constantly ask if I want to turn off incognito mode. DuckDuckGo does ask me that and frankly if Google doesn’t fix this I’m gonna use them as my default.

OMG! WHY has so much of the internet gone to Ads?? I used to love Google and Chrome, but now when I search images for decoration ideas I get Ads right at the top they again about 3 or 4 image rows done, etc. Bye Google- Safari it is.

Why Incognito?


I get that there’s an option for incognito, but do you have to put a switch in the search bar? We can always click the icon in the corner to turn it on.

I Needed a part

riding the mower guy

Went on line and found exactly what I needed. Part was delivered one day early. How great was that!!!


Xcite Tokamoshi

It’s all awesome but if there was a desktop mode then that would be useful on both Chrome and Google app

What’s the point?


I want this app be a substitute for chrome, but where is my bookmark? If I want to surf on the internet, what’s the difference if I use chrome instead of this app?

Hide search bar


I cannot hide the search bar anymore. I use it for traffic and would like to see the whole map. going back to apple maps.



I forgot her name but I can say she exceeded customer expectations my order was completed thanks to her hard work customer curiosity at the Brownsville store


Elde Var Sifir

Google is the best. I am like small but I love the app. I do like the update to. People say it


Rafi Maliha

Basically I

Frog weather


The app is nice and works good, but I really miss the Frog weather that I had on my Android. I hope that soon we could have it on iOS too.


charlie bartells1228


Tabs are eh

Dynamic Nibbles

Since google got the tab feature on the app, I found it to be extremely stressful. Closing out a search just to stuff it into the tab section makes me feel like I


orignal MEL

I always come back to Google for a better experience than Safari. It is more comprehensive to use with better results for me every time. Thank you developers. You are appreciated.



Just waiting till we can make it our default web browser, then it will get the full 5 stars



Everything was going good but today when I was updating apps, google is done and I check and there was only three buttons. There used to be 4 but looks like google changed it. It doesn

The main app works well. About three months ago, the iMessage Google search app disappeared. Is this just me? If not, please bring it back.

Google has been one of if not the most helpful app out there. I love google, it help with translation and searching thing up.


pip enisgobbin

I look up my awnsers ln hw ?

Window close


When I try to close an open tab, the

No good


Brand new phone so its not the screen. When anything is opened in google its impossible to navigate. 3/4 of the screen doesn't respond. Only in the google app


Anonymous Bitlife pl


It is all good

nestor manuel

The one thing that I love about google is you can do what ever you want to search.

My husband and I both use and love google almost everyday. We can

Best app ever


This app helps with anything I can find anything

Love the app, one suggestion


Great app, wish there was a 1x4 search widget in addition to the 2x2 and 2x4 options


my lawn

I have used the Google app for several years and have never had difficulty getting my information.

Crashes every time


If you use it to go to a web site, it crashes within 30 seconds and the web page closes.


naruto is best

I love google but when I click download image nothing happens

Great moving experience. NO damage to any furniture. PROFESSIONAL and priced right.

What happened


Almost never works anymore. Typing a search and it doesn


Pumpkin Pie Guy

Every time I open up Google. It freezes... That's it. All I see is the word google. Can guys you please fix this?

The More Stories button at the bottom of the feed has disappear no matter what I try. Also there is a blank space at the top. Please fix!!

It’s good


So you can google anything you want which is good you can talk which is okay

To get 4 stars there has to be a way to make the font bigger. I have trouble seeing such small font.

Constantly crashes like never before. What happened? It’s very frustrating

Good but...


I’ve been using this app for a long time, but since last week it has been crashing when searching. Like a lot. I uninstalled and re-installed the app and still have the same issues.

This app used to be great, but now it keeps bugging. C'mon Google step your game up 🙄

stops working


Occasionally google will completely stop working in this frozen like state and the way this it seems it can't be fix is by restarting the phone

App crashing

El divis

The app crashes all the time on my XR This is my main searching app. Please fix!


Ellies cat world

It’s just like the web !I don’t it’s that good!sorry

I have been using this google app vs apple version for year. Recently i have ran into a problem where everytime i open the app, it run fine for 3-6min than crashes.

I love the app but I want you to add a search history for incognito mode that you can go into and look for things that you didn’t search in the regular screen

Always crashes


I was a huge fan but recently it has been crashing all the time!!

I find this helpful but when i search anything and go to images, it always says did not find. Pls respond im panicking right now

I love google so much more than safari but recently while looking something up or reading an article the app closes and resets itself fix this google.

OMG they are so annoying I’ll be scrolling down and swipe it up or try to read something but it’s isn’t the way please remove it and it’ll be 5 stars

It’s amazing


It’s an amazing app that when you search something it will always have an answer I love it



Why is so mushInappropriate stuff

Ever since last update its constantly shutting down saying try again not my phone not my internet phone keeps saying using an outdated version but updated within phone 3-4 days ago



This app needs to work to fix the crashing

Stupid Google...


Narrow searches or knows nothing.Total garbage.....

App keeps crashing


App crashes after 20 seconds every time I use it. Its so annoying and I have completely updated it

Narrow searches


The searches are broad. You need to narrow the searches. You don’t really find what you looking for and you give too many unrelated results. This is in the app and Safari.

Recent Crashing


App keeps crashing. Usually happens at the most inconvenient times—right After you’ve put in ALL of your shipping and billing information. Argh. Please roll out a new update ASAP.

July 7 2020


I have the latest update of the app installed. However every 30 seconds the app crashes.

Keeps Crashing


app keeps crashing when using it

Keeps crashing

Connor bob

App keeps crashing as of recently

Keeps Crashing


This is typically my go to app but it crashes a couple minutes after the app is opened. It’s getting really annoying as I can’t even use the app. Please fix this quickly I don’t want to have to use safari.




When using the app, 1 to 5 minutes in it’ll crash. It’s getting quite annoying now, please fix it.

Something is bad

rebecca fairwand

Like there is dead end scene and momo and I can’t delete long sentences and this is just so bad but get ride of those creepy stuffs and those bad stuff

Google Keeps Crashing

falcon 2019

Google is a great app no question about it, but it needs an update because every time I search something, it crashes.

Shutting down

Stephen pires

All of a sudden, it’s beginning to shut down on me after a minute.

You’ve started sending me daily push notifications for topics I’m not interested in. Something is broken

Wow just wow


When I was reading the reviews I was like WHAAAAT! Google is amazing I don’t have the app but I use it everyday

I’ve used this app several times a day for years and have loved it. Now it crashes after 30 seconds. Please fix!!

it stopped!


this app has literally stopped working for me! it’s been days, what’s going on... and btw, it was really helpful and amazing when it was working😅

Good App


I’m glad I switched from Safari to Google, but please add a dark mode! Thanks.

Google chrome

Strawberry Blossom

I just love asking google all kinds of things with “OK GOOGLE”!!

Need to fix


Can’t search anything anymore, search don’t show up

Takes a long time to accept input when switching focus back to the app



I can watch allll the videos I want now Thx so much



I wish you could save pages so you can read them offline like on google chrome. Or maybe there is and I just don’t know about it. Other than that I’ve never had a problem with it



Es muy interesante y muy buena app

I like read articles in Google, but I want a reader mode on iPhone, so I do not have to go to safari article.. I would also like a dark mode.

Great! But....


I love the app and all but please make dark mode so I don’t go blind from using the app at night

It alright

Ultimate Legend1237

I like google but it gives to many viruses

For the iPhone and iPad needs dedicated button to save photos easier. The way it works now is not as convenient!

Google is the best!!!!

KeiKei Aquino

So When I had to do a non-fiction book report I looked up non-fiction books and gave good books to chose from!!!! I give this a five star app!!!!

Peace of mine


I can find information about anything I need to.



I never new how much you can learn from google. I log into and ask lots of questions, I always get my answers, Google is a great site to go to for anything you want to know

Great app!


This is a great app just for looking some thing up on the internet. There is nothing really too bad with it. Google is a pretty good search engine! Keep up the good work!

No reader view and no dark mode

No speedometer


I love google map but it seems to work better on android than on iOS. I find it particularly distasteful that the speedometer feature works on android phones but not on iPhones. Google should please fix this. Thank you

It’s a great app but I hate when on the discover thing I hit I’m not interested and it literally keeps popping up after that.

Recdnt Update Crashes App

grovestreet 101

The recent update is crashing my app.


ppl DO

I use this all the time and I give it a five star but I hate to say it. SAFARI IS BETTER

Latest update....ugh


Can no longer find how to stop news stories from appearing below search box. Please return this option!



This app is SO much better than yelp. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty darn good!

Bruh best app


Finds whatever I want when I can’t think of a title and I appreciate that 🚀🧙‍♂️🍿


{Last~Call} 🍆🍑🥵🤤👅🍆💨

jamah mildor


i love this app theres so many things yo can do thank you for making this

It’s good

Mirrah mathes

Nice app. Few bugs. Gets the job done.

Frustrating bub


A big I’ve noticed is that if you highlight text, then click “look up”, it freezes the screen and forces you to quit and restart the app.

The Google chrome app

No hold Bars

Yo, if you are into computers 🖥 the size of your 🤚 then you will ❤️ the chrome app 😉 😉 😉 😇 😃 👋 👋



Google has any google app there is it’s awesome.

how to delete cookies?!


I like google in all but like, how the heck do you turn off cookies just on google?? NOT OR CHROME. I get really annoyed when it says “turn of cookies!1!1!1!1!1!1” like how are you suppost to? Can you tell me ?!

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Going to try this again and I hope to have Wordstream and a host for my blogging by the 10th of February, still want to guide and post reviews as well, pretty much have one ready now

Where is dark mode?


App regularly crashes. Blank pages when searching. Dark mode nowhere to be found as of 1/26/2020.

Latest Update


Keeps shutting down please repair soon

I love the app and everything that I can do with it. Also I like how it gives you all the necessary information, however all that is good except late at night I don’t need that white screen blinding me PLEASE add dark mode

To many updates


There is an update every 3 days improving nothing but bloating this program beyond. Still there is no night mode for the app, yet I ‘ll receive another update tomorrow from google with no improvements.



I use this to look at things to cheat on my homework so I obviously gave google 5 stars

Come on man. It’s 2020 and Google still doesn’t have a night mode/ dark screen? All big and buff for nothing for failing to offer this big convenience. You’re single handedly killing my eyesight and giving me migraines. Night mode matters.

Deleting history


I’ve always used google, but now hate the ap - I like to delete things I search for and now I can’t / boo on you Google - and no - I’ve ever gone to anything illegal - also get rid of the “suggestions”

Nothings Loading

Great Game 424424

Everytime I search something it takes forever to load, and then when the results show up, I just get a black white screen when I try to click on something. It’s annoying, and worked better before the latest update.

You can save to phone in search menu and you can safe to files and more On phone: hold on img and select save to phone On computer: right click, then download to files

Dark Mode


Love the google app, dark mode would be nice on ALL google apps for iOS

Google App


The Google App has been very helpful for me and I would suggest to be used by all😀I have had Dbl Brain Anyersims and I got confused some times and forget,Google gets me right on track



If you give out gift cards then actually fricking send them

Stories do no load and pages are blank white. Infinite loading spinner on the 2nd page when trying to load stories

The king is dead


I used to love google, but advertising has ruined this search engine. Its like they don’t understand that sometimes when I search for something i’m trying to learn about not just buy it.

Google Search iOS app not showing header info Such as time and battery indicator and cellular connection status. The whole area is white and doesn’t show. But it shows in any other app fine. Just started last week.



It’s soooooooo gooooooood! Because I said so and I’m Lebron James



This website is good for watching porn

Please make dark mode available and the widget is terrible. Make it more like Android. I’m a user of both iOS and Android and would like to see a feed similar to my pixel.

I clear my search history almost every day but it still shows up when i try to type something in the tab please make it go away

The best app





Why is google copying apple huh like the pixel4 it is just the pro or the 11

Please fix bugs

just a regeuler guy

Today I was going to watch some YouTube on google I noticed I haven’t clicked the notafaction bell on mr beasts channel when suddenly I realized I could not do it it just didn’t work out pls fix this glitch

Love ❤️


I love it so much you can google what ever you want!!!!!!

Big failure


.....I can’t even with this anymore There are so many issues with this than I can’t believe exist! Its Impossible to my phone to process it correctly.i simply can’t with this.



App is not showing content. Giving an error message. Fix it



Tyrn18, chaospringle, and scotchandtieguy and reyalsdiorteM

Pages crash


It will load a page and then crash the page a few seconds later. Also when looking at pictures under google images, the icons stay in front of the picture.


Papa Nala

It used to run really well but now it crashes very often and it remains crashing even after refreshing, I have to power down my phone every time it happens so it can work again.

It’s great


Every time we you it works asomly

Stop it with hacking

Lindsey 🦄🦄

Every time I download this app it hacks me and I think that they should make something to stop it and I will trust them 1more time so ya .

Pages are constantly crashing. Most of the time I end up just opening the same link in Safari. Not sure if this is a Google problem or an iOS problem but I wish it would get fixed.

Everything seems good just really really need a dark mode or dark theme for iOS 13 as soon as possible. Thank you.

This is a great app but does anyone know how to search something within the website page like control-f does on a computer?

Before i used it to watch funny videos, now it has stared to show me gross videos so I stopped using the app for a very long time but I still kind of use it



I love the google app but since this update the app is really slow. Typing is slow and loading is even slower. I hope this gets fixed!

Doesn't Support Watch


Google Authentication is not supported on Watch for login approvals. You have to open the app on your phone to approve. Conversely, the Windows Authenticator app does support Watch. Hmm.



Thank you for your prompt response to my SOS when my Boggle game simply froze in its tracks, tokens won’t load, and all moves made didn’t “move”. After you replied that you’d fix it, it started working again. Thanks for that.



I love google but I’m not allowed to have or anything really on my phone parents are to strict but would you think apple will make Annie LeBlanc apps or no at least Bratayley

Age differences


Anyone can use google! It says on the apple App Store that “you need to be 17 or older to use this app. But l still like your service.

The best


To me if I need anything I will search it up here. It is the most trustworthy app.

Confusing but good

Ragan Jr.

I use this app daily and I’m the last couple decades they’ve made great improvements from features like searching images to search suggestions etc. once you get the hang of everything it gets easier.

Where the dark mode for iOS? Instructions don't seem to match up right. No theme string within the app.

small issue


After exiting incognito mode, the app lags a lot and sometimes freezes completely, I have an ipad mini 2. PLEASE FIX.



the app works great but no dark mode yet. 👎🏽

Lil story

nigel lil bae

I loved the app,till I saw that different stuff was piping up and the stuff I looked up was not the stuff at all.

Camera search


Why i have not any lens icon in search box like microphone icon? While in sample photos in appstore we sea a Dog that scaned by camera search!!!

Good bud


Sometimes the app freezes after I do a search and where is dark mode ?

Google rev.


Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk monsters just jokeing

Dark now bonus


Thanks for the dark mode Google. To get 5*, please let use use ad blockers like safari. Most of the sites that you provide links for have such invasive ads that I cannot even see content; only ads. Not your fault (directly).



Google is amazing! You guys fixed the "swipe to hide" and now I can delete my history! It is so better than Safari . Thank you !

I understand the desire to link searches, locations, and habits with other apps, especially those owned by Google and those with Google contract, but it’s just creepy and stalker-ish that it’s done without concent.

This is like the best web browser ever

Making me so mad


[Quit messing with me] best thing that’s ever happens to me

The app disappeared from my iphone and won’t download again!!! What’s wrong?


A masterpeice

I’m very happy with this app. It’s very easy to use and I enjoy using it better then Safari. Very user friendly. I suggest downloading it.


sad fam 117

Used to work fine, but now it’s incredibly hard to switch between accounts and I often have to reload the app once or twice to get it to work. Weird bug, please fix it asap

Dark mode?


Come on Google dark mode should be standard across all your apps

Obviously the default search app and has been solid for years but recently it hangs for five seconds or more every time I try to complete a search. I’ve tried reinstalling to no avail. Until this is fixed, it’s unusable!

It’s no longer available in the App Store for iPhone 6Plus ios 10-11>it want update. I had to delete Google app off my phone because it wasn’t updating😮 Now it’s not showing available in the App Store 😩



This app is litty titty!! It is sicko mode and I love it



I love this app but will probably delete it if Google doesn’t fix the lagging issues. Searching is frustrating because typing is glitchy.



I love google, I really do. It just feels so much cleaner than other search engines and almost always brings up what I need. But what happened to Google lens? The icon isn’t showing on the search bar anymore.

Lagging again


Uninstalled. Laggy keyboard. Terrible to search with. I use google search in safari now, it works correctly there.

Dark mode

Phil Frakes

Five stars Please keep up with the time give us dark mode.



Yes the app is very very helping and it make it a lot easier to find what you are looking for on the app and it shows you what is in the news and sports

Google v.s. Safari


Google has more consistent and better answers than safari. I also like Google’s Gmail with docs and slides. I find Google more helpful than Safari.

It is unstable...


It is weird how this is the only Google app on my device that is unstable. Seriously, it crashes every other time and is extremely slow. Its been occurring since iOS 12.3 and is seriously annoying, Google please fix this.

This is trash

fortnitelover 🦄

This app is stupid it works fine the first day and then not the second .

Just about ever web site will display, the show site unreachable , retry . Retry and same.

Keeps freezing up!


What’s going on Just updated and now it’s freezing up no trending items showings keys are sticking? I’m uninstalling and reinstalling it just keeps getting worse

Just amazing


This app is very helpful and it helps me find thing very easy so thx google creators

I can’t download images after updating last time,it’s not good for this problem

Very good app


This app makes searching the web WAYYY easier but for some reason I can’t download some things hopefully this can be fixed



I had this on my other phone md loved it. Recently my iPhone 6 died and now my Verizon store which sold me a new iPhone told me they no longer he I’ll pop with iphone or any apple products. So my google account has problems. Yikes. What to do?

i love google & all but y’all need to take my picture down ! like y’all put peoples picture up there without their permission & we can’t take it down !

Love love love


Love this app but i noticed it doesn’t open up directions anymore on the map 😩 so i have to open up the maps app and re type an address.



There are keyboard issues - lags in the keys. Please fix



Still not fixed in the latest release- Now it prompts me to choose my map program but if you choose Waze or Apple Maps it does not pass the address to the app. Only works with google maps

Used to love Google, but for some reason whenever I type something it’s delayed. Only when typing in Google, not any other browser or app. Please fix!

Lo mejor


Siempre es y será mi navegador...pero porqué? No lo puedo usar en modo oscuro

Google app in general

deb holt 63

I need new apps from being compromised for so long they stop me from changing password on all sites through google apps

Love Google


The only thing I would like to see is a dark mode. That would be a great help for night reading

Good but bad


It’s good but not as good google chrome

So I had google since I got my first computer at first I didn’t know what it was then about 2015



It is a amazing app you can look up anything

Slow and buggy


Since the most recent update, the app has gotten slow and buggy. Pretty much useless. Now I just open Safari and search there, which I don’t like doing. Please fix this. I love the Google app.

Always have loved this app. Use it everyday. But ever since IOS 13 came out, every time I type something in, it’s very laggy and glitchy. In other words, very annoying.

The most attracted feature of chrome is the bookmarks sync at any device at any time, which is so useful. However, the google application lack of it.

More than 5 times a day I get a notification telling me to enter my Google password. I tried deleting this app and it still pops up.

Poor search results


The mobile app at the time of this review returns very poor results compared with other engines and including the Google web browser search as delivered to laptop and desktop computers.

Poor connection


Keeps giving error message "check back soon, there was a problem downloading the latest updates, try again later. Last updated now."



Great for adult streaming sites


Brian y Brandon

Esta bien por loquearé a mirar

Great app, but...


I mean, this is basically the internet, what could be wrong? Answer, you can only open ONE TAB come on man! Freaking safari does more. Your probably gonna ask “why don’t you just use safari?”, my answer “THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”

iOS13 added dark mode. Please update to support that. As well as an integrated reader view tab.

Dark Mode


Waiting for dark mode...Please and thank you!



I just opened up safari and it suggested I download google..

I found that if you delete the app and add it back it works much better after the latest ISO update. Good luck!

I like this app


Can you please add a dark mode to this application?

App crashes


I recently updated the application. It is getting crashed on launch Please check Details iOS 13 Version 85.0

Keep getting repeated/duplicate notifications. Tends to be weather and sport updates but sometimes other things. Really annoying.

Needs Dark Mode


Will be a 5 star review when dark mode is added. Otherwise overall great App!



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I can not seem to use google lens?

Not working properly since last update



After the recent update, when I pick an address and the app switch to maps, the address won’t automatically get input in the maps app. I have to copy the address and go to the maps app and paste it there. Other than that, amazing!!

Hey read this



Google keyboard


Why is my google keyboard all of a sudden lagging and acting strange. It’s the only app doing this on my iPhone 7+. And the keyboard worked just fine here. I’m confused!!! Please help!

Maybe make it so you can customize the background of the google page? like you can on a chromebook/computer? :3 its a very good app too

Dr. Ackerman is extremely knowledgeable and a great communicator. The staff are always in a good mood and very friendly. Modern super clean office.

Bubble Cloud


Been playing this game for a very long time. All of a sudden I can’t raise it on my iPad. Nothing comes up except a black screen. Would like to know what’s up..

5 star Very short waiting time Pleasant staff from front desk to finish Hasaim Rangwala PA-C is pleasant and explains everything clearly. He is a very nice man and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Betty and Joe Paduano

The home screens quick to brows. But if you click on a website to browse it, it’s soo slow you can barely scroll properly.

Memory Intensive


The application uses heavy data/memory. More intrusive than stated.

I've been using Google Search as long as I can remember. By far the best in my honest opinion. Now just add a dark mode and it will be perfect.

Crashing and Freezing

Nikki (.___.)

For the past few days after updating my phone, this app freezes on the loading page with the google logo and then crashes, repeatedly. Tried using LTE instead of wifi, and it did nothing-so not an internet speed problem. Please fix.

No dark mode

C0ld f1re

Still not updated with dark mode. Very disappointing.

I forgot my login on my chrome book. Help me please!!

MacBook Pro 2016


Can have the same features on Macbook pro 2017. I like it on my phone but I want the same feature where when you scroll down news feed just update with my interest



this app is fantastic and everybody shouldn’t we hating on it it’s basically what they use for answers on homework everyday so basically google is their life and they basically hating on themselves. Great work google!



The app keeps telling me there are new stories available in the newsfeed but keeps telling me there is an error when I hit “refresh”. Please update to get rid of this. Very frustrating


Shotzi Girl

Love the app! I use it all the time and it’s important in my business! Why does the google app no longer update???

I like this app


I really like this app it has parental controls so the kids can’t see what they aren’t supposed to😁😄

What happened?


One of my most used apps... but since the iOS 13 update, the keyboard typing is laggy and unresponsive. Please fix. Don’t make me use safari.

Ridiculously laggy


Since the last update I’ve been able to do everything I can normally do on the app but it takes twice as much due to lag, please fix this.

Used to be good


Clicking on “directions” does nothing. Brings you to a map with your current location. Am I supposed to type in the address? New image viewer is terrible. Can’t view full screen.

Not that great👎

hello its mwa

I don’t think google is all that. It isn’t the greatest because I don’t understand it. So I think you need to make it more accessible for other people like me


Love Byrd

Since the newest update I no longer have a news feed when I open the app. Not sure what happened to it but I’m pretty unhappy and I just want to know how to get it back please.



Have used it for years - it works.

What a mess!


For crying out loud FIX THIS APP. Why do we have to put up with the constant crashing and inability to scroll? Jeesh, this shouldn't have to be so difficult; you all have had enough complaints that by now it should be fixed.

Search in this app takes 3-4 seconds. I don’t know why it takes longer in the app as compared to searching in the browser.


Sky 🌌🌌🌌🌌

Things that I copy keeps getting stuck in the clipboard and it’s annoying

Chinese translates to/from English is wonderful. But, it lags translations in/from Cantonese which commands more Chinese users in Canadian and North and Southern America.

Love Google


The only thing I would like to see is a dark mode. That would be a great help for night reading

10/7/19 google is running slow and not responsive very well at all, many freezes and lags as of tonight and hard to navigate.

Start up


When loading in google it starts up very slow and takes more than 7 seconds to fully load in and it is vey annoying especially for searching up fir only a few seconds please fix.

App is great very useful always helps me with friendly debates with family/friends (I am always right) lol it’s a app I use everyday but I need a dark mode that’s my only complaint right now



Now it prompts me to choose my map program but if you choose Waze or Apple Maps it does not pass the address to the app. Only works with google maps

To Jay


You shouldn’t have any more problems with hiding your phone info

Your misining fun

el compa ramiro

Is the best you can search watch a video see the news about it

Best driver we had. We would like Gayle again. Please give her a $7.00 tip! Diana Hansell

I thought you said Share Image

the guy who watches

Whenever I want to copy and paste a picture, it always pastes the link of the picture rather than the picture itself. You should probably get that checked and fixed

Sometimes when I'm reading an article within the app, the page goes blank and I have to go back and click the link again. Sometimes it'll happen multiple times till I'm frustrated and move on to another article instead.

Biased Searches


Obvious liberal bias on political searches! Every page recommended page regarding a political post has a leftest slant! No longer using it!

Map issues

Scarlet dufrain

For awhile now, if I click on the map to see where something is located, it switches to Apple maps but will not show the place I was looking for. I have to actually type the address in my maps to find it.



I keep trying to block anything from Fox News I don’t want to see anything from it ever in any form and I can’t seem to do it please tell me if there is a way for me to stop this racist hate from coming on my feed thanks

Really. It’s useful, fun, and in my opinion, *whispers* better to use than safari. I don’t like long reviews.

Like out of the blue I suddenly cant search for any adult entertainment or anything 18+ at ALL. I turned off safe search but it just keeps coming back on!! You need to fix this issue google😡🤬

Cf. Rvvc. V XXX


2 cv be vtgcghcffvsaa cc x vccgvcvgvggvvr C has come. Ugh Gucci



All I can say is.. this app is amazing ;-;

Good game


hello I’m just doing a review and this app is amazing I love it so much and it is just great.


pewdiepie fan 1K


It is good for cooking

Suncrest Bill

I like it a lot and it is useful but gives me the wrong thing sometimes.😑😑😑😑

Sync issues


The biggest problem is that I could not sync bookmarks to the app

It crashes and freezes my phone all the time


Pretty girl 3438

I love this app it has every thing totally recommended

copy paste issue


Text are showing on google search as clipboard

When I upgraded to iOS 13.1, the app no longer works. All my other apps work just fine, but google just crashes at launch and it’s really annoying, pls fix!

Not working


After yesterday’s update the page doesn’t open fully unless I drag down to refresh. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Why did you guys remove the ability to copy the image directly? Now I have to download it before I share it. It’s all about the little things that makes a big difference in user experience.



Any info from google is impossible to understand



I love this app so much that I brought the phone, I use it for school work to as questions. I can set my Calendar, alarms. it’s like a second husband/ personal assistant without spending my money.

The app no longer cares what news you get and from which link that “news” may come. For example: I want to block all stories of Joe Keery’s haircut but Google still shows every article every time!!

Need new Gboard app with it.

এইচ সোল

Please, update Gboard which is included on Google app.

Dark mode


This is an awesome app!! It would be perfect if you guys add dark mode



I do really like and love Gboard using on Android and iOS. But one thing is missing in iOS. Which is Burmese keyboard. I hope and really love to have that. Thank you! 😇

Add a Dark Mode


I’m really writing this review so Google could possibly see it and add a dark mode like iOS’s dark mode. And obviously the app is good, it’s Google.

The white is way too bright and I don’t really like having to use incognito all the time so if you could please just add dark mode compatibility that would be great!



Shaper experience is so wonderful I wish I could have found them sooner.

Dark mode


When will we see a dark mode option for us to use?? Btw, great app.




Kudos to Google for making my life easier BUT the lack of connecting directly to maps is tough!

Where’d the update go?


Recently my google updated and I absolutely loved the update. I could swipe down on pages and keep them while I searched other things but now it seemed to unupdate it’s self? What happened? I really enjoyed the update

Main search engine


Google will forever be the search that I go to instead of safari. With the new update of IOS 13 what I want from Google is a dark mode feature that would be nice on the app version.

Dark Mode.


Must I say anything else? With IOS 13 I think it's finally time the Google App join the rest of the world and finally add dark Mode. It's my go to search app but dark Mode really just kills the vibe.

Unhappy customer


So far only 2 out of 6 plants looks healthy

I like this app because I can finally watch infinite lists vids so thx for the app.

Dark mode please!!!!


After updating to iOS 13, getting tons of bugs. Almost unusable. Also need Dark Mode ASAP!!!!

Not sure why my invert colors worked perfectly fine before and now with IOS 13 smart invert messes up the pictures. I use smart invert because I like a dark mode (which isn’t working either btw). I hope it gets fixed soon

Find in page feature does not work.

I use it so much in everyday life thank you google

Hi is this app easier and better then what we have now

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