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Rated 4.33 out of 5

5 Star
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Very fun and interesting game. The characters are just great and worth collecting. Gameplay can be very strategical while also relying on rng. Auto battles can take you far as well for getting started. Great rates for a gacha too.

Pay to play


Free to play then when you get to a certain point you have to pay to play. I’m at a stopping point at this game where I can’t progress so uninstalling soon

A few bugs


Great game the graphics are great but it keeps force closing on me every 10 -15 mins. Playing on an iPad

Fix Bugs


All you need is to Fix the Bugs in the Game. Then it will be ok game To play or grind😮‍💨

4 star


Game needs more ways to earn gems once u reach end game u can only do daily and thats boring.



Pretty good game overall crashes sometimes but it’s still alright. For a gacha the rates are actually pretty good every summon is a guaranteed 4star or higher.

Froze Screen Error


I cant play the game since the screen just kept freezing when i come and talk to Benimaru at the tutorial section

Game hours


I would like to know how long it takes to finish the game please.



This game is amazing but im stick on the level quest but everytime a win a error accurs

Good game


But you’ve gotta add 10x pulls for the tickets it takes forever to draw them 1 by 1 i’m begging you

Loving this game


I would love to see some additional free summons. I did join a couple weeks after the game started to maybe I missed out on some.

Great game


It’s my first time write a game like this I like so much need more content but that’s come on next months I guess



Este juego es el mejor que e visto en el mundo

Bad rate comment


To all people comment about bad 5* rates. Please go play FGO. That game is way more famous than this. Stop whining about everything.

great and fun


This game so far has been a delight while playing I’ve seen a lot of my favorite characters and I love this game it does good towards the show

Still crashing sometimes but better than before. A part of that, great game based on a great novel

I wish that they had dubbed the audio. Instead, we get walls of text

There're too much cheaters in game that they post on social media alot, or mod the game like auto wins, x10 HP Atk and so much bugs that play for few hours it kept pushing me out of the game several times

Loving the game so far but you know the game needs some optimizing when it lags, glitches, and overheats on my IPhone 13 pro 🤦🏻‍♂️ Hoping that in the future it gets fixed! #SlimeTimePrimeTime

Love it


Runs smooth love the story great game.



Genuinely impressed with how this game is handled and interested to see where it goes. I like how you earn characters as they show up in the story so you can still collect all your favorites.

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