Monopoly (Il gioco da tavola più amato)

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Компания: Marmalade Game Studio

Жанр: Giochi da tavolo

Номинальные параметры: 3

Версия: 1.0.4

Загрузки: 2

Обновленный Dec 04, 2019

Monopoly это мобильная видеоигра a giochi da tavolo and famiglia, разработанная компанией Marmalade Game Studio и доступная для скачивания как на устройствах iOS, так и на Android. Приложение совместимо с iOS 10.0 или более поздней версией.

Monopoly ios / android gameplay part 1 by marmalade game studio

Il gioco da tavola più amato

Roll the dice and buy, sell, build, and scheme your way to become a rich landlord in MONOPOLY, the Hasbro board game and family classic loved by over a billion people in cities and countries worldwide. One of the most classic board games you know and love is available on mobile and tablets and playable both offline and online!

Experience the classic board game in a completely new way. MONOPOLY by Marmalade Game Studio brings the board to life with a universe including a beautiful animated and designed 3D city board with hotels and houses.

Popular Features
- ONE OF THE GREATEST BOARD GAMES - Play the Hasbro classic by yourself or with the family and friends in your life on mobile or tablets!
- A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay-to-win, no ad pop-ups, no risk, approved by Hasbro
- HOUSE RULES - Play with the most common house rules
- QUICK MODE - Finish the Hasbro board game faster than ever
- SINGLE-PLAYER - Play against our challenging AI. No need for friends or family
- OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play together and pass the phone between turns
- ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Play MONOPOLY online with people all over the world from a different city or country or create private multiplayer games to play with your friends and family in life without any risk.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends in life and becoming a rich landlord in MONOPOLY, one of the most iconic board games of all time?
Roll the dice, take risk, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a landlord tycoon, just like the popular Hasbro family board game.

Don’t get bored and challenge up to FOUR PLAYERS on one mobile device in multiplayer!

Now you can play a game of MONOPOLY anytime and anywhere, in the city and at home, offline and online! You can play by yourself or with friends in multiplayer. Try this multiplayer with up to four players on one device. Alternatively, invite family and friends to play in online multiplayer

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Скачать Monopoly для ПК/Mac

Устанавливать Monopoly на компьютере вам нужен эмулятор android, который поддерживает вас, чтобы играть в эту игру на вашем компьютере. Мы рекомендуем использовать Bluestacks. Как использовать BlueStacks играть Monopoly на ПК/Mac.

Monopoly также доступен для загрузки в следующих странах: US | Spain | Italy | Germany | France | Turkey

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