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Компания: Tobias Tenbusch

Жанр: Simulation

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Версия: 1.0.78

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Обновленный Jun 23, 2022

Paragon Pioneers это мобильная видеоигра a simulation, разработанная компанией Tobias Tenbusch и доступная для скачивания как на устройствах iOS, так и на Android. Приложение совместимо с iOS 11.0 или более поздней версией.

Paragon Pioneers Прохождение игрового процесса (iOS, Android)

Paragon Pioneers is a city-building idle game in which you discover, conquer and then build on islands to fulfill the needs of your inhabitants. Even with limited time to play you can enjoy this deep simulation game and follow one of the countless ways to optimize your empire. Build an impressive palace and go down in history as Paragon's most successful leader.

» What can I expect? «

BUILD your empire stone by stone: construct over 100 different buildings to meet all the needs of your inhabitants.
PRODUCE more than 70 goods with complex production chains.
DISCOVER more islands for your ever-growing empire: build a big fleet, send it across the sea and widen your realm step by step.
CONQUER newly discovered islands from the orcs with an intuitive and multifaceted combat system.
RELAX as your empire stays active even when you're not playing.
IMMERSE yourself in a stylized and cute medieval/fantasy setting without the bother of ads, in-app purchases or even the need to be online.
SHAPE every island in the game with a unique island generator to suit your needs.
ENJOY this game again and again by selecting a special custodian at the end that offers powerful skills for your next empires.

» Get in touch! «

Join the community on Discord:

Send me an email: [email protected]

» Thank you for playing Paragon Pioneers! «

With my passion project Paragon Pioneers I’m following my dream of being a game developer. After working for nearly two years on it now, it makes me really happy when it brings joy to other people. So please feel free to get in touch and tell me how you experienced my game :)

- Tobias

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Устанавливать Paragon Pioneers на компьютере вам нужен эмулятор android, который поддерживает вас, чтобы играть в эту игру на вашем компьютере. Мы рекомендуем использовать Bluestacks. Как использовать BlueStacks играть Paragon Pioneers на ПК/Mac.

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