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Şirket: Side Labs LLC

Uygulama Türü: Business

Derecelendirmeler: 4.61

Sürüm: 5.1

İndirilenler: 349

Piyasaya sürülmüş: Nov 29, 2021

Güncellenmiş Jul 12, 2022

Coffee Inc 2 Side Labs LLC tarafından geliştirilen ve iOS App Store ve Android Play Store'dan indirilebilen a business and role playing oyun uygulamasıdır. Uygulama, iOS 15.4 ve sonraki sürümlerle uyumludur ve yüklemek için 321.06MB boş alan gerektirir.

Coffee Inc 2 Oynanış Yolu (iOS, Android)

Welcome to The Coffee Inc 2: the next generation of The Coffee Inc, a popular business simulation game in the world.

As a founder and CEO, your role is to start up your coffee shop, manage coffee bean blends, create the best coffee products, hire and motivate the best talents, conduct effective marketing, manage financials, expand the business to multiple cities and build the biggest coffee empire!

=== What’s New in 2 ===

- Open hundreds of coffee shops across multiple cities, but you now deal with the real cities: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, London, Paris and Berlin.

- You can also choose a game currency from USD, EURO, JPY and GBP.

- Choose store interiors, exteriors and coffee equipment to uniquely position your shops. You can now even design custom interiors.

- Set product menus and pricing wisely to compete with neighboring coffee shops. You can now also develop brand-new products.

- Conduct store marketing to drive traffic while minimizing the cost. You now have more marketing campaigns.

- Hire store staff and keep them working hard and happy. Their services will determine your store's popularity. You can now even hire a store manager to delegate many of daily store operations.

- Store staff and customers cause many accidents every week. You deal with it one by one or delegate them to store managers.

- Borrow money from banks if you need cash. Watch out the interest rates, though, now that every country has its own GDP growth and bank policy rate.

- As the number of stores grows, store management gets complex. Open offices, hire white-collar workers and create functional departments: Human Resource, Finance, Products, Marketing, Engineering, Executive, and Investment.

- Through the HR division, provides training, recreations, compensations and benefits to employees.

- The Finance now has a cash flow statement, in addition to income statement and balance sheet. Grasp financial details like a pro through realistic statements.

- Conduct city wide marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness.

- The engineering division allows you to develop new online services and applications. They will penetrate globally.

- Hire C-Level executives such as COO, CFO, CTO, CMO… and delegate high levels of responsibility to them. Make sure to incentivize them with stock options and RSUs.

- As a chairman of the board, you can hold a board meeting and discuss your compensation and company’s dividends.

- Work with investment banks and achieve IPO and M&A.

- Through the Investment division, expand your empire into non-coffee businesses such as real estate and stock investment.

- Your personal wealth is now separated from your company’s.

- You can now store your games in iCloud so that you can sync them across your multiple devices.

- As always, no annoying ads.

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By Orhan.1

Best business simulation game, keep developing! Suggestions: Add some random events that affect the company negatively; like boycotts, strikes, natural disasters. Also add a difficulty mode in which competitors are already widespread, and we try to overthrow their domination.


By afacankaan27

After about 15 years in the game, my company's value is around 700 trillion dollars then every time I try to enter the stock market the game crashes, please fix it

Ventura expansion

By Taurus1089

I purchased the venture expansion pack. but it does not write in the newspaper that companies need capital increase. It is necessary to enter the investment tab from the company headquarters and look at it one by one.

Everyone need to play this game!!

By KoalaKont

My 5 hours experience was so good and thanks for made this game!

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