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  • Şirket: 魂动天下
  • Uygulama Türü: Strategy
  • Derecelendirmeler: 4.87
  • Sürüm: 1.07
  • İndirilenler: 20
  • Piyasaya sürülmüş: Jun 21, 2021
  • Güncellenmiş Oct 13, 2021

Used Car Tycoon Games 魂动天下 tarafından geliştirilen a strategy and word mobil video oyunudur ve iOS ve Android cihazlarda indirilebilir. Uygulama, iOS 12.0 veya üstü ile uyumludur.

Used Car Tycoon Games Oynanış Yolu (iOS, Android)

Do you like idle car games? Have you ever thought of becoming a rich second-hand car shop tycoon with beauties? Busy work in real life prevents you from fulfilling your desires for the time being, come and vent through the used car simulator, "Used Car Tycoon Games", a business mobile game that simulates the purchase and sale of used cars! Burn the asphalt with your fast and furious managing skills
Though it’s not a racing game, you can feel all the pleasantness! You will start a second-hand car sales shop from scratch, attract more customers by acquisition, fixing cars, hiring employees, unlocking facilities, increasing publicity, etc, to earn profits, build a used car empire, and become an idle car tycoon.
Game features:

【Various vehicle types】

There are many car models such as worn-out vans, miniature cars, small cars, sports cars, off-road vehicles, lego cars, pumpkin cars, punk cars, different-dimensional tank cars and so on. They must satisfy your desire to collect rare cars! Enjoy this career!
【Many interesting game stories】
Helping villagers build roads, helping schools upgrade school buildings, help racers win races, and help taxi companies build cheap and easy-to-use models. Get on your idle game wheels and warm-up your car tycoon engines to experience the game stories.
In this game, you can find vintage car dealers to buy vehicle fragments. Also, you can go to the river to salvage car wrecks with cranes. What’s more, you can bring tools to excavate debris outdoors, and hire villagers to find antique car fragments. While the collection is completed, a god-level collection with a sense of age will be assembled!
【Car repair and modification gameplay】
Mechanic game car fixing, paint job picking, dents repairing, welding and painting will be permanent items in your to-do list from now on, like the best hot car games and car tuning game adventures go!.
After modification, the rear wing, aerodynamics kit, wider competition-grade tires, and unique speed coatings will give the vehicle a new look. I believe you can't wait to get them to the speedway to have the contest with passion at that time.
【Test your brainpower】
Do you really think this is just a game with tapping? No!
It is also a strategy game that requires IQ. You need to consider the upgrade sequence of various elements, the logic of unlocking, and the combination of various resources to get your beloved car!
There are also various interesting puzzle games to make your game full of fun!
Please note! "No Middle Merchants Earn the Price Difference" is an idle car game for free, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.
Are you ready to become a used car repair shop tycoon? Fasten your seat belt and start your simulation of paradise! Our classic ‘Fix and Sale My Car’ game is waiting for you to download and experience it!

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