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Top 20 Apps Like Builderment Idle for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like Builderment Idle? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. Builderment Idle alternatives are mostly casual games but may also be simulation games.

There are 20 apps similar to Builderment Idle available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Idle Vlogger is the best alternative. Other Builderment Idle like apps are Merge Train Battle, Lumbercat: Idle Tycoon, Bus Arrival 3D, and Match Factory!. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

Builderment Idle Alternative Apps

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Idle Vlogger - Rich Me! - Idle casual simulation game‪.‬

Simulation Games | First release: September 06, 2023

From poor to rich, all in this idle vlogger game!

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Merge Train Battle - Idle zombie defence tycoon

Casual Games | First release: January 12, 2024

Merge, upgrade the strongest railroad, join Merge Train Battle, and protect your beloved village! HOW TO PLAY - Buy wagons: Collect coins to buy new wagons.

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Lumbercat: Idle Tycoon - Calm Logging with Cute Cats‪!‬

Casual Games | First release: March 01, 2024

Healing Adventure with Trees!

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Bus Arrival 3D - Theme park idle&racing casual

Casual Games | First release: January 12, 2024

Have you ever wanted to be a bus driver? Welcome to Bus Arrival Pick up and take passengers to their destination to earn money and level up. Explore the world and discover new zones.

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Match Factory! - Triple Matching 3D Puzzle Game

Puzzle Games | First release: November 07, 2023

Welcome to Match Factory - The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Adventure! Dive into the fascinating world of Match Factory, the brand new puzzle game from the creators of Toon Blast & Toy Blast.

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BUDE'S FACTORY - electronic game

Action Games | First release: November 29, 2020

- Different Mode B Game B, a mode in which the belt conveyor flows in the opposite direction, is also available. Note that the order in which the parts are installed changes!

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Super Factory-Tycoon Game

Casual Games | First release: August 03, 2021

Super Factory is a game in which you build and manage funniest factories.

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Screw Pin Puzzle! - A Challenging Casual Game‪!‬

Entertainment Games | First release: September 27, 2023

Welcome to Screw Pin Puzzle, an addictive and entertaining game that will push your puzzle-solving skills to the limit.

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Street Fighter Duel - For Casual Street Fighter Fans

Casual Games | First release: February 28, 2023

Dive into this twist on the legendary Street Fighter universe. Collect and upgrade your team of iconic fighters in this brand-new idle RPG game!

Best Casual Games Like Builderment Idle

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Dark Witch: Music Episode -Rudymical- Rhythm Fun Meow!

Casual Games | First release: January 12, 2024

【About Rudymical】 A rhythm game born from Dark Witch Story 2! The popular minigame "Rudymical" from Dark Witch Story 2 has been renewed and now can be played on your mobile devices!

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Car Crusher! - Amazing Destruction Fun

Casual Games | First release: May 23, 2020

Ever seen a hydraulic press in action? Exert crazy amounts of pressure on dozens of cars and watch what happens! Crush cars, boats and more!

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Nut n Bolt Sort: Color Puzzle - Match color of nut to the bolt

Casual Games | First release: May 27, 2024

Sorting the nut and bolt, become master of nuts & bolts puzzle Are you sort puzzle masters and logic lovers! Get ready to break your brainpower in colorful challenge in Nut n Bolt Sort: Color Puzzle now.

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Keep Up WM

Casual Games | First release: May 28, 2024

Keep the ball up! Use your thumb, or any other of your extremities as you like to keep the ball in the air and defy gravity and wind as long as possible.

Best Simulation Games Like Builderment Idle

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Restaurant Tycoon: Simulator - Create Your Own Food Empire‪!‬

Simulation Games | First release: May 28, 2024

Welcome to Restaurant Tycoon: Simulator – the ultimate cooking and restaurant management adventure that blends your love for cooking games, chef games, and tycoon simulators into one immersive experience.

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Niche - Breed and Evolve - Virtual Pet Genetics Adventure

Simulation Games | First release: June 24, 2021

NICHE - BREED AND EVOLVE: A BREEDING AND SIMULATION GAME FOR GENETICS FANS Welcome to the world of Nichelings, a secret world, with unique animals, real genetics and many adventures!

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Sculpt people - Play with clay - 3d face maker

Simulation Games | First release: January 11, 2021

Satisfy customers in this new simulation! - Use polymer clay to sculpt people's heads (and their pets too!) - Make sure the result is close enough to the photo!

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Sky Gamblers - Infinite Jets - Elite jet fighter air combat

Simulation Games | First release: July 22, 2022

Game only runs on Metal capable devices! This is the latest and greatest jet dogfight game, coming from the creators of Sky Gamblers, Battle Supremacy and Radiation series!

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