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Top 18 Apps Like KORG iMono/Poly for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like KORG iMono/Poly? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. KORG iMono/Poly alternatives are mostly music Apps but may also be entertainment Apps.

There are 18 apps similar to KORG iMono/Poly available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. KORG iWAVESTATION is the best alternative. Other KORG iMono/Poly like apps are KORG iELECTRIBE for iPhone, KORG iKaossilator, KORG Module Pro, and Poison - Synthesizer & Audio Unit. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

KORG iMono/Poly Alternative Apps

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Music | First release: Jan 13, 2024

Creating sounds with time-varying timbre, on your mobile device. KORG iWAVESTATION - A wave sequence synthesizer for iOS.

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Music | First release: Jul 22, 2022

The ELECTRIBE reborn in an even smaller form A full-fledged rhythm machine for iPhone ● Featured in "Best Music Apps" ● Featured in "Best New Apps"

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KORG iKaossilator - Make your beat with one finger

Music | First release: Nov 21, 2021

The inspiringly creative Kaossilator comes to iPhone! Korg has revolutionized the musical instrument world with their dynamic line of Kaoss products, using an intuitive X-Y pad to provide expressive musical control.

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KORG Module Pro

Music | First release: Jan 13, 2024

The best sounds, available to everyone. Announcing a new high-quality mobile sound module app for iOS!

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Poison-202 Vintage Synthesizer - Synthesizer & Audio Unit

Music | First release: May 23, 2021

What reviewers and users say: "This is a very solid virtual synth that, sonically, punches well above its asking price" - musicappblog "Man this sounds good, full of rich goodness from the days of analog yore" - thesoundtestroom

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Fluss is a sonic playground designed by Bram Bos and Berlin-based musician Hainbach to let you explore granular synthesis in a hands-on way.

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Epic 64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth Inspired by the Digital Synths of the 80s, 90s, 2000s FULLY LOADED w/ 900+ presets by Analog Matthew, Brice Beasley, DMT Cymatics, Moby Pixel, Red Sky Lullaby, Jakob Haq, Electronisounds (Dean Daughters), Sound of Izrael, Brian Funk, and more

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Velocity Keyboard

Music | First release: Mar 31, 2024

Velocity Keyboard is a powerful velocity-sensitive MPE compatible MIDI controller.

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Piano Pro - keyboard & songs - Best way enjoy piano games

Music | First release: Aug 05, 2023

"Piano Pro" - Your Ultimate Piano Experience on iPhone and iPad! Piano Pro Piano Pro is an Apple app designed to provide a realistic keyboard simulation for music enthusiasts.

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Piano - Play Keyboards & Music

Music | First release: Jan 13, 2024

Play piano easily with fun.

Best Music Apps Like KORG iMono/Poly

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REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set

Music | First release: Feb 01, 2024

A drum kit (also referred to as a drum set, trap set, or simply drums) is a collection of drums, cymbals, and sometimes other auxiliary percussion instruments arranged for play by one person.

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Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Music | First release: Feb 29, 2024

Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyrics catalog, giving you synchronized song lyrics with multilingual translations for all your music. Selected for the Editor’s Choice on the App Store.

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Helix Jump Balls Drop 3d Games

Music Games | First release: Jan 23, 2024

Helix Color Ball Drop is an addictive and challenging arcade game where players must guide a bouncing ball through a series of rotating platforms while avoiding obstacles and collecting rewards.

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World Piano & Drum Machine

Music | First release: Apr 05, 2024

Discover the mesmerizing world of music with our innovative World Piano app, your gateway to experiencing the vast musical traditions from every corner of the globe, all from your iOS device.

Best Entertainment Apps Like KORG iMono/Poly

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Magic Jigsaw Puzzles - Relax puzzle games for adults‪!‬

Entertainment Games | First release: Nov 22, 2020

150 million downloads worldwide!

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RPG Scribe Pathfinder & 3.5 - Smart character sheet

Entertainment | First release: May 26, 2021

RPG Scribe is a smart character sheet with built-in reference for Pathfinder (1E) and D&D 3.5 (PRD, SRD respectively*).

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Parallel World Game Story - Be Hero of the New World‪!‬

Entertainment Games | First release: Nov 09, 2022

The main character got into a mysterious world, the way out of which is impossible to find without your help!

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Black Light Vision

Entertainment | First release: May 29, 2021

Black Light Vision create the black light effect through the iPhone camera.

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