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Top 10 Apps Like M.A.D. Cows for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like M.A.D. Cows? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. M.A.D. Cows alternatives are mostly adventure games but may also be action games.

There are 10 apps similar to M.A.D. Cows available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Aliens versus Humans is the best alternative. Other M.A.D. Cows like apps are Space Raiders RPG, Samurai of Hyuga Book 3, HORSE CLUB Aventures équestres, and Punko Glass Ball. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

M.A.D. Cows Alternative Apps

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Aliens versus Humans

Entertainment Games | First release: October 01, 2021

**"In Onslaught players can expect the kind of portable X-COM experience they’ve always wanted." --148apps.com **"AvH: Onslaught is like a tribute band for X-Com – it hits all of the same notes as the original: recruitable (and re-nameable) troops who learn as they gain experience, cagey aliens who see in the dark better than you do, bases that you build and staff, research that you direct, randomized combat maps – the whole lot." -- pockettactics.com AvH starts with 25 heart-pounding, intense training missions.

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Space Raiders RPG - Mankind vs Aliens

Role Playing Games | First release: March 07, 2022

Game features: - A world where even the smallest details are well-thought-out, with its own history full of mystery and intrigue. A world inhabited by many different unusual species.

Best Adventure Games Like M.A.D. Cows

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End Game - Union Multiplayer - Shoot and Support

Adventure Games | First release: July 29, 2022

This game is developed as historical events happening in Myanmar. Let's come and join with us .In this game, you will be involved in revolution as armed force.

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Tomb Toad - A toadally awesome adventure

Adventure Games | First release: February 12, 2021

Delve into dark dungeons, face fearsome foes, and ponder perilous puzzles in this topsy-turvy adventure game! To explore, simply rotate the world and let gravity do the rest.

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Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 - Prepare yourself, ronin‪!‬

Adventure Games | First release: July 25, 2022

Life isn’t getting any easier for our favorite ronin! The journey continues in the land of silk and steel, where fantasy and reality clash and tough choices await you on every page.

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HORSE CLUB Aventures équestres - riding, horse care, gaming

Adventure Games | First release: July 20, 2022

Together with the HORSE CLUB you will have exciting adventures, complete tasks and missions, take care of your horses and ride out together with the girls!

Best Action Games Like M.A.D. Cows

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Punko Glass Ball

Action Games | First release: April 04, 2024

"Punko Glass Ball" - an engaging arcade game that challenges your aiming skills and precision!

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Ghosts and Apples Mobile - Catch. Launch. Match‪.‬

Action Games | First release: December 23, 2021

You have come to a house full of magic where intrigue and mystery reign. A ghost spies through the window while an octopus acts as a coat hanger.

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Pitfall 2600 - Seek for the jungle treasure

Action Games | First release: November 09, 2022

Pitfall Larry is found in the jungle collecting all the 32 treasures within a certain amount of time. The jungle world consists of 256 screens which are horizontally connected in a flip screen manner.

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Shaolin vs Wutang - Fighting - Kung Fu, Karate & Ninja Fight

Action Games | First release: April 27, 2022

Shaolin vs Wutang is a 1 on 1 INDIE CASUAL combat game featuring hand to hand and weapon combat, great music and inspired graphics. No flashy over the top effects, just combat influenced by classic Kung Fu films.

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