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Top 18 Apps Like Rule Master for iOS and Android

Looking for apps like Rule Master? We have compiled a list of the top alternative apps for iOS and Android devices. Rule Master alternatives are mostly navigation Apps but may also be education Apps.

There are 18 apps similar to Rule Master available for multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. U.S. Inland Navigational Rules is the best alternative. Other Rule Master like apps are Marine Rules & Signals, NavRules by mintaka-innovations, Marinus: boating rules ColRegs / IRPCS / IALA, and Master by maxime-madrau. All of the best 2024 alternative apps are listed below and regularly updated.

Rule Master Alternative Apps

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U.S. Inland Navigational Rules

Navigation | First release: Mar 03, 2024

Essential Information for All Boat Users.

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Marine Rules & Signals

Navigation | First release: May 28, 2021

The reference guide to rules and signals at sea. Part of a series of Marine Navigation apps, Rules & Signals is a useful tool for sailors, fishermen, surfers and people involved in sea water sports.

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Navigation | First release: Jan 13, 2024

The best way to learn the Nautical Rules of the Road. NavRules provides all the questions, answers, explanations and resources to help you master the Nautical Rules of the road.

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Marinus: boating rules ColRegs / IRPCS / IALA

Navigation | First release: May 17, 2021

Marinus ColRegs is not one more app of the navigation rules… is the APP of the navigation rules! Designed by and for the maritime and nautical people, that resolve your doubts in any moment and anywhere.

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Navigation | First release: Nov 25, 2020

Master-Trip is the most precise, complete and customisable trip master on iOS. It includes features like: - Total and partial distance counters - Total timer - Quick adjust buttons

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3pMaster Pro

Navigation | First release: Jan 24, 2024

The best TripMaster app ever made.

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Navigation | First release: Nov 23, 2020

The best TripMaster app ever made.

Best Navigation Apps Like Rule Master

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Qibla Compass Kaaba Finder

Navigation | First release: Apr 10, 2024

Discover the direction of Qibla with ease using Qibla Compass Kaaba Finder. This essential app utilizes a compass to accurately guide you towards the sacred Kaaba.

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NYSSA Snowmobile New York 2020

Navigation | First release: Jan 21, 2021

Help support snowmobiling in New York State by purchasing the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA) Mobile App!

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Arst Finder - Premium

Navigation | First release: May 24, 2021

ARST FINDER permette la ricerca di tratte e prezzi dei mezzi pubblici ARST. Permette la visualizzazione di: - Orari e prezzi inserendo la fermata di partenza e di arrivo.

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BLM Public Lands Map Guide USA

Navigation | First release: Jan 13, 2024

The United States of America is a vast land full of lush forests, stunning deserts, indescribable landscapes, and fascinating history.

Best Education Apps Like Rule Master

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Education | First release: May 25, 2021

MathBoard now supports iCloud Syncing, along with a host of other newer technologies, like Text to Speech as well as Speech Input, the Apple Pencil, Apple Magic Keyboard, Slide Over and Split Views and more.

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Lineman's Reference XMFR LAB - Intuitive Transformer Lab

Education | First release: Dec 31, 2021

This app is a fully functional transformer lab simulator that was designed and developed by a journeyman lineman, for lineman and apprentices. You can use this app to study and learn your transformer connections.

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Toca Band - Jam with your very own band‪!‬

Education | First release: May 23, 2021

Play with sounds and create your own band!

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Learn to Read - Crack the Code - Crack the Reading Code

Education | First release: Sep 05, 2023

The purpose of Crack the Reading Code is to teach what is practical for reading: - Shape - Writing direction - Sound.

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