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  • Unternehmen: 盼 周
  • App-Genre: Card
  • Bewertungen: 5.00
  • Ausführung: 1.0
  • Downloads: 8
  • Veröffentlicht: Aug 23, 2020
  • Aktualisiert Aug 24, 2020

Classic Solitaire Game 2020 ist ein von 盼 周 entwickeltes mobiles a card and puzzle-Videospiel, das auf iOS- und Android-Geräten heruntergeladen werden kann. Die App ist mit iOS 8.0 oder höher kompatibel.

Take solitaire every day to exercise your brain! This modern style of classic card games will keep you sharp. With a simple design and simple and intuitive gameplay, you will not benefit from the game.

Try it!

-Take a card
-Take 3 cards
-Easy to read card
-Smart click to play
-Smart auto completion
-Align the game left and right
-Auto save, so you never lose progress
-Undo indefinitely

How to win:

---The order of the four foundations, each suit has a maximum of 52 cards from Ace to King

Klondike’s rules:

---There are 7 columns, and each column is the last card facing up. If each face-up card is arranged in descending order of alternating colors (for example, color order), you can move to a column on another card. B. The order of 8 hearts on the club or spades on 9 diamonds. You can also move multiple cards at the same time if they are arranged in descending order of alternating colors. In addition to the cards in this column, you can also play the cards in the inventory/decks. You can choose (in the settings) whether to draw 3 cards or 1 card from the consumables at the same time. When the column is completely empty, the available space can fill a scene. Once they are available, the king of ace cards can be moved by inventory or column.

We are here to help you:

---You will learn our promise soon! If you encounter any problems, click the card. If available, the application will automatically take effective measures.

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Featured Bewertungen


By Desmona Alesi

Kool game of Solitaire


By Saramae Kegan

I love playing this solitaire game! Thanks.

I only got it because...

By Amayah Boatman

Only reason I got it because I wanted robux ?

It’s Just solitaire

By Pany Rohlf

It’s plain old solitaire and the most popular one out there, anyone who may have a complaint about it is just either horrible at this simple game or don’t understand the concept that ads have to be in free games so they can actually profit from you sitting in your butt reaping the benefits of their work.

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