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Unternehmen: 2kit consulting

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Aktualisiert May 31, 2019

Screen Mirroring App ist an utilities-app, entwickelt von 2kit consulting, und steht zum download auf iOS-und Android-Geräte. Die app ist kompatibel mit iOS 11.0 oder später.

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For Samsung, LG & Sony TV

Mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to any device in your local Wifi or remote via Internet. Share your screen on a Smart TV, Mac, PC, Laptop, Gaming Console, Smartphone or Tablet.

The Screen Mirroring App can connect to any Web Browser and cast your screen with zero delay in HD quality. Screen Mirroring over DLS / Cable / Internet is supported by Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and the newest Smart TVs.

This is the easiest and most powerful screen sharing tool. Share your photos, videos, games, websites, apps, presentations and documents with your friends and family, even to remote places.

* Supported devices: Any device with an integrated Web Browser, e.g. Samsung TV, LG TV, Panasonic TV, Hisense TV, Philips TV, Hitachi TV, Grundig TV, TCL TV

* Local mirroring on WiFi: Your iPhone/iPad and your web browser device must be connected to the same wifi. Please do not use VPN, Proxy, VLANS and Subnets.

* Remote mirroring is limited to DSL / Cable / Internet. Connections over cellular/mobile networks (LTE/5G) are not yet supported.

* Latency is supreme (0 seconds) when you have good wifi network conditions

* You don't need a companion App on your TV or receiving device

* No hidden subscriptions or costs

* Sound is not yet supported, but we are working on it. Please use Bluetooth speakers as a workaround.

* Black screen issues: Some third party apps prevent screen mirroring. When you try to mirror them, you will just see a black screen on your TV, for example with Netflix and Disney+. This is a restriction chosen by Netflix and others, so we cannot fix it at the moment.

This app is brought to you by the developers of Video & TV Cast, the #1 video casting app in the world with more than 100.000.000 downloads across all platforms and devices.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with any of the trademarks mentioned here.

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Sound is missing!!?

Elias yLex.

Its a very upset, that there is no sound in a PAID APP.. also its a bit laggy but thats okay. Just don’t use the highest settings.. Im ready to give 5⭐️, if there would be sound🙂 no wonder the app is rated 2,8⭐️

Was soll man ich da noch hinzufügen?!



Die einzige App die mit iPhone 11 funktioniert

I enjoy using this app, but sadly the live connection is kinda freezing slowly + The Quality that is sent via Wifi connection is bad sometimes/often. Please fix this and I would be even more happier.

Naja ...


Tut grundsätzlich schon, was sie soll. Allerdings wird die Spiegelung immer wieder zwischendurch beendet. Das nervt auf Dauer schon extrem ...

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