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Connected as Stan96 (Change)
  • Vince17
    05/01/24 05:11

    How to unlock another slot in order list

  • Danielle38
    04/12/23 12:28

    Bonjour gros problème de lenteur du jeu les images ce fige comment régler le problème ? Merci

  • Wilfred51
    13/08/23 11:14

    Does anyone know if the part where the island showed up for 6 hrs comes back please

  • Wilfred51
    13/08/23 11:12

    Hi does anyone know if the island part where the people were chopping

  • Miwa90
    10/08/23 05:24

    Depuis ce matin aucun agent de maintenance n'agit malgré les pannes et que tous soit au maximum. Je suis obligé de faire intervenir le patron.
    Appli à jour pourtant je ne comprends pas 🤷

  • Isidore46
    10/05/23 02:22

    Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir comment changer la commande dans la fonderie electronique svp?

  • Toshie63
    26/03/23 06:30

    How to improve your societies to levels 3

  • Alberto26
    26/03/23 11:45

    How to obtain building permits? Thanks in advance

  • Gaston48
    26/03/23 11:45

    Good evening me its the building permits which blocks me how to have some? Thanks in advance.

  • Bill22
    26/03/23 11:44

    Good morning,

    I just set up some motherboard factories but it takes components to run them and I can't see how to get them or make them.

    A level to climb or reach?

    thank you

  • Florence92
    26/03/23 11:44

    I also have the same problem. If you don't have a building permit you can't improve the buildings.
    How can we get the license if the controls are motherboards?

  • Sandy73
    26/03/23 11:44

    Hello, finally found, you have to refuse orders but not wait for the timer, paying with diamonds the order finally changes!!

  • Gaston48
    26/03/23 11:44

    Thanks for the tip sandy73 it works 💪💪

  • Wilma22
    02/02/23 11:49

    Good morning
    How to produce pc motherboards? The orders are there but the production does not want to start it remains at 0

  • Mieko51
    02/02/23 06:53

    you have to improve the factory by leveling it up

  • Wilma22
    02/02/23 10:40

    I can't improve because I'm asked for 1 license and to get 1 license you have to complete orders and the only orders are pc motherboard 😞

  • Wilma22
    12/02/23 03:34

    Anyone to help me please??? How to improve the factory please??? To improve you need a license and to have a license you have to finish the orders but the pc motherboard orders are stopped and so I refuse the orders, they come back. How to do it please????

  • Sandy73
    17/03/23 11:15

    Yes I too would like a solution please..

  • Henri96
    27/03/23 10:37

    you have to refuse the order using diamonds, it will change the order, little trick, wait until there is less than a minute left, it allows you to use a single diamond ;-)

  • Gustav75
    30/01/23 12:55

    How can I get free diamonds in Idle Office Tycoon - Get Rich!?

  • Virginie71
    20/10/22 04:28

    Please guide me where from can I Get MOD Version of shadow fight apk?

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