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  • Charley23
    29/09/23 04:46

    If you need help with the app, contact us for support And how would we do that?? How about some help on that issue. Do you (developers) ever read this forum??if it’s no longer in development let us know please.

  • Charley23
    06/09/23 06:11

    this is a game of many questions but few answers but i love the graphics

  • Sandy99
    27/08/23 11:09

    Uboat attack starts up but does not operate. I've been playing it for several months with over 2500 missions and have rank of 61. The problem started immediately after I got rank 61. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?

  • Dean100
    18/08/23 06:29

    I see many questions, but no answers from the developers. If many have the same question and developers provide no answers, what is the value of this forum?

  • Dean100
    17/08/23 12:44

    I am at 500 missions. I’ve noticed it as I have gotten more and more missions. The likelihood of the app freezing has increased at this point almost 25% or more of my missions freeze if anyone has any solutions to this, I appreciate it.

  • Gustav30
    25/07/23 12:37

    So… the aim points for “ perfect hits” is pure fantasy by some developer that knows nothing about ships,artillery, the nature of water, etc. the “ perfect hit is NEVER in the rigging, antennas or smoke stacks. To SINK a ship or sub you must pierce it AT or BELOW the waterline. Torpedos do this, Artillery fire from a cruiser or battleship IRL can pierce below the waterline.in this game though, if you use the Cruiser you have to lay in fire on the masts, rigging and antennas, totally unrealistic. I won’t even comment on the enemy ships shooting at you and damaging you THROUGH an island…

  • Philippe14
    24/07/23 08:17

    And yes, the enemy ships shooting through mountains is wildly ludicrous.

  • Philippe14
    24/07/23 08:16

    Who won the latest event ?

  • Philippe14
    24/07/23 08:16

    You don’t need to watch any ads, just wait til the continue button pops up after your attack, of course you won’t get triple points.

  • Gustav89
    23/07/23 08:21

    Leagues are lame. Was ranked #1, 8 hours later dropped to 1000. Seems like no point in playing until 1 hour left before clock resets the next 3 day tournament.

  • Cristobal15
    20/07/23 07:34

    What is the purpose of ports?

  • Paula55
    02/07/23 05:38

    What are the gold hammers for?

  • Alex92
    05/08/23 04:20

    That's what I need to also know.

  • Yumi65
    15/06/23 04:34

    The port after Yankee Yard has been "under construction" for a week? Any idea whats going on with that?

  • Virginie72
    21/07/23 10:49

    They are "under construction" for more then 6 months. For building new ports I have now over 24 million golden hammers.

  • Emi87
    30/05/23 02:22

    How do I use the golden hammers?

  • Peter38
    13/05/23 04:42

    What are the golden hammers for and how do you access them?

  • Gustav89
    23/07/23 08:22

    They are for ports, but ports have no benefit, so just a useless activity in this game

  • Gustav30
    25/07/23 12:39

    Each port gives you a specified amount of XP per attack, beyond me why the last one stays “ under construction and unavailable for upgrade.

  • Yumi65
    15/06/23 04:37

    They are for building the "Ports". Just click on the Port box on the left hand side above Armory & you'll see.

  • Michael97
    04/05/23 12:20

    What are the golden hammers for?

  • Irene38
    12/04/23 06:22

    Is the Gato class sub worth the $?

  • Gustav30
    25/07/23 12:40

    You’re spending money on this game ?

  • Beryl58
    30/01/23 08:41

    How can I get Uboat Attack for free without any ads or in-app purchases?

  • Gustav30
    25/07/23 12:42

    You don’t HAVE to watch the ads, unless you want triple attack points and bonus crates, after each attack just wait until the continue button pops up to the left of the 3times points, you won’t get any ads.

  • Irene38
    12/04/23 06:24

    It is free because of the ads. Settings in the app will allow you to purchase “No Ads” mode. Hope this helps.

  • Ophelia56
    29/12/22 02:26

    Ships behind islands

  • Oscar28
    28/12/22 11:42

    Ships behind islands

  • Gert77
    26/12/22 12:07

    How do you hit ships which are anchored behind islands

  • Irene38
    12/04/23 06:24

    They move….be patient😎

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