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  • Miharu98
    31/05/23 03:28

    The LITT app is atrocious. They do not honour vouchers that you buy for people and they decide if you have earned to much and cut you off everything. After spending an astronomical amount of time on the app, I can advise you that this app offers nothing unique and is in fact boring. Their ads you have to watch are both trashy and in poor taste....including supporting DV by advertising a tracking device to find your partner, people threatening to kill themselves if you don't download this app.....etc. it's just very poor taste.
    I put a lot of my own money into this app but they want to punish me because they deem I have earned too much. I am unable to post on the map nor can I collect cash bags.
    Despite the fact that I relentlessly advertised their app for years, it's MY FAULT that the app seemed to glitch in my favour. I even received direct nasty messages from Thommo about the matter.
    There are no longer jackpots available and it takes all week to earn about $1.
    The developers have failed to provide anything unique and have the worst customer service EVER.
    They are obviously desperate by liking their own posts and thanking people for a like. A successful app does not do this.
    I'd advise to NOT INVEST a cent with this guy's.

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