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  • Aki96
    22/01/24 12:34

    Pocket Styler used to be fun but since they started making changes like rooms and having people become developers. The clothes are terrible. Not worth buying, So dissapointed in the change

  • Maria75
    10/12/23 09:37

    What are the criteria for completing the "two looks with the same pattern" task in the springtime challenge?

  • Hitomi91
    07/04/23 08:02

    I'm tired of using my gems to buy perfume for a higher score, and then not even have it show that I used it when the votes are in. It says to use perfume to boost your score, well NO IT DOESN'T if it's not even counted as far as showing I used it. RIP OFF.!! I'm about to delete this game its not fun anymore 😪

  • Humberto81
    26/03/23 06:20

    how do we make clothes?

  • Edouard82
    26/03/23 06:20

    Good morning
    At the moment they are beta testers. They are doing tests to fix errors before they can put it in the app we all have

  • Rita68
    26/03/23 06:13

    Game hasn't loaded for a few days. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Edouard82
    26/03/23 06:13

    Good morning
    So I don't know if it's a coincidence but I press cheats #1/2/3 Etc when starting the game and it opens the app

  • Humberto81
    26/03/23 11:51

    how do you make clothes?

  • Rafael54
    26/03/23 11:51

    I wonder that too

  • Kaori47
    24/03/23 11:43

    Third mission: buy 20 looks of the day

  • Nadine64
    24/03/23 03:41

    Goodbye diamonds 😅 thank you

  • Gordon42
    24/03/23 03:40

    But in 20 continuous days?!?!

  • Nadine64
    24/03/23 10:14

    Good evening, have you found other secret missions?

  • Rita68
    24/03/23 09:54

    The game hasn't loaded for a few days. Does this happen to anyone else?

  • Nadine64
    24/03/23 08:05

    It's hard for me too

  • Rita68
    26/03/23 01:41

    It just won't start for me 😨

  • Otto64
    02/03/23 10:16

    What is the criteria for the two looks with the same pattern quest in the springtime challenge?

  • Yumi56
    08/02/23 11:22

    "Is there a way to get the gem bundle or pocket in Pocket Styler for free?"

  • Edouard82
    25/03/23 09:40

    Hello if you complete the daily quest consisting of 5 tasks you receive a gift bag

  • Cristobal34
    31/01/23 10:06

    "Is there a way to get the bundle of gems and pocket of gems for free in Pocket Styler?"

  • Lee96
    29/01/23 04:55

    I don't understand how I can do the quests called Natural Beauty, remove makeup.. where is it?

  • Edouard82
    25/03/23 09:41

    Hello when you click on a lipstick click on it again and it removes it do the same for the eyes and that's it without makeup

  • Bill81
    04/09/22 09:43

    The player named Jazz stole the looks from Lina Lily. Poor you

  • Yumi29
    11/08/22 03:20

    Comment on propose un look pour la cours int

  • Chantal73
    04/08/22 11:33

    Je n

  • Tomas99
    05/08/22 01:53

    Tu d

  • Richard39
    08/08/22 11:42


  • Henri87
    07/06/22 08:21

    No mi fa entrare nel gioco, succede spesso!

  • Richard65
    15/05/22 01:47

    A cosa mi servono tanti soldi se ci sono articoli da acquistare solo con i diamanti ?

  • Bertha23
    27/03/22 05:34

    Bonsoir, comment enlever le maquillage et rouge

  • Nicholas41
    20/03/22 07:49

    Les derniers jours de saison comment

  • Leslie25
    11/03/22 07:19

    Comment participer au jeu sans maquillage ?

  • Beryl52
    29/04/22 05:47

    j ai pas trouv

  • Grace55
    20/03/22 02:57

    Comment participer au jeu sans maquillage ?

  • Yumi27
    06/03/22 03:25

    Exijo que me devuelvas mis gemas mi perfume mis boletos mi maquillaje un v

  • Yumi27
    06/03/22 03:22

    Vous avez pris plus que 2000 pierres pr

  • Miyako73
    27/02/22 10:14

    Qu'elle est la tenue festive pour recevoir la badge c'est la f

  • Isidore27
    19/02/22 06:41

    How can I get trending bonus?

  • Bertha24
    15/02/22 05:24

    Comment participer aux duels?

  • Patty68
    29/03/22 10:26


  • Naoko36
    16/02/22 08:45


  • Ana11
    15/02/22 07:01

    Non riesco a capire come come avere maggiore visibilit

  • Patty88
    07/02/22 11:43

    Comment avoir une tenue festive complete ?

  • Patty10
    13/01/22 11:31

    Come si pu

  • Michiyo46
    24/12/21 12:22

    Peut on trouver quelqu

  • Chris14
    15/01/22 09:35

    Oui si tu connectes ton Facebook au jeu

  • Humberto59
    22/12/21 08:13

    Comment jouer ?

  • Humberto59
    22/12/21 08:10


  • Wilma37
    31/10/21 02:44

    Come si fa a soddisfare la richiesta di "bellezza naturale"?

  • Vince86
    05/10/21 11:52

    No make up

  • Lee28
    17/09/21 10:27

    Comment faire un look sans maquillage

  • Bret73
    07/11/21 10:08

    Au m

  • Chris14
    15/01/22 09:37

    Svp comment supprimer un look dans la liste ?

  • Lee28
    17/09/21 01:25

    Comment faire pour r

  • Lee28
    17/09/21 01:24

    Sans maquillage

  • Omar90
    28/08/21 11:46

    How do I participate in duels?

  • Omar90
    28/08/21 11:45

    Come si fa a partecipare ai duelli?

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