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  • Bill47
    19/05/24 11:26

    My boxer is called Diddy....I challenge anyone...come find me

  • Juan31
    01/07/23 05:37


  • Etsuko11
    14/04/23 12:56

    Hey lets play! Username doyski here!

  • Leslie98
    30/01/23 10:32

    Is there a way to get the Boxing Club Subscription 1 W for free in Real Boxing 2?

  • Emily57
    21/01/23 10:26

    Hello my gear is full it’s the polar rage and got from everything 140. Wy is see lot off people with more the 300 on the strength or somthing else. I think a got the best gear or do I need somthing else? My xp is 124000

  • Paloma13
    05/08/23 07:41

    lol i dunno too, but i beat em up most of the time

  • Lorenzo59
    15/12/22 08:10

    ¿Es posible añadir amigos y jugar contra ellos? La opción está pero nunca pudimos agregarnos mutuamente con mis amigos. Es un error del juego al parecer. Existe solución?
    Hay algo que se pueda hacer al llegar al 140 en todas las estadísticas para seguir usando la experiencia que se sigue acumulando? O ya se vuelve inútil? No se puede seguir subiendo más el PJ?

  • Sebastien96
    07/08/22 11:53

    Bonjour j ai gagn

  • Mieko56
    28/07/22 05:30

    Anybody fight against the tan Boxer48? That is me. I don't have the best record 2802 wins and 105 losses in online fights, but most of my losses came in the beginning when I was still learning. Now I don't even lose. The only problem with the online fights is that you have to play all day to get on the top of the ranking. I won two of the intercontinental and got second in the global. I would have gotten first in global but this guy boxer155 somehow was getting thousands of points in a very

  • Bill47
    19/05/24 11:27

    You've not fought me yet

    Diddy is the name, giving a beating is my game

  • Mieko56
    28/07/22 05:32

    short time. But I beat him every time, so something was fishy there.

  • Frances95
    07/08/22 04:07

    Yeah, this boxer155 point absolutely didn"t make any sense.

  • Lisa18
    27/04/22 09:02

    @Vicky43 800 wins and 25 losses? That's not a good W/L ratio. I'm 5900 wins with only 18 losses. I'm Sjw187 aka the Anqueerfa annihilator, see me at the top of the Global Rankings always! I put in work, I got receipts.

  • Earl89
    29/07/22 05:21

    I fought someone named sjw187 and gave them two more losses. I am Boxer48.

  • Lisa18
    27/04/22 08:49

    @TJ Montana if your name is TJ Combo in the game then you're capping because I'm like 50-0 against you in Online Fights. I do appreciate you taking all 3 of your knockdowns like a man each time we fight, not like these other fighters who dip after being floored in the first 7 seconds of the first round.

  • Lisa18
    27/04/22 08:36

    @Iris46 I challenge you, look me up Sjw187. I'll be your Huckleberry, I'll give you that clean KO loss you crave. Holla at cha boy!

  • Gabielle71
    27/04/22 07:15

    Sjw187 aka the liberal killer, GOAT of Real Boxing 2, jump if you're feeling froggy. 3669 W - 5 L - 1 D is my online fights record (of course those L's came by the game crashing). 5848 W - 18 L - 2 D - 5777 KOs. I go in for the kill! No one can beat me in this game. Online fights is more challenging than Tournaments but I'm still slaying everybody.

  • Miyako54
    05/01/22 06:21

    My name is TJ Montana and I can

  • Lisa18
    27/04/22 10:30

    Hi TJ Montana, I'm Sjw187. Let's make it happen.

  • Vicky43
    02/12/21 01:49

    I have 800 wins and 25 losses and the 25 losses have all come from the game crashing.. the people I verse in tournaments seem like the same difficulty as bots and Ive always got higher stats (I

  • Iris46
    10/10/20 10:46

    So since I came back to this game I can’t get people to stay in past the first time I knock them down. They aren’t willing to pay diamonds to get up and leave. Isn’t there anyone left who can beat me in this game?

  • Iris46
    10/10/20 10:44

    I guarantee I can😁👍

  • Iris46
    23/07/20 01:03

    I garuntee no one can beat me in real boxing 2

  • Lisa18
    27/04/22 10:22

    I know this is from 2020 but have you played in 2022? I'm pretty sure Sjw187 would put you to sleep.

  • Iris46
    04/06/20 04:23

    All of a sudden, I believe with the new update, I can’t level up any more... can’t use my xp points or anything. What happened?!

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