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Connected as Lorenzo32 (Change)
  • Karen80
    28/10/23 06:20

    My game was freezing, so I removed the app, and then re-downloaded - But, when I did this, it took me back to the beginning level, and I lost all my progress, coins, and extras.
    Also, I don’t remember how I first accessed the game, whether through Apple, Facebook or as a guest.
    Any suggestions out there?

  • Rebekah58
    06/10/23 04:21

    In the new update sometimes one tile will turn to a black background and not match when you touch it leaving one tile unmatched at the end of the game. How do you avoid this?

  • Rebekah73
    29/03/23 09:56

    I don't have matching tiles at the end of my game so the app crashed. How can I start a whole new game?

  • William27
    01/02/23 02:12

    Why are my tiles on top of each other. When this happens the game freezes and I have to restart my samsung phone. Help please!

  • Chris68
    30/01/23 04:11

    How can I get the Daily Deals Pack and GOLD PIG for free in Tile Connect - Classic Match?

  • Franklin84
    19/02/22 06:20


  • Bret39
    20/01/22 09:01

    The adds are way too long. Sometimes I have to go from one add to another before I can finally get the next game. Very frustrating. I

  • Franklin84
    19/02/22 06:23

    I sent them the same message, they don

  • Jose25
    08/08/21 05:14

    Cochon d or

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