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  • Isaac59
    26/12/23 09:44

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  • Paloma35
    23/12/23 12:09

    Good for wasting time but nothing new after the cassettes and I rarely get the daily reward for collecting a certain card. It gets checked off but I rarely get to claim the pineapples, strawberries, etc. that are part of the seasonal chain.

  • Lorenzo22
    29/11/23 05:46

    What are the bombs for

  • Erika40
    21/11/23 06:29

    How to upgrade collectors

  • Marco38
    20/10/23 04:20

    My OCD/Autistic self loves to sort the colours, and do for hours. The only issue I have is what is the object? How am I supposed to play?

  • Nadine61
    05/10/23 06:35

    How do you unlock new decks? This is one of the requirements for the weekly quest. (I’ve opened up the cassettes.)

  • Kaori43
    10/09/23 06:18

    What are the pineapples for?

  • Dolly91
    01/09/23 03:00

    How do I get to level 10? I've made 100% in first 9 levels.

  • Danielle81
    09/12/23 03:59

    Very disappointing. I saw levels above Novice but have no idea how to access them.

  • Joyce11
    19/09/23 08:03

    I'm wondering the same thing. I'm playing challenges now to see if that helps to unlock a 10th level. Fingers crossed

  • Wilfred83
    08/11/23 04:14

    Nothing changes. I finished all the quests, no tenth level, nothing. Big disappointment

  • Michael61
    17/11/23 07:18

    How many quests are there?

  • Wilfred83
    08/11/23 04:17

    I made it to level 3500, no new challenges. Unfinished product

  • Gert39
    01/09/23 01:05

    How do you collect upgraded collectors

  • Franklin55
    24/08/23 12:26

    When you stack the cards to a certain size it shrinks down, do you lose cards or does it still cash in with those cards still counted?

  • Noel34
    22/09/23 09:09

    You lose those cards

  • Josephine51
    23/08/23 03:28

    How to get chests faster?

  • Richard39
    17/08/23 09:45

    I like to press the deal button a couple of times before playing but I noticed the piles drop down if to high, do you lose the cards that were already there?

  • Fabian79
    18/12/23 11:29


  • Joyce11
    19/09/23 08:00

    I do the same. It only condenses the stacks.

  • Kumiko72
    14/08/23 04:44

    On the daily challenge, can you only collect that card type or are you going for colors? Sincerely frustrated and confused

  • Mieko66
    12/08/23 06:14

    I wish someone would tell us if there is life beyond the Cassette Tapes level. I've been on this level forever now. I'm past 1,000 on challenges....I was hoping a new board would open at 1,000.....but alas.

    In my I have the "Unlock 14 Decks" and I'm at 7%, so I feel as if there must be more levels. I wish I knew what it took to unlock them though.

  • Shary12
    17/11/23 04:42

    me too

  • Jeanne74
    23/08/23 08:50

    Looks like there are no more levels after the cassette tapes as there are no more dots, very frustrating as I love the game but boring when you can’t really progress

  • Josephine18
    02/09/23 05:06

    Yep also stopped playing as it’s boring when you can’t progress. It’s a shame as I would have just kept playing otherwise!

  • Rita62
    19/08/23 04:38

    Have you “opened” each of the available spots (decks) on each level? Perhaps there are 14 throughout all levels that you haven’t unlocked?

  • Miyuki57
    15/08/23 04:32

    Me too

  • Mieko66
    12/08/23 06:11

    Am I the only person that isn't getting the correct amount of money added to my game after each game? My money literally will not go over 2142.58M.

    I don't know how you guys play the game, but I like starting with a LOT of cards. I do five deals before starting each sorting. So when the sliding bonus pops up, I've earned upwards of 280,000,000M BEFORE doubling (or whichever bonus I land on).

    Not only do I NOT get the money I've earned, but it sometimes takes the money OUT IF MY BANK. It's crazy.

  • Virginie78
    12/08/23 03:08

    Help, cannot unlock other levels after standard. Have enough coins. Is there some glitch?

  • Mieko66
    12/08/23 06:03

    Have you unlocked every block on the standard board? You can't move to the next level until each block is in use. Below the word & deck STANDARD, it must say 100% completed in order to move on. If it's at 100% and still not letting you open the next board, I have no idea (since you said you have enough money to do so).

  • Arlene23
    09/08/23 03:35

    How do you win a game

  • Mieko66
    09/08/23 05:34

    What is the point of the pineapples?!? I've been on the cassette tapes level forever it seems. I'm on challenge level 840, but I've never figured out what the pineapples HELP!

  • Rita62
    19/08/23 04:41

    I believe the pineapples unlock the prizes in the Season tab.

  • Van45
    02/08/23 07:41

    What is the purpose of the bombs? I know they remove a pile, but there are no points or diamonds earned. Seems like there is no point in using them.

  • Valerie69
    06/08/23 08:58

    I use them towards the end of level on the baby stacks that aren’t countable just for getting pineapples in the quest. But yeah, it’s hard not getting coins for those.

  • Bertha87
    31/07/23 04:57

    How to spin lucky wheel in weekly quest?

  • Valerie69
    06/08/23 08:57

    That’s the one thing I can’t seem to find either… help anyone?

  • Valerie69
    09/08/23 12:00

    Ok, with the new level released, it seems the quests are actually counting the spins of the wheel at the half meter now thankfully.

  • Rita85
    28/07/23 08:32

    What are toy block and star cards?

  • Frances79
    23/07/23 04:18

    How do you unlock the Challenge levels?

  • Larry49
    30/07/23 03:25

    When on the home page look at the bottom of your screen there are 4 options to choose from, pick the second one from the left, there are your challenge levels. Be ready to show your speed, good luck!!

  • Nana96
    08/07/23 10:00

    How do you make progress towards the next level. I move the cards around but no progress is made towards the next level.

  • Rita62
    19/08/23 04:43

    Once you’ve sorted, are you then dragging them to the bottom spot(s) so they go away? Do that enough and it progresses to next level.

  • Aki46
    12/07/23 02:17

    You have to buy the additional spots

  • Aki46
    21/06/23 04:01

    How do you unlock diamond? I have 100% on standard and the required coins.

  • Larry49
    30/07/23 03:27

    On the home screen where you tap to enter the regular cards put your finger on the card and scroll left there you will see new levels to conquer, good luck!

  • Omar13
    24/06/23 08:42

    I'm in the same boat. Getting bored.

  • Katrina17
    19/06/23 09:46

    How do you earn gems faster? 13 at a time is ridiculous.

  • Aki46
    21/06/23 04:10

    Play the challenge levels

  • Shary54
    15/06/23 09:44

    Are there only 245 challenge levels? Any decks after the doughnuts?

  • Mieko66
    09/08/23 05:30

    No. I'm on challenge level 840.

  • Mieko66
    09/08/23 05:27

    There are cassette tapes after the doughnuts. I'm trying to figure out if there's anything past them.

    From what I can tell, you have to work a lot of challenge puzzles to make the next level open. I was bored with the doughnuts, so I was just doing challenges and suddenly I have cassette tapes in the challenge. I went back to the regular board and I indeed had a new level.

  • Rita85
    28/07/23 08:31

    What are the donuts?

  • Earl53
    23/06/23 04:48


    Did you pass 245 level? How? Thanks

  • Etsuko15
    19/06/23 01:32

    We are on level 7719!

  • Aki28
    04/06/23 09:09

    Что после 245 челенжа??? на 245 остановилось и все,что сделать???

  • Kate90
    21/05/23 01:36

    how to i unlock the level next to standard "diamond"

  • Virginie78
    12/08/23 03:09

    I’m in the same situation, have enough coins but cannot unlock.

  • Henri82
    28/05/23 08:24

    Have your screen on diamonds and press play

  • Michelle93
    08/07/23 09:40

    I can't unlock any decks aside from "standard", which already had a playbutton when I installed the game. How do I get the diamond deck to show a playbutton? Thanks.

  • Bertha64
    30/07/23 09:43

    I also have this question. I've completed 100% and collected all of the colors for all of the decks but it's still saying "unlock" instead of "play". is there something we're missing or is it a glitch?

  • Mieko66
    09/08/23 05:29

    Do you have enough coins to unlock it? That's the only thing I can think of....

  • Beryl83
    12/05/23 07:44

    Newbie here. What does it take to complete a level? I’m stuck at 96% for two weeks now. I play for hours at a time.

  • Joyce11
    19/09/23 07:58

    I was "stuck" at 96% on several levels. If you keep playing it will eventually go to 100%. I never buy anything.

  • Shary54
    15/06/23 09:43

    You have to “buy” all the spaces on the board to get to 100%

  • Rose64
    08/05/23 09:06

    Any idea how to pass challenge 73??

  • Rita65
    27/04/23 07:29

    What's up with challenge 73? Do you have to keep trying until you actually get a solvable level? Or they all unsolvable?

  • Miwa85
    27/04/23 04:57

    Challenger 73

  • Philippe60
    27/04/23 04:54

    Challenge 73

  • Paloma12
    26/04/23 07:20

    Can we skip challenges? 73 is impossible

  • Walter72
    25/04/23 05:59

    Challenge 73 impossible to beat

  • Chantal58
    26/04/23 12:24

    Me too

  • Oscar61
    25/04/23 05:13

    Challenge 73 has 4 piles and 6 colours. Please fix.

  • Karl65
    22/04/23 03:23

    Challenge 73 only has 4 piles with no free space. Impossible to win. Help

  • Mieko66
    09/08/23 05:32

    Sorry, I can't go back to that level to look. I've not had any issues with any of the challenges so I can't help you other than encourage you to keep trying. I'm on level 840. YOU GUYS CAN SO IT!!!!

  • Mieko66
    09/08/23 05:32

    CAN *DO* IT!

  • Karen22
    25/04/23 06:23

    Me too

  • Nana47
    23/04/23 04:23

    I’m stuck on this one too

  • Erika29
    23/04/23 10:38

    Me too

  • Otto31
    24/04/23 03:44


  • Charley33
    24/04/23 04:51

    Me too

  • Walter58
    15/05/23 12:14

    It allowed me to pass by making 3 complete stacks

  • Ivan34
    22/04/23 12:44

    Can you earn diamonds through the Quests? Do you have to purchase more?

  • Ivan34
    22/04/23 12:45

    EDIT: Can you **only earn diamonds through the Quests?

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