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  • Omar38
    28/01/24 12:50

    Porque no modo DOMINAÇÃO, minha equipe tem 16.000 pontos, 8 pontos de controle conquistados 14 aviões abatidos, perde para 12.000 pontos, 7 pontos, e 11 aviões abatidos?????
    Isso é constante.

  • Karen19
    05/12/23 01:18

    I hate that they switched to blueprints and I’m frustrated with what seems like after winning a couple battles that my planes are sabotaged and clearly being altered to give me a disadvantage. Lag time is increased meaning death. Planes are rendered slow to respond to . Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Kumiko57
    15/09/23 07:43

    What are the tokens for?

  • Shary32
    25/06/23 05:36

    How does the scoring relate to determining the winning team?

  • Karen19
    05/12/23 01:20

    Good question. I submitted a ticket asking that same question. No reply.

  • Bonnie75
    10/02/23 08:59

    Is there any way to get Credits for free in Wings of Heroes?

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