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  • Wendy79
    16/01/24 12:13

    I am moving from Thailand to USA Next week. I have a thai phone now (i am american), when i buy usa phone will i lose my brilliance helps rockets, coins?

  • Ayumi30
    11/12/23 04:24

    First week of winter season tournament. How can a player already have the second crown?

  • Irene26
    24/08/23 11:08

    Looking for active team members on ‘TheWieldingWord’ team! Newly created team for new or experienced players!

  • Pablo34
    09/07/23 01:22

    Looking for members on team "zozo bozo" we only have 3 but already are winning against some 50 player teams

  • Nicholas15
    08/07/23 02:27

    Hi we’re looking for members. “Quiet Storm” with the gold lightning ⚡️ logo

    Please join us regular helps 😎

  • Fabian72
    26/06/23 08:44

    UnitedWarriors is looking for new teammates. If you have a brilliance of 50.000 and can score minimum 500 points in weekend tournaments and like a chat feel free to join us

  • William10
    23/06/23 04:29

    Just got a new phone and want to transfer my progress onto it but there is no login - can anyone help please? Thanks

  • Katrina81
    30/05/23 03:54

    looking for competitive team players! new team please check out Apex Predators! :)

  • Kate42
    19/05/23 10:46

    New team! A fun, competitive, friendly and helpful team. Come check us out! INTENSE

  • Sally64
    17/05/23 01:57


    A fun, competitive, friendly and helpful team. Come check us out!

    💥300 min.
    💥500 min. - syncs/rumbles

    *Delayed Start
    *Chat ON
    *RL comes first
    *Weekly team report
    *Slack group page
    *5k brilliance to join

  • Sally64
    10/05/23 01:06

    Not sure if I can recruit here. Jmp'gJellyBeans is looking for players to join their new team.

  • Isidore71
    03/04/23 05:34

    What’s the red heart gems all about?

  • Youko35
    09/03/23 04:17

    Hello! For the past three weeks I have not had any portrait events. Any idea why that might be happening? I can still do tournaments on the weekend but no other events have happened in a while. I have not updated the program since I installed it on November. Could that be the issue? But someone said there are in-game ad breaks now - is that new? I am not getting those and don't want to!
    Thanks for any help you can give!

  • Hanna27
    22/02/23 03:06

    This new "ad break" in the middle of a puzzle is ridiculous! Ads between puzzles is irritating enough. I Will not play as much and its really the only phone app I play. Sad.

  • Ernesto92
    30/01/23 10:34

    Is there a way to get Coins for free in Wordscapes?

  • Youko35
    09/03/23 04:19

    Yes. They give you an option to watch videos and do surveys. I think the easiest way to get coins is to play the daily game.

  • Juan51
    13/12/22 10:02

    Why did you increase the number of rounds required to earn a butterfly?! It takes forever now.

  • Barry55
    09/10/22 06:37

    There is something wrong with the chat feature. You can only type one-line chats

  • Reina51
    07/10/22 11:02

    The game is crashing and support said it's because I'm running a older version of Android 7.1. Is this true.?

  • Vicky44
    17/08/22 09:44

    Have the developers given any thought to awarding credits in the week-end tournament to teams with the most inter-team helps during the weekend or for the week prior? Fostering awards for team building on top of team point totals could only grow the game

  • Bill25
    01/08/22 07:23

    I am referencing Wordscapes search. Does the game ever have any contest except Din-O-Mite and Echos of Atlantis? I completed those long ago and receiving

  • Emi96
    17/06/22 05:28

    How is it possible that some players have already reached crown levels over 170 when only 2 weekends have passed and therefore 100 points maximum?

  • Isabel53
    06/06/22 04:11

    Upgraded my phone, game apparently does not transfer coins, rockets, targets, etc. Level and brilliance transferred okay. No help from Wordscapes tech support. In help section brief note that indicates these three functions are on the phone in use and can't be transferred. Really??? Anyone else have this issue???

  • Teresa39
    06/06/22 01:46

    When my Kindle died & I got new one I lost 20K coins along with everything else. I contacted tech support and they reinstated my coins & brilliance. Then I had another problem and had to delete and reinstall the game. Lost everything again and got no response from them.

  • Junko92
    06/07/22 06:27

    You can save your game if you logon with fb, then restore it on a new device. It's the only thing I use fb for.

  • Odette24
    14/05/22 06:51

    cont'd......me and several other players with 5th place on down. Makes me want to just say screw this!! Why would you have top players competing with competent but time constrained people or people of moderate capability with seasoned players?
    My logic is this:
    High school athletes should not have to compete with college or professional athletes nor would you expect Special Olympic players to compete with the regular Olympics. .
    If Wordscape won't rectify this inequity, then I

  • Odette24
    14/05/22 06:47

    I generally enter tournaments late Saturday night to avoid most of the over achievers, as group assignments seems to be centered on when you get in.. I try to limit my playing time as I have plenty of other things to occupy myself(like putting up a new building). I find it extremely
    frustrating to play into the wee hours, and be in first place, only to have someone (usually about 3-4 players with far advanced crowns, come I. and take all the top prizes, leaving me and several other playe

  • Teresa39
    06/06/22 01:42

    happens all the time to players on my team. We think they are bots as they can get so many points in such a short time. Same for team play, some teams must be bots because we often win with 40k-60k but sometimes lose to a team that gets 160k. That doesn't seem doable for normal people playing!

  • Itoe30
    06/04/22 05:56

    So someone came onto our team and said that they need more players and tries to take ours how often does this happen? Sorry if this doesn

  • Barry55
    09/10/22 06:35

    Same thing happened to my team

  • Shary85
    15/03/22 10:41

    So frustrated! Sunday eve, 2 hours before the weekend tournament ended, I was in 1st place by 2300+ pts.
    An hour later, the 2nd place person, exceded my score by 1500 pts, which means they accumulated over 4800 pts in 1 hour! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?
    I played almost nonstop this weekend, as I was homebound.

    Please, someone explain to me how this can be???

  • Barry85
    05/04/22 06:34

    Several members of my team had the same experience. One player also had 171 players in his personal tourney

  • Kyle55
    09/01/22 07:47

    Bonus points in star rush mean nothing. Star rush is probably the most annoying thing created in word scapes. As of today I am done with Wordscapes.

  • Tanya22
    03/01/22 06:14

    Why are there no answers to any of these questions?

  • Sam60
    26/12/21 11:59

    How toget rid of star rush

  • Josephine30
    11/12/21 12:41

    I am currently on level 10328 with 470,062 brilliance and find no further challenge as the same word combinations are used repeatedly thereby removing the challenge of carrying on further.

  • Harvey24
    07/11/21 10:41

    I stoped playing the tournaments that time you. They take your points. I had saved a ton and lost half of them

  • Kyle37
    28/10/21 03:13

    Why is star rush given randomly to some players and not all players?

  • Teddy99
    04/10/21 07:59

    I accidentally left my team and I want to go back but I can't remember the exact name. I know the team leaders name. How do I go back??? HELP!!!

  • Noel76
    11/09/21 03:25

    In the past I

  • Sayuri21
    09/09/21 05:12

    I had to delete the Wordscapes app and reload it. My phone was running out of storage. My Wordscapes data was 47GB. Of course I lost all my coins, arrows and other rewards. Is there a way to offload major parts of the data? I love the game but not enough to eat up my phone storage and adversely affect its performance.

  • Bret72
    01/09/21 05:01

    A Wordscapes player joined our team and they have over 1 billion points. They don

  • Karl86
    21/03/22 04:53

    Probably a computer generated player

  • Isaac43
    29/06/21 07:17

    Scape City Appeal: Looking for Calicocollie and Jon. Sorry I missed you yesterday. The situation has been resolved and we

  • Isaac43
    29/06/21 07:14

    Scape City is actively seeking new members. We are a friendly team with an active chat forum. Tourney participation, chat checking and team helps are compulsory. 50,000 brilliance required. Come and check us out ?

  • Nicholas42
    18/05/21 03:11

    Deep State is recruiting. Friendly helpful team that is looking for active players. We score about 40k a week and looking to get to 50k or more. Only need 300 stars a weekend.

  • Rita42
    17/05/21 07:07

    God is Awesome is a team for Christians who actively play the game. We typically finish first in tournaments and currently have nine openings. 50000 brilliance is required and we ask that all members use the chat to communicate, contribute at least 500 points per tournament, and help us play as a team. Look us up if interested. God Bless!

  • Yumi55
    24/04/21 08:35

    I am so done with this game. For the 3rd time I am in the top 10 in the weekend tournament and I am locked out by a stupid Candy Crush ad that I cannot get rid of.

  • Michiyo53
    20/04/21 10:52

    Je n'arrive pas

  • Wilma91
    15/04/21 05:25

    I haven

  • Iris46
    21/03/21 11:50

    Dogmom updated the app 3/21 and lost game & all progress. Back to zero. Customer service says they can only restore my coins, not my progress on the game. Players beware!

  • Iris46
    21/03/21 12:44

    I haven

  • Iris46
    21/03/21 12:43

    Yes I can

  • Iris46
    20/03/21 03:45

    I can

  • Iris46
    21/02/21 10:32

    Why do people who already have the biggest crown feel the need to win over and over again. The only thing they accomplish is to have other people leave the game. I have over 7000 points, but Pack must have stayed up for the last 48+ hours to be able to be ahead. Lock out the people when they get the highest crown. This is no longer fun!!! Booksaver

  • Iris46
    09/12/20 10:21

    Unintentionally got in Marine expedition, how do I get out? lafaunsm@gmail.com

  • Iris46
    09/12/20 10:17

    Unintentionally got in marine expedition when playing wordscapes. How do I get out of marine expedition?

  • Iris46
    25/11/20 07:52

    Unintentially got into Marine Expedition. How do I get out of it?

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