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  • Nadine61
    02/03/24 04:18

    Hello I was trying to make a custom watch face on Zepp Watchface but every time I load the site (throughout the day), it would get stuck on "authorizing" and the link would end in "/unauthorized."

  • Naoko60
    25/01/24 10:53

    I want to cancel subscription but still be able to use my Amazfit

  • Nicholas24
    16/01/24 04:26

    My Zepp app has just downloaded, or uploaded, 4 GB of data without any warning or explanation. Has sth like this happened to anyone? Can anyone explain what happened? Should I be worried about my device security?

  • Virginie85
    01/02/23 01:41

    How can I get Zepp (formerly Amazfit) for free?

  • Ophelia54
    11/10/22 06:18

    I try to connect my Mi band 7 with the Zepp app (updated last version) but it stays saying try to update, after scanning QR of Mi band 7. Connecting through search devices doesn't succeed also.

    Is there any help for this issue?

  • Miyako90
    15/10/21 06:54

    How do you switch to mike calibration?

  • Miyako90
    15/10/21 06:53

    How do you switch from meters to mikes

  • Paloma27
    26/07/21 07:04

    How do you go back in the app to see results from previous days? No back button, swiping doesn't work, throwing it against the wall didn

  • Earl73
    11/07/21 07:37

    My Zepp app for my Amazfit Bip watch started out beautifully. Now suddenly after about two weeks it stopped registring/measuring activity heart rate (max/avg). Short of deleting and reinstalling the app on my iphone and doing a hard reset on my Amazfit Bip watch and losing all my data and starting at day 1 what options are left for me to enable to get the heart rate data back on track?

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