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Zepp (formerly Amazfit) app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Zepp (formerly Amazfit) app an average rating of 4.55 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 53.6K ratings since its release on May 24 by Huami. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Zepp (formerly Amazfit)?

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Rated 4.11 out of 5

53.6K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Zepp (formerly Amazfit)

Persian language

Hello, thank you for designing this application and your good products. Please add Persian language to the application. Good luck

Best app

This is the best app I just bought the amazfit balance and it works great best app ever so get the app get any watch you want that is amazfit and you will have the best time of your life

Love It!

I purchased my Amazefit fitness band because it was much less expensive than an Apple Watch and does not require a subscription service. The Zepp app has all the features I would want to track with a fitness band. The only issue I have is that I can’t pair my FitTrack scale to the app. If I could do that, I think I would give this a 5 star rating!

It was great until recently…

I have had watch with app for about one year with no issues. Now it will no longer sent notifications about calls or texts to my watch.


I have rly enjoyed the experience and how easy it was to pair devices. I will say that it was hard to re-pair my device after the app was accidentally deleted and downloaded. Other than that, I have no other complaints

Don’t like getting yelled at by the app

I don’t like the app going “come on” just because I didn’t sleep great the night before. Doesn’t sync well with my calendar for appointment reminders.


I think that it I helpful in seeing info without having to use your phone all the time and it’s easier and faster.


I am not too sure how accurate the step/mileage counter is. I completed a Leslie Sansone video that was 2 miles. Counter only shows a little over 1 mile.

County selection

Its by far the best app I’ve ever used with my smart watch , the only issue I'm facing now is country selection , for better analysis . I am living currently in Libya( AKA Libyan Arab Aljamahirya ) and this option isn't available to select . It would be appreciated if you can find a solution for this.

I wish there were more workout types and a way to input ur correct info

I’ve had my watch for almost 2 years now. I’m not really into high-tech but I like to track my workouts and overall health. This app is it! With that said, I am giving it 3/5 starts because unless I spend more money on a newer amazfit I do not have any workout options beyond walking, running, and cycling. Another frustration is it not only won’t give me the option for different workouts, I also can’t input new info or correct wrongly timed workouts. (As someone with ADHD I easily forget to

Works well.

All in all, the app works pretty well right now. I don’t love the fact that for the sleep graph, the app forces you horizontal when you go to full screen. The other gripe I have is that it updates AGPS every day. This takes way too long. I never use the GPS anyway, so it is a complete waste of time. Either update it every three days or give us an option to turn the AGPS updates off.

Weight training

Why no weight training or yoga specific tracking?

Exercise choice

There are only walking, running and cycling. I also do weights and yoga. Where can I find these extra tools?


3/16/2022 - 11/15/2022 alive 11/16/2022 not download

The last update

Since I used my Amazfit smartwatch with the app my sleep track was very good in the app but with the last update I can tell that the app doesn’t match my sleep as accurate as the old version. I hope that you fix the problem I am using Amazfit G47 global version

Sleep update

Please do something with sleep update. On watch is current state but the old record always remains on the phone.

Finally works OK

The latest update significantly slowed down the time it takes the app to sync data from the tracker to the app. Good news is the latest update didn’t actually break something else.

The Light of Shadow face

The face has a typo instead of Tuesday it says Thursday. More face choices would be cool.

Display settings

When I take something out of display in display settings it doesn’t let me take it out of hidden.

Good app

Really good app, just wish there were more watch face choices.

High tech

This is the best technology on my arm wrist i have ever had i will always upgrade on this watch whenever a new one is on market keep me updated please.


This app is an awesome app that goes great with the watch!😁

Great watch

I spend 5 days a week at the gym and love this watch. Watch is light and everything is easy to read. Wish it came with instructions to navigate through the watch instead of spending time trying to figure it out.


Is okay, new to me still learning

Love Zepp

So good 5 stars love it no glitch or anything love it👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

GPS Update

Decent app and watch - but the GPS nearly every time says it has to update and it’s taking longer and longer for the watch to find my location. Currently having issues synching data. Just seems slow and glitchy. But good for the price.


For the price can’t be beat. The only draw is the reason I purchased was heart rate and oxygen. Oxygen reading must reposition band above wrist. Very disappointed and wasn’t presented in any sales pitches:(

Easy to use and lightweight

Bought this to replace Fossil smart watch which needed charging every day. Now I charge every two weeks! Band is light enough to wear while sleeping. There are so many features at an amazing price. Check YouTube for great demo reviews. Yes face not easy to read in sunlight but my fossil was not either. Highly recommend.

Good App to check your health and body activity.

But we need to enter few health metrics manually which is lacking like Blood Pressure etc.

Tons of bugs

Mainly bugs with the watch faces section

Slow to update info

My watch/app appear not to be in sync updates show up 36/48 hours after actual date…not good😩

love it

Smashing App for sleep and exercise


Cool but missing the Alexa feature.

Great App!

I have Amazfit GTS 2 mini, and the app has been a huge help to see more detailed information on my sleep, workouts, etc. I just wish you were able to connect it to “MyFitnessPal”.

problem at set iphone x with watch!

iphone x can't find this watch! ofter update ios 15.5 ! why???

Pros & Cons

Pros- Overall the Amazfit Band is a great app it has everything you could want with a lot of customization options. The band is comfortable and touch-screen works well. Con- Battery life sucks… fifteen days advertised should be considered faults advertising one - two days is more like it

Chaotic organization

This app is hard to navigate and use due to nonsensical menus, icons, etc. User data is located in all manner of places, and is often accessed in completely unrelated segments of the app interface. Fitness tracking remains imprecise and not well suited to interval or speed training.

Great watch fir my running

With this watch I can control perfectly my running. Every thing for a runner is here, I love it

Good app

Really good app and easy to use.

Works for me.

Gives great information to help with your workout. Wish it would tie in with MyFitnessPal.

Mini GS2

I just bought a mini for myself and the T. rex pro for my husband. I’m not getting my texts on my watch which is a feature I’m counting on. I’ve made sure I gave the watch permission in the app but it’s still not working. I’m getting emails which I don’t care about, but not texts.

A bug

In iOS version, when i close the app Find phone will not working

Five star

It’s very nicely set up, every thing is easy to find. It also helps you track and get better at exercise and sleeping.

It’s great!

Love the app but more faces please!! Moving ones maybe?? Update: Still want this!

Great Running App!

Excellent app for the No-frills runner. GPS mapping with phone is accurate and easy to share. Simple setup, if I can do it, Anyone can.

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