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Company: Bram Bos

App Genre: Music

Ratings: 0.00

Version: 1.0.1

Released: Dec 05, 2022

Updated Dec 05, 2022

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Fluss - Granular Playground is a music app developed by Bram Bos and available for download on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store. This app is compatible with iOS 12 or later and requires 389MB of free space to be installed on your device.

Fluss for ios by bram bos and hainbach | wonderful granular playground | walkththrough and giveaway!

Tactile Granular Synthesizer

What is Fluss?

Fluss is a sonic playground designed by Bram Bos and Berlin-based musician Hainbach to let you explore granular synthesis in a hands-on way. The playful touch UI invites anything from live performance, experimentation to learning and mastering the granular concept.

Multiple plugins: Import, Record or Live Process
You can import your own WAVs (standalone & AUv3 Instrument plugin), Record audio (Record effect plugin) or live-process sound (Process effect plugin) to create anything from drones and granular echoes to moving microtonal audio textures.

Designed for touch: Kinetic Sliders
All sliders and XY pads are linked to a physics model which lets you flick and throw them around. Minimise the friction for endless bouncing motion, as an innovative substitute for traditional LFOs and modulation. There was never a better reason for using a touchscreen for music.

Shimmer Feedback effect
Like a shimmer reverb, except it feeds the processed audio back into the grain engine. This lets you create an endless loop of pitch-shifting spaciousness, turning even the simplest of sounds into massive woolly mammoths.

- 3 Voice grain engine, each with an independent playhead
- Filter inspired by the Oberheim Xpander, including its resonant Phase filter
- Kinetic sliders and pads for playful interaction with the sound
- Universal design (iPhone and iPad; iPad Air 2 or higher recommended)
- Custom scales, unquantised mode and even Scala-import for microtonal experiments
- Use WAVs, record audio or load the app as a live-processing audio effect
- Real world tested as an instrument in numerous live performances by Hainbach

Need help? Join our Fluss forum to get help, ask questions, and discuss the app with other users from all over the world.

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Fluss can also be downloaded from the following language pages:
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Download Fluss for PC (Windows/Mac Os)

To get the Fluss App on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide on using Bluestacks to install APK files on your computer. If you enjoyed the Fluss music app, then you'll also enjoy our list of apps like Fluss.

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Featured Reviews Fluss

Another Great 😊 Bram

Super fun makes a granular not so daunting. To the guy who reviewed saying you can’t sample just load it into a effects slot in AUM if that’s your choice like me. It can sample any auv3 app if loaded into effects and make sure to choose fluss recorder au. That’s all I got for now. Well worth the price imho ! Keep on keepin on guys!

Kinda bland,SpaceCraft is better tbh

Kinda a ripoff of the beautiful, elegant and amazing SpaceCraft iOS app. Fluss is UGLY , yet powerful. Definitely needs skins like a dark theme to inspire me to use it tbh .

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