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Company: Pearce Media Limited

Genre: Utilities

Ratings: 3

Version: 2.1.4

Downloads: 7

Updated Jan 14, 2021

HomeCam for HomeKit is an utilities app developed by Pearce Media Limited, and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 14.0 or later.

Homecam for #homekit app review

Live Camera Monitor

HomeCam is the only app to allow you to view multiple cameras live at once and control their surroundings.

Take action based on data layers such as temperature, humidity and air quality, controlling other HomeKit accessories to make your life healthier while viewing it live.

Featured on MacStories, 9to5Mac and iDownloadBlog.

“HomeCam is gaining one of the most impressive and useful implementations of Siri shortcuts I've seen on the platform yet.” - MacStories.

“Homecam is essential for HomeKit cameras like the and — not just for viewing playback on multiple streams at the same time...” - 9to5Mac.

• Siri Shortcuts
Now with Siri Shortcuts, you can simply ask Siri to show your cameras live. It's never been easier to glance at your home,

• Data Layers
Bring a camera into full screen mode and you can view layers of data from surrounding HomeKit accessories such as temperature, humidity and air quality. And with HomeCam 2, you can now choose which accessories to use for this data.

• Room Control
With the improved HomeKit controls, HomeCam 2 enables you to control surrounding accessories in the same room as your camera. Change the room's lighting, adjust your thermostat and more.

• Live View
With HomeCam, you can view all your HomeKit cameras live on one screen, not snapshots that lag behind the reality of what your cameras are seeing.

• Single Camera View
Bring a camera into full screen mode and you can use the speaker and microphone of the camera to communicate to others. Zoom in to see your camera's viewport closer up.

• Secure HomeCam with FaceID, TouchID or a Passcode
Keep those peering eyes off your cameras with support for securing HomeCam with your face, fingers or passcode.

• Apple Watch Support
With HomeCam, you can check your cameras live while on the go and use the speaker and microphone to communicate.

• Today Widget
Quickly glance at selected camera feeds live in a Today widget, providing a great way to keep track of those views important to you.

• iPad Support
HomeCam supports all iPads, allowing you to take advantage of your largest screens as viewports into your camera feeds. With keyboard shortcuts on iPad, you can quickly navigate HomeCam and see the views you need to.

• Apple TV Support
Buy once, get HomeCam on all your devices. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV all for one price.

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HomeCam for HomeKit is also available to download in the following countries: Spain

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Featured Reviews HomeCam for HomeKit


Best homekit camera viewer on iOS.

Reviewed in US on 11 June 2022

Best app. Wish homekit didn’t limit to viewing 2 live while on non-local wifi I don’t know what I would do without this app

Jay Be 2007

Love it!

Reviewed in US on 18 May 2022

Love this app, it’s sleek, simple, and just works. Would be 5 star if I could hide the camera names on the screens. It becomes crowded and blocks visibility as I add more cameras. I couldn’t find a setting to hide it.


Best homekit camera viewer.

Reviewed in US on 20 August 2021

Best app. Wish homekit didn’t limit to viewing 2 live while on non-local wifi


Great app

Reviewed in US on 10 June 2021

This is a great, useful app. The only issue I have is that I'd like to be able to mute individual cameras on the Mac app (and/or have a setting so that the sound defaults to off when you view an individual camera).


Amazing app.

Reviewed in US on 17 May 2021

Really wish it supported the new widget system. Not sure if that’s a system limitation. I know the old one was more powerful. But If doable that would be amazing even just screen shots that get updated ever so often would be amazing.

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