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25 Recent Reviews From the United States

Today Widget Rocks!

By Ash 2009

I recently replaced my Arlo cameras with Eufy and use HomeKit to view/manage my system. The HomeCam Today Widget has worked flawlessly so far and this feature makes HomeCam a no brainer. Instant access to live feeds for all my cameras makes the whole system much more usable and useful. This is one of those Apps that provides seamless and essential functionality that Apple did not include in HomeKit.

Perfect Apple TV app for HomeKit cams

By Phillysdon04

I'm using this for my Eufy and Nest cam that I connected via Homebridge. I love the autocycle feature so now I need more cameras for outside. I know there's a auto reconnect feature but I wish I could manually reconnect also without closing and reopening the app. This is still better than the default Home app when it comes to cameras on the Apple TV.

Best homekit camera viewer on iOS.

By i<3miabear

Best app. Wish homekit didn’t limit to viewing 2 live while on non-local wifi I don’t know what I would do without this app

Love it!

By Jay Be 2007

Love this app, it’s sleek, simple, and just works. Would be 5 star if I could hide the camera names on the screens. It becomes crowded and blocks visibility as I add more cameras. I couldn’t find a setting to hide it.

Best homekit camera viewer.

By i<3miabear

Best app. Wish homekit didn’t limit to viewing 2 live while on non-local wifi

Great app

By devnullpenguin

This is a great, useful app. The only issue I have is that I'd like to be able to mute individual cameras on the Mac app (and/or have a setting so that the sound defaults to off when you view an individual camera).

Amazing app.

By brianminor

Really wish it supported the new widget system. Not sure if that’s a system limitation. I know the old one was more powerful. But If doable that would be amazing even just screen shots that get updated ever so often would be amazing.

Apple could learn a few things from this app

By Wm.

Cant fathom why this functionality is not built into the Home app. Would be nice if this app also worked with RTSP cameras. Have to check to see if this has been cross compiled for the Mac, fingers crossed!

Great app. Allows me to watch on my Apple TV

By Taylorwb

Dev responds quick if you have questions. Solid app

Flawless for Apple TV

By Richie510

Not terribly useful for iOS, unless you are dedicating an iPad to use this app, but this is amazing for Apple TV. Makes my baby monitor camera much more useful.


By Ilaraone

Just what I was looking for to view all my cameras on my iPhone and Apple TV

Good app, BUT....

By La Orlando

I have 4 cameras and the live view works perfectly while on WiFi on all 4 cameras. While I am on celular data, I can only view live stream on 2 of the 4 cameras.

No sound on apple tv

By Felipetoledoj

Am i doing something wrong? Using arlo baby cam and i get sound on the phone but not on the tv

Great app and bundle

By FunkyFamily

So glad I found this app! Great for viewing HomeKit cameras on watch or phone. Couldn’t be happier!

Needs work

By msh0271

Nice price. Love the Apple TV app since Arlo went belly up. BUT, on the Arlo Ultras it is cutting all the spotlights on when I open the app on Apple TV. Thats the only reason for 3 stars. Hopefully a fix soon.

Better than Arlo app

By MrBlanston

Connects faster, has Watch support. Great product.


By Jshulmancloud

Nice. One thing- wish it would remember the last settings for cycling through cameras so only a single push of the play button can start cycling i stead of selecting every time

Doesn’t work great with eufycam2

By psctt

Hopefully more support will come on both Anker and App side.

Doesn’t work on 2017 iPad Pro 12.9

By samoyedprincess

A granted HomeKit access and can view my camera in Home app but it continues to prompt me. This app works on all my other iOS devices but not this iPad.

AppleTV app infuriating

By frjps

I keep changing the order of the cameras but they don’t stick.

Camera live

By jarieljomar

I can see just one camera live the other one's said trouble connecting, but I can see the other one's home in the home app.

Would be cool if it worked

By App gods

I got this for the today view widget but when I view the multiple cameras I set up, they almost always show the wrong camera and most often the same camera shows up on all the streams. Hopefully they get this bug fixed.

New update has more live feed delay than old version

By Npollon

I loved the quick live feed of the older version. Things would move almost real time. The new version has noticeable jerky movement delay that misses things? What happened?

Not happy

By Vic.18

Barely works on iOS app and tvOS app doesn’t work at all. Worst 5 beans I’ve ever spent.

Video freezes after a while

By arashparnia

I use this for baby cam and after 10 minute the video is not live anymore. There are no indication that the video has stopped.

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