Limbus Company - A Vicious Sin-resonating RPG

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Company: Project Moon Co., Ltd.

App Genre: Strategy

Latest Version: 1.0.0

Released: Feb 27, 2023

Updated Feb 27, 2023

Ratings: 0.00

Downloads: 58

Download Limbus Company, a strategy game app developed by Project Moon Co., Ltd., available across iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This free app requires 1GB of free space and iOS 11.0 or later to install.

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What is Limbus Company?

▶ A Combination of Turn-based RPG and Realtime Brawl

Each turn results in a display of exhilarating action.
In the combat phase, units on both sides will act simultaneously.
During the scramble, characters targeting each other may Clash.
The outcome of a Clash depends on the strength of their opposing skills and a sprinkle of luck; the winner can shut down the loser's skill.
Ensure you use the right skills to win Clashes.

▶ Single-handed Skirmishing

Connect skill icons across the grid, and your units will take action according to your commands.
Chaining skills of the same color allows you to deal greater damage.
Using simple and practical controls, watch as the Sinners dance to your tempo.

▶ Create Diverse Strategies with Identities and E.G.O

Form teams of Identities and equip them with an arsenal of E.G.O that will create powerful synergies.
Your foes come armed with a variety of Affinity-based attacks and tricky effects.
In particular, Abnormalities are formidable foes that may prove to be considerable challenges.
Learn their behavior and weaknesses, and compose the right team to eventually conquer them.

▶ Immerse Yourself in the World of Project Moon

From the creators of Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, another tale set in the same, unique world unfolds.
In this massive dystopian metropolis, you will embark on a journey to find Golden Boughs with a cast of 12 Sinners.
Enjoy a gripping story and the series of events that await.
All dialogue in the main story comes fully voiced in Korean.

Best of luck, Dear Manager.

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▶ Account Linkage & Cross-platform Integration
User game profiles, including guest profiles, can be linked to an external (Apple/Google) account of choice. For Steam versions, the profile is automatically linked to the user's Steam account when launching the game. Profiles that have already been linked can integrate multiple external accounts.

Subscription deals, coupons, and add-on discounts:

Promo codes are currently inactive, but you can enhance your Limbus Company experience by adding items such as:

  • Limbus Pass
  • Lunacy Crate
  • Lunacy Hoard
  • Monthly Extraction Pack
  • Monthly Lunacy Batch

and more can be found through in-app purchases in the app.

Need help? Join our Limbus Company forum to get help, ask questions, and discuss the app with other users from all over the world.

Download Limbus Company


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Download Limbus Company on PC (Windows and Mac):

To install the Limbus Company app on your PC (Windows 10/8/7), follow our guide using Bluestacks to download the APK file to your computer. If you enjoyed the Limbus Company strategy app, check out our list of apps like Limbus Company.

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Featured Reviews Limbus Company


半颗星就是这么扣的,虽然project moon还只是个小公司,拿不到中国🇨🇳的版号很正常,但是我们中国🇨🇳的人们还是非常期待这个游戏的!!!而现在一些外语不太好的中国玩家还在对着做了翻译的人的视频玩!(比如我aaa)另外半颗星是因为闪退!完全没法玩!一开始战斗就闪退!我已经把所有画面设置都调到最低了还是闪退aaaaaaa!(希望月亮计划永远不死,爱来自中国🇨🇳😽👏

I like this game but…

I like this game very much, but sometimes this game kick me out in the middle of a battle, this happen to me a lot of times, that’s the only thing I hate about this game, it’s frustrating to almost win a battle and suddenly the game close, it’s just frustrating.

Love the game but come on this is not a phone game

This game is amazing, graphic is good, plot is good, music is good, mechanic is good, but come on, this game is not optimized on the iPhone, it flash quit all the time in the middle of the battle, it is the most annoying thing ever. If u want to experience the game, I would recommend u do it on steam on a computer if u can, is free there too, and it is a much better experiences

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