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Limbus Company app recently received 22 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Limbus Company app an average rating of 4.60 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 428 ratings since its release on Feb 23 by Project Moon. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Limbus Company?

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Rated 4.59 out of 5

428 global ratings

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22 Positive User Reviews for Limbus Company

Nothing short of perfection

I’ve started Limbus during summer thanks to one of my project moon addicted friends, i could say that experience was one of the best during those time of summer. Storyline is incredible, mechanics are very unique, despite being gacha it’s still very f2p friendly. Ontop, i may have gotten a little addicted (100+ hours)



good game

yisang my beloved

I like it, however

I’m soft locked after the tutorial due to there being nothing but a black screen and the bottom ui (the extraction button and ect) being the only thing showing I can hear everything but that’s the only thing I see besides darkness

Really great story

I’ve fallen in love with this game so much that it made me go play PM’s other games.

Adore Project Moon’s world

I’m glad I downloaded Limbus, because I ended up getting into Library of Ruina, their second game, and LobCorp, their first game. the game is fun, art is good, gameplay has reasonable amounts of thinking involved the story is the main highlight, along with the characters. they’re filled with PM’s whimsy and cruelty, making them so interesting and unique TLDR: limbus is a good game and I love the PM series

Can’t Link Accounts

The game itself is great, I don’t have any complaints, but I’m not able to put my computer account on my phone. I looked it up and multiple people have had issues with it. I apparently have to wait until I can physically update the app to link my accounts, which might never happen. I don’t want 2 accounts, but it won’t let me, so I hope that they fix this soon :/


The artist was hired back, and y’all got mad at seriously nothing y’all.

Great work

Keep working on whatever you’re doing. Would love to see more new content’s coming out, especially if they’re not always delayed

I love project moon

I love project moon

Came for the lure. Lure itself is worth it.

Lure 12/10. Music 9/10. Combat 6/10. F2P friendly 5/10 (major point loss for uptie 4 resource needed). Reputation (Korea) 9/10; reputation (international) 3/10.



Great game but theres still a ton of bugs

The title says it all, the games really good but theres just a bunch of bugs that slightly ruin it. EGO sometimes causes the game to crash on use. the new story chapter is next to unplayable at the final hoss because it continuously crashes. Honestly just really hoping bugs like this get fixed already so the game can feel better.

Great game, very buggy

This is a great game, as you can probably tell by the many other glowing reviews. However, the fun that I’ve had playing this game is dampened slightly by the numerous bugs I’ve encountered. Primarily, the game has a nasty habit of crashing seemingly without reason, but only during combat on certain levels. Additionally, the game suffers from framerate drops somewhat frequently, which makes it hard to play the game. Once the developers have fixed these issues, I’d be happy to adjust my rating ac

It’s very fun

I like this game a lot just wish it didn’t crash as much

Latest Update Broke the Game

Downloaded the update, worked fine, game crashed in the middle of a battle and I haven’t been able to get back in ever since. The game just crashes as soon as I tap the title screen. I’ve tried reinstalling and updating my phone to no avail. I’ve been having a lot of fun so I hope this is fixed soon. Had no other issues with the game before this.

Truly incredible

This game is a wonderful narrative experience, and the strategy required is a great balance of fun and challenge.

Facing the fear, building the future.

An amazing sequel to lobotomy corporation and library of ruina. I can’t wait to see where this story goes!




半颗星就是这么扣的,虽然project moon还只是个小公司,拿不到中国🇨🇳的版号很正常,但是我们中国🇨🇳的人们还是非常期待这个游戏的!!!而现在一些外语不太好的中国玩家还在对着做了翻译的人的视频玩!(比如我aaa)另外半颗星是因为闪退!完全没法玩!一开始战斗就闪退!我已经把所有画面设置都调到最低了还是闪退aaaaaaa!(希望月亮计划永远不死,爱来自中国🇨🇳😽👏

I like this game but…

I like this game very much, but sometimes this game kick me out in the middle of a battle, this happen to me a lot of times, that’s the only thing I hate about this game, it’s frustrating to almost win a battle and suddenly the game close, it’s just frustrating.

Love the game but come on this is not a phone game

This game is amazing, graphic is good, plot is good, music is good, mechanic is good, but come on, this game is not optimized on the iPhone, it flash quit all the time in the middle of the battle, it is the most annoying thing ever. If u want to experience the game, I would recommend u do it on steam on a computer if u can, is free there too, and it is a much better experiences

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