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Company: Marcos Antonio Tanaka

Genre: Utilities

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Version: 1.0.1

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Updated May 24, 2022

MusicBox: Save Music for Later is an utilities app developed by Marcos Antonio Tanaka, and is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The app is compatible with iOS 15.0 or later.

Bookmark Songs to Listen Later

MusicBox is the best way to save albums and songs for later. You can use it to keep track of new music you want to listen to later, catalog and organize favorite albums and songs, categorize music with tags, assign notes, manage metadata, and more.

MusicBox collects relevant metadata of albums and songs from Apple Music and Spotify, and is deeply integrated into the system with features such as Widgets, Share Sheet, Shortcuts, iCloud, and more.


- Use the Share Sheet throughout the system.
- Drag and drop multiple albums and songs into the app.
- Add songs recognized by Shazam.
- Import multiple albums and songs by pasting their URLs into the app.
- Use the Add Music action in the Shortcuts app to integrate MusicBox into your automated workflows.


- Apply tags to categorize your music and make it easier to find.
- Use Auto-Tagging to automatically tag albums and songs based on rules you set.
- Deep Search allows searching your music by title, artist, genre, record label, tags, type, and notes.
- Create a Smart Search to automatically filter albums and songs based on a set of rules.
- All MusicBox features and data are available on the Shortcuts app, so you can create custom shortcuts and automate your workflow.
- iCloud keeps your database in sync between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


- Easily access your music from the Home Screen with customizable Widgets.
- Play using the system's music player.
- Tap an album or song to open it on Apple Music or Spotify.

MusicBox is a modern app with support for the latest system features. It is also available on the Mac as a universal app, so you can enjoy it with a single purchase across iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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Featured Reviews MusicBox: Save Music for Later


Can’t play all

Reviewed in US on 24 June 2022

It’s a good idea and it’s a nicely designed app, but I can only play individual items and can’t play/shuffle all saved songs? This means it can’t replace the playlist I currently use to save music for later. This makes it not useful for me & I won’t be using it.


An absolute must have app for music lovers

Reviewed in US on 24 June 2022

I’ve been using one of Tanaka’s other apps, MusicHarbor, for years to keep up with new music from my favorite artists. This is another app that seems as though it was created for those who are most passionate about music. This is an absolute must have app for music lovers.


Great idea, responsive developer

Reviewed in US on 12 June 2022

This is a great idea for an app, and the developer has been incredibly responsive to suggestions to support different peoples' workflow to get data in to the app. You should give it a try!


Very Handy!!

Reviewed in US on 29 May 2022

Very handy and user friendly! Hoping this will integrate with MusicHarbor in the near future!

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