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Rated 4.82 out of 5

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11 Recent Reviews From the United States

Very nice

I hope to see more content added and possibly more game-modes because i’d like to try a round with my friend or multiple people, I'm very pleased with the art style and the animations excited to see more updates and features added. And lastly i thank you for creating this game.

Good without a controller, fantastic with one

Controller support really makes this game for me. It is a bit clunky in places, mostly the rune upgrade page and skill select, but that’s just a nitpick. Played the free version for a while, thought I’d show my support and toss out the 3$.


This game is loads of fun. Devs did an excellent job.

This is great work in progress

There are rough edges all around the interface of this game on iOS at the moment, such as character traits that require “right clicking” or controller support that does not work in menus. But! The core game itself is great. Absolutely worth the time. To the developers: Keep up the good work, I am excited to see this continue to take shape

Great port. Desperately needs controller support though.

As the title says. Controllability is the biggest issue with onscreen joysticks.

Controller support

I think you guys should put this game on backbone it’s compatible and it could get you guys some more clout.

No mid-run saving

Please add the ability to save mid-run. I don’t always have a solid 20 minutes or even 10 to play. But sometimes I have some really great builds going and by the time I get back to the run, the game restarts.



Awesome rogue-like game, great!

incredible atmosphere, super thoughtful upgrade system that allows for some nice combos and optimization, the pew pew feels good.

Funny Game

The Game I first play,it’s very funny for me!Love these type of endless/ endurance games, it provides the player enough upgrades to progressively play better, I highly recommend this game for those who are willing o take on a challenge or play for fun


Don’t know why people are complaining about controls. I think this game is effortless to play and wildly satisfying when you go on a tear. Gotten to about 5 minutes left but I’ll beat standard soon lol

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