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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure app an average rating of 4.22 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 2.5K ratings since its release on Aug 23 by Robot Gentleman sp z oo. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure?

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Rated 4.44 out of 5

2.5K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure


Absolutely LOVE This game! Have been absolutely obsessed since installing! Barely ever wanna put it down, so addictive! Adore everything about it!


It’s the game that Caseoh plays

Super good but some feedback

It’s a fun game especially for darker humor and it shows historical events but in a comical way so it’s good. I love how it was free I think or like 4 dollars idk for iPad but it’s super worth it. It makes you feel think and like not quit

Really good

It’s really good

It’s ok……

I mean I really enjoy it but when you get the supplies I feel like the objects make it hard to move and it’s hard to move anyways. I also feel like if you are on different devices it should look and work the same. I also go on Mobile and don’t know how to get a hat on. A update I definitely would like is to improve that plz, and can you also add detections. Other wise I could tell you put hard work on the game and I like it😃

Honestly I’m mad a little

It’s really dumb that if all the parents are gone the kids cant survive like bruh they can do everything just like the adults I would have gave three but at least they have good decision making

This game is great!

This game is super fun even though it’s 10 years old!!! The only things that bother me is, when you have all the family and only one person can grab items. Another thing that bothers me is, the disaster situations in the shelter where you can only hold onto one item.

Just a suggestion

Could you add a grade on how well you did in the scavenge only mode? I’d like to see how well I did, and I’d play the regular mode just to see if I did good on scavenging and how the stuff I grabbed benefitted me, but the result could take 40+ days and I’m not that patient. You could grade based on the value of what you grabbed and if you have the items necessary to survive. It’s fun to scavenge but afterwards when I take one look at my shelter before watching it all go away makes it all feel

I love it

I love it it’s the best game I like it a lot and I appreciate it!


This game is amazing. All of its component such as the challenges, survival, and scavenging can keep you entertained for hours. The animations are great and there are so many endings.

Good game

The game is amazing the hats are hard to get but the game when you try to survive it’s good challenging and fun This is a good game

I love it but I wish they added more to the game

This is an amazing game but it started getting boring once you now how to get all or most of the endings. I wish they would just update it once in a while. Add new endings, change endings, add more people to the story, add more animals, maybe make it so when someone goes outside the bunker you can control them and kind of do your own thing instead of just luck. They could also add more challenges. I looked it up and I think they haven’t updated this game in the past year which is really sad. Aga

I love it!

10/10, exept it takes up a bunch of storage! It’s fine w me though!! Karen Z

amazing game, but a few bugs

I've had this game for one day and I can't stop playing it! It's tons of fun and it's really easy to figure out how to play. my one concern is the bugs. sometimes, i'll feed or water a family member, only for them to still be hungry or thirsty the next day. once, i fed and watered the last family member i had left, and she starved to death the next day! really takes away from the fun. please fix this!! 🤍

Best game ever

This game is so worth the money it’s very challenging and fun other things, love the comedy and everything about this game is so amazing pls anyone reading this buy the game it’s so worth it you won’t be disappointed

60 seconds is so SILY and I love it!

I think 60 seconds is so fun and I love playing it! My favorite YouTuber plays it and I love to play with her in the background. It’s fun and interesting! I like the lore , character designs , and art! I think the artist and developers did a AMAZING job!! Wow. ❤️

Why are people complaining

Y’all complaining about “the game is too hard” or “controls are crappy” but yeah they might be hard at first but that’s just apart of the game. Not everything is gonna be perfect. If everything was easy and everyone won the game wouldn’t be fun.

It’s so fun!

I got this game cuz my cousin was playing it and i’m really obsessed! It’s not like one of those games where it’s fun for like a day and then boring, it’s fun literally all the time. It’s the perfect combo of strategy and luck and I just really like the game a lot and you should totally get it! It’s worth the money!

This is worth it the only problem is

The characters in that fast for the Collecting items thingy I don’t know what else to call it but it is really good so I did give it five stars that’s the only issue that’s all and it does show you how to survive


Add more scenarios add more everything..

Fun but I want to add one more thing

OK the game is super fun but the one thing that I want is I want if you have Ted and Dolores and they go on a romantic date I want the worst table to have a baby I know it sounds weird but I want it

U should do this

When someone goes on an expedition u should let them go outside for 60 seconds

60 seconds is fun! (500)

In 4:00 dollars In a lot of glitch


THIS GAME IS SO GOOD BUT can you add more updates pls

Very fun but…

I wasn’t lying it’s fun but it does get boring easily.

Pls read this

Can you add more stuff to the game. Your other one didn’t work on my phone. I would love this more if you did cuz I’m already obsessed wit it.

The best game ever

I got the twin ending first time I played I finished all the challenges and I wish there were more and I played and I’m currently desperate for the military ending if you play this two you should get the game it’s amazing and that’s it!

Incredible Worth the Money

I absolutely love this game, there are so many cool endings and Easter eggs, I’ve had this for almost a year and I still enjoy playing it, so many things can happen, so good keep up the good work. Also 60 parsecs the sequel is super amazing.

Hi I love this game sooooo much

This game is so addicting but I would love for the game to be remote compatible ❤️❤️❤️ pleaseee I have the backbone I swear if this game was remote compatible omg I would never move I would be playing it 24/7

Not good

I hate it it’s not like the one in the videos I want my money back


It’s okay. I like the game concept and the idea but i do not like how sensitive the controls are . and i don’t like how all the furniture can block the way of rooms and you can’t get certain things.

Thx for making the game

This game is one of the best survival game you have 30 seconds to get your stuff but not only it’s fun to play my reading grade went up by 72% just by reading

What I think

I think it’s fine just the movement is bad and I can’t move easy

An impossible chalnge only 000000.00000% can get it

It’s the only say no and win you can’t do it cuase you have to say no to opening the door


60 seconds is a great great great great game that is very addictive

Good but...

This game is so good but I think it needs a little work I think there should mor options for endings and also the controls to get all at the things in the beginning to survive.

Pretty good

I like the game I watched a youtuber play it and I was so excited to play it but the controls are really bad but the game in self is pretty fun

This is a dream

This game was so good and it’s a dream for me

Kinda good

Kinda good but 60 parsecs is better

Why I gave it five stars

It's good but when I try to buy it it said I can't. but I saw other people play it and I got in to it and that is why I gave it five stars


ME AND MY SISTER LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH ITS WORTH THE MONEY i LOVE pancake and sherivok :] It’s fun and makes your mind think a lot


I love this game my favorite is the atomic bomb one kinda thing I love scaving


It’s really good but just it’s way too hard. I would give it a five star if it is way easier but so far I love this game and I cant stop playing it.

It’s okay..

I loved this game as a kid and decided I wanted to try to again. So, I bought it and remember how hard it was to scavenge on mobile. I recommend getting this on a PC instead. Still a great game, just hard to control


just curious as to when we get more survival challenges

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