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This is a great game.


I think that this is an addictive game and if your a person that likes a challenge. Then this game is for you.



It will be nice if you could see shot repetitions

Pool is a fun game

8. all pool

The game is super fun and easy to play

Great game


I’ve enjoyed playing and interacting w players, however there are some preferential changes. Like the accidental shots when aiming for a ball.. the shooter cue pull power bar will be accidentally engaged w a miss shot as a result..

It’s been happening on and on no matter how many times I sign out. I’ll win and not be awarded my coins or not receive them and then some, or be shorted. Fun game so I don’t really care, just annoying little details.

Love It


Best mobile game out that’s so chill and frustrating at the same time . Thanks

Idiotic matchups!


Players with extremely high points should stay OFF of the beginners games; ie: London. Otherwise the game is fun. More importantly we need the ability to block the jerks that use it to pick up women!!!

More and more players are hacking this game. Last one was Muhammad. Please fix this so they can’t do 5 banks and make a shot in 7times in a row.


contreras medina1989

De lo mejor en juego de billar!!! 👍👍


Guz Pisky

There are hikers and cheaters in Berlin. Please purify this great game from cheaters

Great game


My favorite game to play in my free/down time

Las misiones

pa q masques

Son las mismas siempre favor de cambiarlas



I’ve been playing this game for year. Still always as lit as it’s always been since I first ever started. It’s fun and ya meet cool people 😎 don’t be square and download this app!!!!

It’s a good game for me to play



It’s good but I wished it would be the same leveled people as me when. I go on matches so it will be fair

Pool Pass


I have a problem where the pool pass icons is stuck on loading I deleted the app and installed it again but it didn’t work does anyone know how to fix it

Terrible algorithms

needs brew

Takes every opportunity to do you in



I’m play this game before 12 years very good game

True review

screwed from the sta

Hitting the 5-star rating on s the first not way to be able to leave a review. One star is where your rating should actually be ! Lol. Your algorithm has it set up to fair, no matter how good you are !



I like this game so much Really impressed



Love playing with my kids 1 on 1. It’s awesome software. Highly recommend

No chance of winning

why poor making of g

The game makes it’s impossible to win game when you are playing people rank way over you. There is no need in even trying to play this game because once you have won so many games you will not win another

Like a review I read, I as a beginner was put against a lot of professional level players, it was fun but it absolutely destroys your streak, but overall great game.

Pretty much said it in the title this is the best virtual pool app on the market place fun and I find a lot of enjoyment playing with my friends and wife🔥🔥🔥

Really cool I love the new update 😻😻

I love this game you get to go online and play it’s amazing

Send/receive gifts


I have full connection everything loads perfectly fine but, when it comes to receiving or giving gifts it just loads and loads and doesn’t stop.

Coming from a kid

fortnight robot

I love the game it is so original I mean who would had thought of that it finally let’s me give some thing a chance

You just Gotta keep on trying so you can win



Y far the best pool game out there.


real DOB=11/01/91

It’s alright. No more no less. Pull up.



Really fun to play when you’re bored.

5 stars

Pot fgb

Love this game!! Only game that keeps my attention!

8 pool


8 pool is an awesome game and I enjoy it a lot you can just relax and play pool and it it realistic not like anyone can hit half the angle chips I do in real life but it’s a lot of fun

I can’t stop


I am so I love which this game I literally can’t stop playing it. I’ve lost like 20 games though🥲



Hella like this game! I stay hooked all day and night haha


Fr0d0 Swaggins

Way way way too many ads. Like 6 in a row when you open the game, like 3 games later, and then randomly. SUPER ANNOYING! Please minimize the amount of ads!



Pool is a great game you might lose coins but you always earn them back I totally recommend downloading this game it is great game and you can not hack download this game fast it’s great

Fun game


Free spins are a rip but the game is dope

Account recovery

Word cookie 2017

Can someone help me get my old account back I made a mistake and moved it I want my account from 2019 back support help me ASAP ‼️‼️‼️‼️

Very fun


It's a good game I enjoy . Wish I could stay in a room instead of pandering for me to play higher steaks



I am an old player and I made a great effort to collect the coin. It is shameful that a pirate comes and takes what I collected without being punished. I ask you to compensate me and establish a way to report such people. I have a video

El mejor pool game...

Samuel USVI

El mejor en gráficas presentación y todo en general...



I don’t care what everybody says it’s a vary fun game bc you get to face real b People And the graphics are AMAZING

Spin to win


Really like the game but the spin to win is completely rigged. I’ve spun over 100 times and never won more than 250 coins



the game is rlly good for how old it is



I think it’s ppl that are playing on lower level player under guest accounts. Pick on someone your own size!!!!!

Been having fun and made my up to over 300k in coins but the it went down to 72k. Now I was just playin with 82k, logged back in to play and 27k…WTF? It’s just a game but I’ll find another one to play



In my opinion it’s the best free game to play on your phone!!! You can even play against your friends!

Don’t want

jo no se

I accidentally purchased money on my pool game that I didn’t want. Please contact me. My I’d is 341-27-731-3

The game

jimmybob cook jr

This game is so fun on long car rides or even if you want to start getting into the game of pool

Pool is great two or three games you’ll be done in no time just wash your hands and wipe your phone afterwards also put the seat lid down nobody wants to smell your hard days work;)



Too many pop ups to play other players is very annoying

Rude players


Games super fun, the players are often rude. Glad you can mute them…



Aye man this game is so entertaining, would definitely go broke on this game.



Good games but there have a lot off cheaters, must of them are on Berlin

Cool Game

Mauga G.

keeps my busy everyday it’s so addicting



Sometimes you barely hit a ball and the cue ball will roll WAY TO FAR and scratch

Best game

Jacob espino

I love this game but sometimes it gets on my nerves and I had a win streak if 15 and you are able to buy the cue but I couldn’t cause this game is glitched so the owner of this game plz let me get the cue I earned my name is jacob020 plz

It is ok but I never have enough coins to play more than 1-2 games. I do not want to have to buy coins. Make an option to play for free.

Great game!


This is a great game to play when you’re just trying to pass time. It’s very fun, competitive, and challenging.

Good Clean Fun!


Best billiards game I have ever played!



Fun little pool game to pass the time.

Nice game to hang out

Hoopz Blends

Could be there till no more coin, Just don’t start because you would get hooked in. Lovely game.

It is a really fun game when I’m bored in the car, I really recommend this game to people!



This is really a good game but please make it so that we can gift cues, too, not only coins

Problom with cash free

mazin albayati

Hi my cash free its not working since 10 day please fix it thx



Please fix this error. I am trying to log in through a different Facebook account but it keep redirecting me to an old account. Please help

good stuff


it’s fun when you win but when you lose it’s not the same

In short just download it you won’t regret it.

Very fun but…

Mr. Plumtree

The constant invitations to spend real money is annoying. That’s the price of a ‘free’ game I suppose

8 Ball

art da pogi

I like playing and getting to my opponent’s nerves.

Great game


Been playing since middle school. One of the best games ever played

It keeps me occupied a lot when I’m not doing nothing and I love the game but it’s slow yeah that’s slow connection no one is all over weird you don’t lose your shot before it even picks back up thank you

ممنونم ازسازندش بازي خوبي وباكيفيتي هستش



Is there a way to gift your cues? Because if there’s not then can you guys make it a feature? It would be really nice if it were added

Awesome but you get a few invites from friends that don’t send them ( I know that because I live with some) and it send some out without you authorizing the invite. 😡 other than that amazing game that doesn’t get old fast

Free cash


For the last few weeks you cannot get the free cash when you try all-you get is sorry no videos available This has been going on for weeks It’s needs an update to fix


Valued Custom

One the best pool games ever!!!!!

Mr Ten Tigers

Mr Ten Tigers

Great game I play every chance I get lots of fun thanks for the opportunity 👍

8 ball pool


This game is so great. But recently I play a match and once I finish it i see that the number of coins I have is lowered. It’s like the hundreds of coins I have just disappear. This is very frustrating so I hope they fix this bug.

Sticc ideaz

Moses TheTruth

What if the pool sticc was a gif.t for haiti i wuhz looking for that one.

Use to like game had two big accounts lost stolen logged out or I don’t no so if this is the case just deleted the app way to far in to start over

Not fun

not john nash

The game always wants you to play max bet because this way you can go bankrupt and spend $ faster. Very annoying and cheap strategy. This game deserves a delete



Best game ever invented 🔥🔥🔥



Need to fix the app it won’t let me Receive my rewards from watching videos


Jack in Roanoke

I would have given it a 5 if only they would stop announcing challengers while a game is in progress.

Great game


Fun game to play with Facebook friends and has its own messenger to talk in game well thought out and great experience

The game


This game is so fun and I love it so much and I love to play



Love this GAME and it is the best game in the world than roblox game 😍😍

The real money


How do I use the real money I have in the game??

Real money

beedot-Iba Jamal

Make we dey add our bank account details to it



I always come back to this game.. it’s so easy to download and connect with friends to play with.

Thank you all


It’s a awesome game, thanks for keeping up with it!

Great game


This is a wonderful game and worth the download only problem I’ve been having is that it keeps crashing. I’m not sure what the problem is, I’ve looked for updates on the game and also on my device but everything is up to date…



Bonito pero ya necesita un rework visual

Best game ever!!


I wish that all games can learn from you guys. You guys are the best.

😍😍😍😍😍simplemente el mejor juego del mundo

Love the game.


Only thing I wish was better in this game is the match ups. Sometimes I find I get matched up with level 150 to 200+ and I’m only level 85. Other then that it’s a fun game👍

Great game.

Handball ninja

Thank you for creating such an amazing game!

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