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Just started playing this game seems like it’s a lot of fun but hopefully they don’t charge a bunch of money’s?

Love this game


Love this game. Wishing I didnt need to hit confirm button 2 or 3 times just accept and open a gift. Wishing there was a pay option to disable pop ups. And ads



It is soooo fun when I’m board I play this

Cool game bro! 💯 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

How much can I cash out my money

Great game love playing it on my spare an free time I try an play it all the time but can’t at most it’s amazing game enjoy playing it to the full I’ve been on this since I was in high school an I’m still playing it to this day 5 stars

Fun to go against opponents and play with strategy and calmness

Great game


This game is the best, I think it’s so cool how you can get what kind of cue stick you want (The stick you can hit the balls with) I really recommend this game that’s why it’s a five star rating.

Missed up


My green solid nap is black like the 8 ball but does not say anything

Great game

A normal pool player

If you like pool you will like this game.A bit competitive but still fun.


The Meggster

I learned to play actual pool off this game, I love it

No me salen los regalos ni mis amigos para enviarle Ramon Ortiz

The only thing I could say was I would say I was very disappointed

The only way I would go to play the kids kids and get to go home tomorrow

Fun fun time game play game time game play time game for game fun game time

Loving this game, I love challenging my friends and the rewards




Spin Wheel is wack!!!


I have almost 40 spin and all I got is 250 and 150 golds!!!

8 ball bool


l'm don't have coins in 8 ball bool please gev me coins


el compa tino compa

Regalenme 100’000 monedas parito

Great game


Enjoy 8 ball pool very much. Very addicting!!

I like it but..


The game is good with a good range of different types of games but… The developers try’s to sell something every chance they get. Why do I need to be advertised the same thing EVERY TIME I open the game? I don’t get it.

Pool Coins

@RAN 51

This game don’t give deals on coins. I think if you spend 100 dollars on coins it should be that you get about 5billion coins.That’s why I rated the game a 3,but should’ve said a 1. Times are hard and it’s not fare to the players.




It’s fun an not annoying to play



Fun to find a game with interaction

Would be nice if you could buy emojis other players have, I want the driving a steering wheel, and the wow glasses lifted one, love this game play everyday

This pool game is really fun to play. Feels like the real thing!



Gameplay is great but I’m level 15 and i keep getting put against players over level 100. Like the odds are stacked against me in that kinda situation and i have no chance of winning.



One of the best games app wether one on one or with friends great game



Really good game to pass by some time



Es un buen juego para entretenerse :)



ارجو زيادة الجوائز والنقاط شكرا

There’s no reason for all these mishaps and glitches while playing! And I think there should be a confirmation before entering each game. Do better please!



Great game play you can play online and off you can play with friends and family

Fix problem


Hi please fixed problem in ios when I want open app crashed and this out me

It’s fun

wouldnt really recom

It’s a fun game and I enjoy it and all but for some reason it won’t let me log in with my Facebook account and I don’t understand why

Social development

boi lihmo

Please try to improve the communication system. We should be able to chat freely as long as we’re friends on the game

Fix the matchmaking!!

Beastgolf 63

Love the game, but get tired of playing player 150 plus levels higher than me..

You guys have thought of it all. The perfect concept to keep people playing for years and years trying to become the Supreme Being. Love the new things you have added to give us more chances for money. I will be playing for years to come.



Best pool game ever made! Would be even better if you could play for real money

Fun game


I spend my winding down time playing this game. It’s great☺️

Loosing coins


Has anyone been loosing coins today I went on the app and 30,000 of my coins were gone.

I just won my 1st place in my league and won a cash and legendary box,but when I’m about to claim my legendary box it glitches and it’s gone.

idea on the game


it would be even better if we could play for real money 🤔

Ur mom


Very fun game very enjoyable and addictive.



I love it ,I play the game with friends I haven’t seen in yrs.bearcreekpatty



Great game overall definitely recommend

Great game that will keep you at the edge of your seat!



Needs other billiards games like 10 ball, 1 pocket, straight and maybe doubles pool

The game is fun. So fun that I pay money into it. But this game needs a bet confirmation for all levels on here not just 9ball. I just lost 5 coin on a game I didn’t mean to hit while I was scrolling looking for the level I wanted to play.

Fun game


It is a fun way to kill some time but can be addicting

I love this game, it is part of my time in life!

I love this game so much it is almost like a real life playing but I don’t like how I lose coins alot but I love the game it’s fun

A thanks from a unknown

a thanks from the un

Thank you for making this amazing game keep op the good work i respect the time you waste to bring us joy. 🙂

This game is so much fun and relaxing I’m so addicted to it and good



Wished we could hide the emojis we don’t use or like

Good game

reviewer cool

Good because if you do not hav a pole table and also play on the road



it’s good, it rlly is. but it really annoys me how a lvl 60 can get matched with a complete beginner.


inbox & send gifts

My inbox on this game doesn’t open up at all neither does the send gifts. Ive done several things to see if it helps & nothing.

Alright game

rogue baller 93

I use to love this game till the grand heist became a thing. When playing for 100k I win and never get the money. But if I lose I always lose it. The game has so many new glitches now.

This game is very fun and I like to play it when I’m bored

I bought the pool pass and then when the pool pass upgraded i had to buy it again smh

I won 3 in a row. Didn’t think to look at my bank. I didn’t win coin. Noooo. But I lost one and there goes everything. Didn’t win coin but darn sure will lose it.



The spin and win is for sure rigged

Please follow the EU, the UN, and shut down access to anyone located in Russia asap. I refuse to play with any Russian.

Best game ever


It’s the best game I’ve played in a long time

Good game 100%


The game is pretty good however it’s hard to make sure we’re the hall is aiming at so maybe fix that up but other than that great game!!

Remove the city Moscow from the app. It feels sad while playing in that city. Please rename that with another city

Good game

besst gamme

This has so king kinds of games with pool and all I want to say is this is a good game



This game is kinda bad because every time when I get the spin I always get 250,100,200,300,500 and I never get anything higher than that and at this point It’s getting stupid but overall the game is good

My game

Nusha $$$

Time well spent with with people that enjoy the time


olayinka brainee

As much as I’d love this game the network issue is not only from Us, but from y’all too stupid network from youse made me loose millions, with your stupid replays😡

Me and my wife been playing this game since it first came out. 😍

Amazing game!! Very very fun! Play with friends and makes it way better! DO NOT PAY MONEY UNOESS UPDATED AND THEY ADD MORE TO THE GAME TO COLLECT!! 02/23/22



Would be nice to select picture from gallery

Catfish challenges


Awesome game. Only complaint is that my friend and I will be playing next to each other and we’ll get spammed with notifications saying we sent out a challenge despite us never sending a challenge in the first place.


house of spirits

I like but I want to be able to text everyone

Know what you are doing

Anthony C 777

This is not a game of luck. This is not a game of chance. It takes some skill. Do you have what it takes? Go ahead, pick up a cue and take on a challenge.

I feel like after a good streak of wins, strange things start to happen to you effect you.

Dr. Imrose Mohit


It increases my real life accuracy

8 ball pull

mali neso

This game is bast game in my life



Good game. Gives you the chance to be good at pool if you aren’t good in real life.



Should be able to have friends without Facebook. And would like to actually be able to talk with players



This game be openly cheating. They will take the ball from you for no reason. Line balls up perfectly for one person to win. I think alter angles also to favor the selected winner. I think it should keep out of it and let us play. Its simple.



Game is really cool but i need more stuff

My favorite game


This is the most entertaining/fun game I’ve played on my phone!



This man named Dominic is so ugly but I love the game

1- i don't want my facebook friend to be notify while i enter the game it's annoying 2-i want to you to add microphone to this game it's too fun to play 8 ball and talking with microphone🥺



Quiero que pongan el taco de Guatemala por favor estamos jugando varios chapines !!!

8 ball


The best pool game I’ve played

Daily spin


The daily spin is rigged no matter what you always get 100 almost every spin



It’s a good gam e I’m a big fan

I love this game


I love this game so much it’s so much fun 100 percent recommend you downloading it ;)

Es increíble y fantástico sin palabras

Bonito juego

rey arturo1

Uno se distrae y compite sana mente y hay muy buenos jugadores

How the game is


This game is really fun but give me more coins pls

Love it


The only thing I wish this game would have is an option for timeless practice.. either solo or with friends. Other than that it’s AWESOME

Good game


Would like it more if I could sell the cues I don’t want .. that would be awesome .

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