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94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 11 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given 94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic app an average rating of 3.55 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 2.5K ratings since its release on Jul 21 by Scimob. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about 94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic?

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Rated 3.38 out of 5

2.5K global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the 94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic app: France, Italy, Germany.

45 Positive User Reviews for 94%

Love this game

I have always loved playing this game.

Love the game, but so many ads

It’s basically family feud, which I enjoy. However, I’m getting about 15 ads within 5-10 minutes. It’s so annoying.


every single time you guess a word a ad pops up, I tried to deal with it but I just can’t. Deleting now, not worth the ads.

Crashes often and random pop up ads

Crashes often and random ads play

Love this game! Ever gonna update?

I’ve been waiting a long time for new puzzles. Are there any plans for an update anytime soon?

It doesn’t save my progress

As I progress through the stages, sometimes I do not finish guessing all the answers. I always think I will go back to do them later but when I open the stage, all the correct answers I’ve previously input are gone. It’s very frustrating.

Waiting for more levels

I have been waiting for more levels (+374) for over a year now lol. I don’t like the new update with the ads after every guess. It makes me not wanna play

STOP with the ads!!!

Used to be fun to play. Still a great app. But their recent updates puts a freaking ad after EVERY guess and it’s not even fun to play anymore… I get you need the ad revenue but this is just out of control now.

What happened!?

I used to live this game and yes there were some ads but that was usually if you advance a level or change the level. Recently however the ads have increased to interrupting you while playing the round…. More then once or twice..


Hola, el juego esta súper bien pero en el dispositivo q tengo ahora me sale el juego con todos los niveles bloqueados incluyendo el nivel 1 por lo q no me deja jugarlo, me pueden ayudar?


There are way to many ads... I mean “ad” After every word I submit the same ad pops up and it’s getting on my nerves.

It alright

I enjoy the game and all but I wish there were less ads cause I can get an answer then have to have an ad and it keeps going like that and it’s really annoying Please take this into consideration to have less ads


Right i get it. Its a free app and you gotta make money somehow. But an ad after almost every right answer? Is that really necessary?


I just downloaded the app and it’s in french language and i can’t change it to english

Love it! When will more levels be on?

Love this game, have it for years. But it stopped on level 374. Will there be more?

Game used to be very fun

Overall cool game, have to give it 4 star because of how many ads you can get. If you get a single one wrong I can get ads.

Too many ads now

This has been a favorite of mine for a couple years but unfortunately there’s so many ads now that I had to uninstall and go with another word game. Will check back in a month to see if they’re still so invasive.


I used to love this game but every time you give a answer a ad pops up now and it’s soo annoying.

Too many ads

Love the actual game but there is an ad after every single answer that you get correct and it is VERY irritating. This makes it so you have to play the game with your wifi/data off which also is irritating

Love it but where are the other levels?

Love the game, it’s been my favorite for years. But where are the other levels? (Brazil/Portuguese version). I’ve been waiting for over a year for them.

It’s ok

Fun game but not all of the answers should be the “top” answers. Also, the ads are a little much.

Interesting game

This game will make you think hard js! I enjoy it!


There is an add after anything you answer. It gets really annoying when your trying to play

Pretty good

When i first started playing this gsme i thought it was fun its not a bad game but ot does have some flaws like i think there is to many ads whenever i get one right or wrong there is an ad anotger flaw is tgey dont describe thr catagorys

Too many ads

Fun game but there’s way too many ads. I get it, they have to make money, but please don’t put an ad after every time I guess wrong, or every two right answers.

Used to be good

I used to like this game until they added ads after every single answer which is super annoying 🙄


Very fun game but too many ads .

Great game, but...

I love the game, but every single time I put in an answer, I get an ad. It doesn't matter if the answer is wrong or right but I get an ad and it's really annoying.

Game used to be very fun

Overall cool game, have to give it 4 star because of how many ads you can get. If you get a single one wrong I can get ads.

Very good

This game is really fun and it gets your mind going so I would recommend it

Very good

Me and my fan love this Game It’s th


It’s amazing but I uninstalled it and I try download it again and I can’t please help😭

Nothink to say

This game is super nice it’s cool you may know more things it’s amazing

too hard

it's just so hard... it's so specific on what's right

11 Negative User Reviews for 94%

Fix it please

I download the game and it came with france language I don’t know way and I can’t change it

So many ads now!

I used to love this game but now there are multiple ads after every few guesses! It makes the game unplayable in my opinion.

Fun But Annoying

I really like this game! Too bad it has too many ads. SO MANY ads that it’s marked down three stars for it. I really can’t handle the amount of ads.

Too many ads

I love the game, but there are wayyyyy too many ads and pop ups. EVERYTIME I guess, I get an add. Very annoying. I understand that free games require ads, but it definitely shouldn’t have this many

To many ads

I used to enjoy playing but recently every time single time after you submit an answer an ad pops up. Way toooo annoying!

Fun but soooo many ads

This game is great but sooo many ads. Why don’t you allow us to pay for the game to remove the ads. Please do something you really deserve a higher score for the games itself, but the ads drive you crazy!!

To many ads

Could be ok. But when I get an ad every 2 answers, that’s a no go for me. Bye bye

Ads, ads, ads

I really like this game but all of a sudden ads pop up each time I make a guess. But if I need a hint there are no ads to make them free. Not sure I will keep the app with this many ads 🙁


I used to have this game a while ago and it was a great game. And I’ve just got it back.. for some reason there’s literally an ad after EVERY answer you put it. No matter is it’s right or wrong. EVERY SINGLE ANSWER. This is very annoying!


It’s a really good game but it won’t stop crashing, every time I put an answer in, it takes me out of the app, it’s a very good app and a good time consumer but the app just won’t function right.

Freezes frequently

I love this game but when I do one it brings me right off the app i would not recommend this app

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