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Love my Alexa device!! Very helpful and I love connecting my colorful lights too!!

I lists

why 55

I like the new way that you set up the system. It’s been a long time since I used it because it was so difficult. Now it seems a lot easier thank you😁



I just love Alexa she wakes me up in the morning and she puts the bed tonight. I don’t know what I would do without her

The more they update the app the harder it is to figure out how to use it some features they made worse I use to like it but worse now.



They should add sound cloud to it

I’m a 70’yo woman and this is my first time setting up Alexa and starting to set smart lights to my home. I feel very happy and proud of both Alexa and I although it has been a challenging.



It the best you should get it because you can do a lot with this app



I like Alexa, I just can’t get the Kasa smart plugs to work

Does not understand what I say half the time.


bee good to all and

I’m a user! I can’t believe it! My Echo Dot works pretty dang well whenever I try something new with Alexa. I’m crushingly at ease with Alexa to the point I’ll interact just to hear a joke or hear her soft voice.

It is very difficult to get assistance with anything!!!


Sarela Margarita

Me gusta el servicio de Alexa y me produce alegria

B W Ragan


I’m 82 years old and am continue to be amazed by Alexa, lots of fun

Love Alexa


I love my Alexa! Straight and to the point!


Usmc 1969

Just got my Alexa today spent some time this evening programming it appears to be a fantastic device.



Quiero saber cómo vigilar mi casa con la cámara

Just Great!


The first step to any smart home.

Alexa review


We enjoy selecting music with Alexa. We Use situs Xmas channels.

Lately Alexa has been very slow. Went to settings sent to concern waiting for follow up. Once issue is fixed I will readjust my rating.

Echo show

leah doordash lover

I love it and would switch to the google home. The echo show does pretty much everything from controlling your lights to announcing your orders to being the best alarm clock you can have. I highly recommend any of the echo devices.

Great App


So many features and suggestions, cards are so helpful. I have both google and alexa, must say alexa app is at way better than google.


Jay'Shana ❤️

Being that I have two households, I love the fact that I can run both of them from this app. This is one of the best things to ever happen in technology, thanks Amazon.



To many times skills need to be reset to make it work properly

Very handy


Very handy for listening to my morning news listening to music and any other question also recipes



Finding it difficult to navigate through books! How do you stop, or move from one book to another? Not easy to find. The person reading is dull and monotone. Why the same person?

Buena app


Excelente para la casa inteligente

I love this app but I wish that we could listen to any music we want because with love listening to music and I don’t wanna pay 4.99 just to watch music u give me that I don’t even listen to.

For the most part I love Alexa speakers and app. I like that I can somewhat use Alexa to control my TV except for it will not adjust the volume like the fire stick remote will. I would love to see this feature added to the Alexa app.



Love this connection, but some days I hear a humming sound. Anyone know what that sound is from? Over all it is great, to connect with family and friends !

Wake up words


We need more wake up words And the ability to make our own wake up words


psalms 37:10

Great job was easy to do. Thanks

Drop In….

TQ Blend

Drop in does not always have two way connection. Most of my devices I can hear in the rooms, but the person in the room cannot hear me speaking. No, the mic is not muted. Other than that, great devices, thus far

Flash Briefing


Managing my flash briefing isn’t as easy as it should be. Adding content needs to be easier also.

Echo Studio


It’s great, easy to set-up. Very intuitive equipment. Excellent!



Don’t know what I would do without Alexa she’s my best friend

Would be nice if Alexa was more knowledgeable and could answer questions more quickly with like a human personality ? Pascul Curtis Stephens Helms .

The app opens NPR easily from my phone or on my echo dot. The NPR broadcasts provide great up to date news. It’s a good app to have.

Hawfy. Camera


Will need a new one from you; 9033437011



This device is extremely had to sinc with our computer!!!

New address


If the address doesn’t exist in Alexa, setup can’t continue.

La frase predilecta “ tú hubieras hecho lo mismo por mi “

yes i reccomend


my echo died a little when I gave her an ultimatum. she got better, though. just dreaming, I guess.

Loving my echo dot so much a few issues with the app a few things won’t save and I haven’t figured out how to make the alarm work but will continue to try highly recommend

Great tips


This app has fantastic tips with videos for a new user. Thank you so much.

Come on Jeff


For a billion dollar company this app is really portly designed. It also hardly functions as it’s designed. Has issues connecting to everything. Even setting an alarm is troubling

Alexa app in its latest update removed the ability to play content on other devices like phone, Earphones, only on Echo devices… is this correct? Or just a bug?

Love Alexa


I love the app and all its features

Highly recommend


There’s a lot to learn . I love it !


orange crush12

Have no problems with it very easy to use

Moved our home


We moved from Arizona to Acworth Georgia. Can’t figure out how to change to our new Tom zone. When we set an alarm it is 3 hours late!



Has inconsistencies in adding to lists. Tried to manually add and the “add item” button does not work. Also, after adding verbally to a list, cannot edit item by moving the cursor to the beginning of the item.

Lo mejor


Me facilita un mi vida y a mi familia

Lo máximo!!


No hay nada en este mundo que se le compare

Skills glitch


Fix the skills button. It won’t always let you select it.


Patches 2015

Feel safer with Alexa in every room ! Easy,safe,daughter not so worried about me falling and not having help. Thank you Amazon. Patches 2015

Mostly great

Wong Customer

Great, but have a hard time connecting my iPhone to play music from.


Saba isle

Alexia Music is Great every Album there



We use Alexa in our house and we love it. Today is the first time I am using Alexa on my phone and just realized what I was missing. She is amazing .

It’s ok

Just another reviewi

Not as intuitive as I would have preferred it is also very complex with all the different things it can provide complexity. Complex can be simple.

Please add a Swedish Language it would be awesome!

Finally fixed


Can finally see my recently played music. Thanks!

Amazon photos is very useful to see photos on Portal and Fire TV. The integration is great!

Great to have

Pearly Sue 41

So good to give Alexa my shopping list that is automatically put in catagories.

I bought Alexa & Im so loving this echo 5. I don’t know how I lived without this.

Gospel music

Naps so

Love the gospel music selections! Great choices! Yes indeed!

Versão 10

bernini mi

Versal Alexa 10 é demais! Nos trouxe ainda mais diversão. O som é excelente o aparelho e lindo.

The Connection


Thank you for this creative device where my siblings and I can enjoy talking and spending time with our 81 yr old mother. This is amazing.

جهاز فعلا فريد من نوعه تجربه ممتازه

Alexa is basically my personal assistant, can’t get along without her! She’s the one electronic this 70 year old mind can easily navigate.

Nothing like my daily swim-run with Alexa!! Love her music choices. Keeps the beat up so I can knock off the hour. Thanks Alexa

The best


I live for how much fun this is

It’s like Capt. James T Kirk speaking to “Computer, set the coordinates for star fleet.” Lol imagine what else we can do….

This is somehow helpful

roblox is the best w

Its good to have reminders and also to listen to music.I personally use it more to listen to music.But hey it is very helpful for different thing, so i would recommend for you to get one!

I love this app. I'd give this 5 stars if it could be activated by voice, like Siri. Or at least have integration with iOS shortcuts.

Loving it!


I find Alexa to be very useful. I love being able to find music very easily and tap into her wealth of knowledge!



Needs to have brighter screen, increasing volume, Need to learn set up for all functions


Annie 55917

I enjoy having Alexa in the house!! It’s in the kitchen, and both bedrooms. I love how smart she is. I can’t wait to add some devices. It’s a small investment for something so smart.

Since the last few updates, when I’m playing an audio on my phone and I open the app, first thing is it pauses my music. This is unnecessary. Please fix this

Nest app


I use it constantly for the nest camera on my boys rooms. It has been very glitchy lately, not opening their room camera views or it opens for it 15 seconds and then goes back to the Alexa Home Screen. Frustrating.

Fun game but there are legitimate alternative answers that should be added to the acceptable correct answer.

Use it to wake up and felt being better then alarm clock.

She understands well, and wants to help.

Great device


Love my Dots. In every out building on my farm…4. Alexa, play Rush. So I get Clay and Buck. They’re kids, but on the right message.

Handy device


I really like my Alexa Dot. It is very convenient and easy to use. I am still getting to know the features. There are so many great features I can’t wait to learn how to use them.

Dr. Ronald Huff


Alexa is super helpful at easing household tasks an providing infinite information. For the handicapped it is wonderful.

Great update


Please we need medium size widget, not just small size.


morales jr. M

Excelente servicio de Alexa. Lo recomiendo

Alexa is great she does for me everthing. I love her so much that sometime without her i can not find the best answer or respond. . Akexa which you well..



Always a new way to use the Echo



Would have given it five stars. But it’s taking time to learn how to use. But that’s probably more me than Alexa. I will update this review after using over a period of time. Highly recommend.

Haven’t been able to add to my routines. Keeps popping up error stating… there was a problem updating routine



Mi asistente favorita, es clavo de Amazon


Bourbonnais Il

Works great 👍🏻 glad I got this unit have fun learning everything it can or cannot do!

It’s 2021


It’s almost 2022 and no landscaping orientation still!!!

My Personal Assisstant


I can’t afford but Alexa has filled those shoes in helping me to stay organized!

Great, but..


This app has a major issue. I can’t open it. I’m have left it open for minutes before and uninstalled and reinstalled it and it just does not open.

Title setup not just a general settings. Make it clearer so that us older people can figure what the heck needs to be pushed. Thanks.

We can’t figure out how to connect our fire stick to our blaster to our echo studio and NOT one link helps us 😕

Amazon has a good track record on functional apps but the designs are just downright ugly and unintuitive. This Alexa app is the epitome of it.


julie pdf

Just set up my second echo dot, it was super easy, nothing like the first time several years ago. I like the round design. The speaker seems much better then my older model. Also I really like that I play my Apple Music from the echo.

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