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AMC plus | TV Shows & Movies app recently received 11 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given AMC plus | TV Shows & Movies app an average rating of 1.38 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 4.9K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by AMC Networks. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about AMC plus | TV Shows & Movies?

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Rated 4.45 out of 5

4.9K global ratings

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11 Positive User Reviews for AMC plus | TV Shows & Movies

So happy!!

I’ve been wanting AMC+ since it released, and am so happy I have it now! Love all variations of TWD, and can stream at my pleasure instead of jumping from app to app in order to find ANYTHING decent. Am a lover of horror and zombies, and this is now my favorite app. Not only do you get everything AMC, but you also get Shudder as well! Seamless performance between devices and now I have something to enjoy! Highly recommend.


I wish FTWD had all the seasons but whatever it doesn’t. But other form that I love it. I’ve had no problems or anything. I don’t understand why everybody is having problems. I guess I’m the lucky one. But 5/5 stars

Excellent service

Great app they really care about the subscriber I had an issue and they quickly fixed it love creepshow and walking dead

The shows are good buttt

I’m on roku device streaming you’re content. The shows are good and some of the movies are good too. BUT the resolution is horrible. I was watching Vesper, great movie, but it would of been more of an enjoyable experience is the resolution went passing 1080p, but it honestly felt like 480p. Please fix AMC. Especially when a film has amazing visuals, show case them! We want 4K or close to it. Thanks.

small problems

the app is great haven’t gotten a single ad, but the reason i rated a 4 star is because when i close the app and open it again it goes back about 10-20 minutes, it’s not a problem because i can just skip ahead

No issues for me

Watched all the walking dead season 11, no crashes or anything weird.

As a designer I love how it looks

I feel like every streaming platform looks the same. This one looks like they considered a new approach to the interface design which I actually enjoy, and helps me overlook technical issues within the app. Plus Portland is is on here so that’s really great.

Good shows but the app is trash

Always filled with glitches and bugs, when they update it they break the app more.

User friendly

Very user-friendly interface compared to previous versions. Much better than Hulu

Easy to navigate!

Not sure what the negative reviews are about but I’m having an easy time navigating and it’s a user friendly app. Thanks!

The best the best

Better than all the rest. This app is perfection. It is literally the best. I don’t really watch television but I love this user experience. Best all around app since Twitter. Highly recommend

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