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They broke the curse and played it correctly😳

The best game ever

Akel Girls

You guys have to play their game it is the best.

Good game but


Sorry but It Is a little bit boring and too easy

I think it's a fun game where you have to make some quick decisions. However, there are way too many ads.

Good game


Pretty solid game. Just wish that there was a way to mass upgrade since it caps out at 12500 to upgrade. I have like 50 million coins rn and I just think it’d be pretty cool to upgrade as much as I can buy.



It’s a nice game,it is i lil short tho

It’s fun but buying upgrades takes forever when you have a lot of money. Make it to where you hold down and continuously buy the upgrades or something.


Bouncy house

It needs to have a feature to upgrade in bulk. I have 450000000 coins and need a way to spend them.

I have too much money

Ewan McCosh

If u read this please add a feature where if u hold down on an upgrade it upgrades it as much as it can

Add one feature plz


Just the ability to spend all my money at once instead of having to spam click and accidentally start it. Would be really nice



Finally found a relaxing way to study for my calculus exams

Fun, yet laggy


Great simple math reflexivity game. However, my iOS 14.6 iPhone11 lags during gameplay. Please fix

Does anyone else’s game just freak out sometimes and give you a crap of coins? Like currently I getting close to getting a 100,000,000 coins per level

I’m at level 50 already. I’ve built up about 500 arrows off the start with loads of cash buildup. I no longer have to steer my arrows at all to pass levels with maximum multipliers. I’m bored



The game is fun and helps when you’re bored, but I get glitches 2-3 times every round where the arrows just freeze. Pretty frustrating

To easy to beat


I got so muck money so fast the game is to easy



Great game. I love it I would like to see some one beat how much money I have. $47160863 Good Luck

More ads than game


Take a slight break from the ads to shoot an arrow, then back to the ad fest.

cannot stress this enough, you guys gotta add a max upgrade button or something. Easy refinement for a simple game that passes time nothin crazy.


thfuk dat filkg

Rollicking games please add leaderboards so we can be competitive!!! Please

it makes for a great time passer but im on level 22 and my arrow level is 518 with an income of 200

Make it so we can x100 and x1000 upgrade instead of taping one by one to upgrade

I played for less than 10 mins and got lvl 1000+ in levels for both money and arrows you earn like over 1m each time and the highest amount of money u have to spend I 12600 so other than that it was a ok game



I love ur game but why so many ads



The only problem I have with this game is there no buy multiples times of arrows or income. Overall it is a fun game and if you have time to waste, this is the game for you.

This game is hella good BUT


When I'm upgrading by adding more arrow it starts the game and so it cant buy that much I have so much money but u cant spend it because it keeps starting a new game but other than that it very fun and it good if you want to kill time

Ad support…


I understand that with free games and support can be necessary…but literally between every level? Too much of a time sink and not enough fun to wait around for.

I like this game a lot, but the sound on the game still plays even when I mute it in settings. Would be a 5 star review if that were fixed.

After that it feels kind of pointless to keep playing it become too repetitive and easy

Not too shabby


Although it’s 2 upgrades in game only go for so long, it’s not as cancerous as other games, not bad, I’d say.



Really good game, good to play when bored, but it gets ruined by the insane amount of adds and interruptions while playing...



Played for 5 minutes it was fun I guess got bored in 5 minutes

I love it


This is a great great game I wish you could do more to it please it was so fun to play it

Too many ads

Abdullah Ove

The game is ok but too many long ads, totally a waste of time.

I love this game I would suggest it to anyone but in the new update where there are rows that multiply money as you go you can still change your width meaning you can cheat and get to the end by using less arrows

To many ads


To many ads that are hard to get out of



Too many ads. The game is almost unenjoyable



You need a giant butt in your game


dont care nick

The game itself is good but to many ads

No thanks


Not with an ad after every level. Every level??..I’m good.

There are way to many ads to completely enjoy the game

Very good

a boy who learns

I just started the game and I all ready love it



Thanks for helping me learn math through summertime (I’m 9).

Add more multiplier bosses at the end and longer tracks (more multipliers options!)

Great game but 1 small problem

brfghcbfeguc efuhcb

There is a divide by 2 and divide by 3 right next to each other. This makes me not get as many people at the end. That is all the reasons why I put a 4 star

Too many adds


Add after every stage besides that it’s alright

This game is good


Try this game if not idc try it out it’s so fudging fun right now so try it out for free

My mom beats me

sploogebob squirtpan

This game is amazing. It has a beautiful art style and the concept is amazing. Each level is unique and original. In my honest opinion this game is a true masterpiece.

Good game but


Good game it’s fun but you should be able to hold the upgrade button to quick upgrade

It’s a fun game when your bored but are you able to add a feature to invest all your coins into an upgrade without repetitively tapping thanks

I love the game and I have over 2000 arrows only after playing this game for 2 days! At least you can triple your 🪙 earning but please can it just be an ad every couple levels?

its ok

peyton Odonker

ok this is my first time playing the game i its bind blowing so the add are just a rip of



Why earn coins if you can’t use them?

You earn these coins and there’s nothing you can do with them. Otherwise a good time killer

I get bored and don’t pick this game for 5 mins u will wast half in ads


bryce drake a

It’s fun at first then it get to boring Bc it’s the same thing being repetitive

It fine.


It’s not the best but it’s a working app would recommend if your rlly bored if not the prolly wouldn’t recommend.



it’s a pretty solid game kinda boring after 3 minutes so they should add stuff to make it harder

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