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How do you


How do you change your characters?

More mods


It’s really good but I just wish that there would be more mods



I don’t have a pc so I saw this and it didn’t look half bad my friend has a pc and she has fnf and the Roblox version isn’t very great so I got this and I love it download it now it’s awesome

Pls fix this

help me spel

I love the game but I’m just asking if you can fix the glitch where you go in even though your watching a ad making you fail When your waching a friking ad..............................

Thank you


Hey thx for the game Snice I didn’t have computer this helps

It’s needs more weeks for me because I have other mod ideas


toby afton

This game was way better then expected because the other games where IMPOSSIBLE to play

Best mod on FNF ever 😍


It’s so cool on how bf just looks so funny only one bad thing that you have to pay coins to unlock songs

I was amazing for my little bro and said to put a five star review so yeah


Octo kings

Ok so I love Kapi mod and the curencey is good but the ads sometimes they play over the song and I lose pls fix it



yes it’s pretty good it has some pretty popular mods

Sooooo good but


Ok so when i fianl the game it not give me some TING 😡😡



There’s lots of other mods there’s nonsense and bob add a lot more I just got started

It’s pretty good


It’s pretty good cause the other one I played takes like 2 whole minutes to get to make your score 900

Good game!


I thought this was gonna be one of the bad fnf games that u download but it’s pretty good!

It’s one of the best games I have ever played I hope you will add more weeks to the game I would suggest the bob week

A little fix

rcbfiv uh

Some of the songs don’t have the full notes from the game

Just a little thing

the depressed men780

Hey love this game, but it would be cool if y’all added down scroll to the game Thanks and keep up the good work

So when I saw the ads there was vs imposter mod and I was real excited till I notice there wasn’t can you please add vs imposter mod please and thank you.

LOVE it 💜💜


This game is awesome and it is so fun to play and when I play it is just so much fun 💜💜

Its ehh


It doesn’t have any mods that is in the pictures like Tord, Hex, Whitty, Sky.

Great mod


Overall this is one of the better mods I’ve seen I wish they added boyfriend and girlfriend but that’s my only complaint

Can’t change character

anima nird 4557

I can’t find how to change my character but Other than that it’s awesome

I had no choice

someone's response

I wanted to play the normal Friday night funkin but I can’t because my computer is still not set up. And I would have never played this. But I have no choice……

The ad is in the air it is taken from a YouTube or which I do not like if you could change your ad to maybe something different I would be OK with it and give it four stars

Make more please

food like pizza

This game is amazing 1 thing tho make more mods I got through all of the mods in a couple of hours other than that 5/5


•Fandom only•

Love the game it’s quite addicting and cool never seen a better kid of Friday night funkin It’s perfect… at least to me it is And can someone explain how to change the characters?

I really like the rap battles and I say everyone should rate this game expurgation is I know that because it hard I did an ad just to see how hard I love the game😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😻😻😻😘😘😘

4 starts for..


Making me laugh so hard from this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t stop laughing

We need two more songs

please add tabi

So we need the song ugh and guns please add them

Best game ever

cool game GG

It’s just so good the tabby man so good my favorite song I just can’t stop doing it I love this game like it’s my dream game

Good game!


The game is good and all but I want you to add the sarvente mod and nyaw to the game



Best fnf game on mobile were it not for the bad word. Delete plz

Hi (suggestions)


Please add more mods and add the regular game in there too

Turn your phone upside down and turn on Screen Rotation Lock. If youre used to Downscroll Notes like FNF Youtubers like Woops, etc. If your a fan of upscroll notes then do not read this, otherwise its useless..

I like this game but The sound when you start and they should put like a video when you start you know what I mean and put voices And put more battles my brother says 3 stars

I love this game


I play every day for 3 hours I love this game so good


Ahmed drogon

It is I good app but can you download the really play with computer her

amazing 🤩

Burgermaster Junior

amazing But Garcello girlfriend boyfriend need to be fixed



Cool I like it plz add these original songs from fnf week1 week2 week3 week4 week5 week6 week7

Well the game was fun but it needs more work on it but it was very fun sences it’s close to funkin night Friday



Definitely one of the better ones on the App Store!

Great game…But


They show in they’re ads you can choose certain chars to play as when in reality there’s different packs and you play only as boyfriend, again great game misleading ads

The game is five out of five stars this game is so cool than any other fnf Game keep up with the good work

Really nice game


I would get mad about it being a stupid fnf game but it’s is really good for a fnf ripoff ♥️ my favorite week in this game is kapi week

I love music game this game is perfect for me

It’s not bad but a some problems are you have to pay to unlock the songs to unlock the full week

Bad thing:there is no real bf and real gf it’s just 2 ugly character, add more mods like shy mods and ... Kapi mod is not full (last song). Good thing:have some mods for play it’s better more then that other trash fnf mobile game

You should make it go horizontal so mu hands don’t have to hurt. Also stage 4 tricky is annoying because of all the invincible notes

Something is wrong


When i finish tutorial i cant play the mods

Good game


This is a really good game but between each level thing there is an ad that plays during the battle so it makes me miss maybe half of it and it would be cool if there could be a shop to where we can buy skins with the coins!

Please don’t steal


it’s good but I’m not really sure if this is legal, I’m also not sure if they are asking permission for the ORIGINAL developers, only thing I have to say is that don’t steal.





the dab god

I just started playing I finish the tutorial I went straight to expurgation and I won even though this is pretty much my first time playing FNF

it’s an ok game


it’s a good game just have it so you can flip your phone around it to get a better angel and have the pause button on the top cus it just made me get out of hard work on garcello because of the pause

Good game

rbb FF ushebdjxieb

This game is pretty good for a rip off game one thing I don’t like about this game is the notes it’s hard to see the notes but over all great game I give it a 4 stars because of that reason

Kind of good

Frater Non Huius Mun

At the start when I saw the ad I thought it was interesting but when I downloaded it to my disappointment it was nothing like the ad and plus no one likes working hard for stuff 5/10 game just let all the songs be free to do



Pls add more I love this s awesome

Okay so where Is THE IMPOSTER IN THE AD!!!! Bye 👋

Good but need a change

sleepy ssundee

So whenever you and the enemy play notes it shows both of our notes witch is really confusing me but a good game in all.

This game is really good.just pls add The original sprites of Bf and gf.



This fnf is awesome but there’s 1 thing can you add controller support?

Overall the game is great and fun but I want you to add more mods so everyone can enjoy and it will make it funnier.👍😁😁

Can you please add tord to the game please?

Game ads


I would like Better if there wasn’t ads between every song in store mode it messes me up. Everything else is good though

Okay but more mods


I like the game but I have been searching for mods like the shaggy mod so I would like more mods thank you

I like the whole game but not the new bf that’s all I have to say

I loved it


I just love it and it needs more mods please

Very good BUT


I dont konw how to take a anador skin

Great game but you lied.

Da real Lefty fazbea

Its a great game but whitty and some other mods and things you showed aren’t there tord isnt even in the game please add those mods

Better than most


This is no way bad but you have to play a lot to get some of the songs could also use mid fight masses

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