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Beastcam - Pro Camera app recently received 38 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Beastcam - Pro Camera app an average rating of 4.45 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 62 ratings since its release on Jan 22 by BeastGrip. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Beastcam - Pro Camera?

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Rated 4.58 out of 5

62 global ratings

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38 Positive User Reviews for Beastcam

Love this app to pieces

I love everything about this app. There are only 3 things I’m missing for this to be my perfect app. 1 - ability to take a picture while recording (you can get a still from video but this would make that process easier) 2 - ability to shot in log 3 - a remote app (I.e. MoviePro Remote or Filmic Remote)

Cache removal

Although it is our go to everyday for various work vids there is a problem with deleting unused vids no longer needed meaning the cache does not empty on our 14 pro max resulting in gigs of already deleted vids still jammed up if this was fixed it gets 5star other then having to delete app occasionally to clear vid data it’s good. don’t waste 50.00 when this does the job for a fraction of the cost

I like the app but

Can u add support for ipad

If you’re serious about iPhone filmmaking, you MUST GET THIS.

After only about 30 minutes I was able to conclude that this app is the best value available. You get so much in such an easy to use format. If you take the time to understand what your looking at on the screen, you’ll be rewarded with a fun shoot, great for budding filmmakers. Well done, keep up the good work!


I can’t say enough about BeastCam. I have tried many camera apps and by far this is the best one. You can control shutter, iso and you aperture independently from each other. Save all of your settings like focus point, wb, frame rate, shutter speed etc…I never review apps but had to with one!

Unlocks features that Apple removes.

So apparently Apple doesn’t allow 128gb model iPhones 14 Pros to film in 4K ProRes. This app lets you use that function that should have been unlocked in the first place. The price of the app is beyond worth it. Support is very helpful also! The only two things I’d recommend are, be able to export video directly to camera roll instead of having to do that from the gallery, like we can with photos. (Having two copies of large video on the phone takes up unnecessary space). A Timelapse feature wou

My favorite video taking app

Love that the shutter and iso white balance etc are always viewable. Like this app much more than filmic pro and other competitors. Like the layout ui and features. Only feature it needs is lock white balance on record.

Every picture tells a story

One of my go to camera apps for travel photos and videos. Manual controls are intuitive and renders sharp clean images. Edit; 10/13/22 Unfortunately BeastCam has not been supporting this app or any upgrades. It has fallen behind and is slowly fading away.

iPhone 14 Pro— No ProRes option.

3 will go to 5 stars! I want to love this app fully because everything is awesome. However, can’t seem to find ProRes. And if you introduce shooting in Log or Flat profiles, you will decimate Filmic Pro and their new subscription model.

So close to perfect

Developer request included: Decided to give this a try following the pricing model change of Filmic Pro. I tied this and Moment. This is bay far superior in so many way and is incredible powerful however it is missing one key feature that I desperately need that is available even in the native IOS camera app - stereo sound. Would love to also see a setting that allows clean hdmi out to use this as a streaming camera like Filmic Pro can. Hoping the developer can add this and make it the perfect s

It’s okay, not great either.

Look, I’ve been on the fence to use anything Beastgrip. Their support is the worst. They can’t keep their DOF in stock and their prices are astronomical compared to brands like Moment or SmallRig Their app on the other hand isn’t Terrible. It’s missing a few major features that big contenders like Filmic Pro have. Namely, DESQUEEZING ANAMORPHIC LENSES IN THE VIEWFINDER while using ProRes! C’mon guys! I wish they also had a LOG profile as well. Fix it so you can gain more customers after Filmic

Changing my camera

Goodbye Filmic Pro! Hello Beastcam.

Filmic pro can eat a ——

BeastCam is the future. BeastCam is the way. Keep it a one time payment plz

Great app, can be perfect!

At this price, I almost have everything I need in this app. The only important thing I found to be missing is shooting in LOG and any other neutral color that I can grade later. Hopefully the devs include such options in upcoming releases.

Gear and Software

I feel like I have grown up as a photographer and filmmaker with the beast cam company. I utilize their cage for the iPhone promax 12. The software for iOS was easy for me to learn the controls are easy to get to easy to program in the preset option is crucial. I have a number of photography and film making apps on my phone but find that 90% of all my work comes through the BeastCam app.

Great, professional software

I had been using the Mavis camera app- but it appears to have been abandoned by the developer and despite the excellent interface, I couldn’t tolerate some bugs that popped up with my iPhone 13 Pro. I’ve got a Beastgrip and some accessories so I thought I’d give Beastcam a try. I love it! Never going back. I haven’t had any crash issues reported by others. The one thing I noticed (and reported) is the audio input setting sometimes doesn’t automatically recognize an external mic plugged into

The Best

Simply the best video app out there.

Every picture tells a story

One of my go to camera apps for travel photos and videos. Manual controls are intuitive and renders sharp clean images.

BeastCam mic.

I have issues with iPhone XS Max iOS 15.00 has no Mic nor Mic setup option

Fantastic app!

Fantastic app! Clean, intuitive and easy to use layout and while missing some features I’m sure those will evolve as the app does. Love to see gimbal support, Timelapse, log function etc…

Should be 5 starts

This app should be 5 starts but it’s currently crashing almost every time I go to review my videos/photos. The functionality and manual control this app offers is top notch. Would recommend this app as soon as it stops crashing.

Only 1 complain

The app is awesome especially due to purchasing the mk2 dof adapter Biggest complaint is the lacking of focus peaking Unless I just missed where it’s at but thats all my wanting


Love this App! That’s about it! Does everything I need it too.

Dope app

Log profiles would make it perfect.

Beast cam

Great app recommend for all user

Awesome app but

Has crashing issue on new update please fix in the next update

Awesome app but

Has crashing issue on new update please fix in the next update


This app is absolutely the greatest app ever. I just love it. It’s easy to use and for the price it’s better then filmic pro. GET THIS APP ASAP!

Great app!

Love it! Great UI, amazing presets!

Extremely well designed

Plenty of pro features. Built to take advantage of all the latest iPhone hardware. Perfect companion to the Beastgrip and Beastcage (I have both). Favorite feature: the cinematic stabilization is amazing! No need for a gimbal.

Love it!

I’m new to phoneography with beastgrip products and enjoying using the DOF adapter. This app have all the functions I needed

Amazing camera app!

A very well designed interface makes it easy to navigate through all of the controls. Amazing presets implementation. Love it!

Great product, very satisfied with its quality

Exactly what I was waiting for, packed with advanced features other apps missing

I love it!

Beastcam is an incredible camera app, full manual control, also it’s beautifully designed and simple to use, too. Thank you!

Perfect camera app

Manual controls are perfect, and WB presets are very useful and saving a ton of time for me. Still there are a lot of things to explore, so far I love it!

Better than Filmic Pro!

This is my go to filmmaking app. I have used this app and I love it. If you want to do a video in manual mode and control your white balance, exposure, save presets with your favorite settings then you need Beastcam App! Really great App!

Very Sophisticated

Very easy, intuitive, simple and fun to use, digital slate is the best, thanks developer

Pro camera app!

Amazing app with tone of professional features! File management is great and helps to organize my footage like no other camera app! Great work!

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