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Beat Cop app recently received 13 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Beat Cop app an average rating of 4.54 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 333 ratings since its release on Feb 19 by bit studios sa. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Beat Cop?

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Rated 4.46 out of 5

333 global ratings

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13 Positive User Reviews for Beat Cop

Beat cop hello this is billiej I just Brought this game and it is the

Bomb to me it is like the real thing in a police simulator it’s what I have been waiting for I hope that there will be a whole lot of missions added on because this game is the best out of everything that I have played so far keep up the good work

Pretty fun but has problems

I think that the game was tons of fun. I was playing it for hours on end. One day I was playing it when I went to take my dog on a walk. I got home and opened up my phone but the game wouldn’t open. I was on day 7 and had to restart completely.

how do you play this game

i bought this game then i had to do some quests and it wont let me do them like there is 609 and i need to visit them click the door doesnt work i dont know how to play this game

Fun game

I am not having a problem with this game on the XR on the latest iOS level to. So either this was updated recently or something else is going on for some of the other reviewers. Fun game. Love the dialogue!!

No Problems Here.

I’ve very much enjoyed the few minutes I’ve spent with the game so far with zero crashes (I’m on a XR with the latest iOS). I’ll return with a review ASAP.

Won’t start

Game won’t launch on iPhone XS Max. Crashes instantly can’t even see title or main menu.

plz fix the crash problem asap

why would i pay for a game that won’t even start. Looked through quite a few recent reviews and it doesn’t look like a just me situation and the issue has been there for a quite long time... do something !

Pls Make more

Super rad world laid out, true to 80s society, couple different play throughs, each one being fun. Does end somewhat abruptly which isn’t the worst thing, but loved and hoping for other games like this because of that.

I loved this game

Hands down best police game ever

I figured it out

I figured out how to play it without WiFi it’s just weird tho because you have put it on airplane mode so yeah hope this helps

Good game can’t play off WiFi

Need to be on WiFi for app to work. Doesn’t make sense. Very frustrating!!! Buy at own risk... where the heck are the developers....

Still on of my favorite games

Thank you again for the amazing experience

This is a great game

This is a great game I hope you add more Because me and probably a lot of other people would like to see more.

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