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Blek app recently received 29 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Blek app an average rating of 4.44 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 673 ratings since its release on Feb 21 by kunabi brother GmbH. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Blek?

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Rated 4.62 out of 5

673 global ratings

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29 Positive User Reviews for Blek

The Touch

Power in nuance. Recognize how your thoughtful and loving touch evokes such a pleasant response. There’s nothing more beautiful than the sounds of a satisfied woman. Make her happy.


just download it, check it out and it’s so satisfying and also a puzzle game too!

Amazing game!!!

I love this game, its so amazing. Truly creative!

Really fun

Wish I could think up cool stuff like this,really nice work and great fun.

Beautifully done

So smooth and well done. Relaxing but not boring.

Fun and Different

Never seen a game like this before, many different ways to pass a level which makes replaying a level more exciting

Once you pop you can't stop

The only problem is putting it down.

Great game

Simple concept, elegant execution. Fun game with exceptional physics.

Surprisingly tricky puzzler

This game starts simple, but definitely gets tricky after several stages. If you like having to utilize outside-the-box thinking, this puzzler's for you!


A new idea but honestly,can't play too long time


Great game. Keep coming back to it.

Interesting and unique gameplay

It's one of those games that I can pick up at any time to play a few levels. Love it!

Relaxing, challenging

Blek is such an interesting game, I find it very relaxing and very challenging at the same time

One of those rare games that actually makes you feel smarter

I can feel my mind stretching when I play this

Great puzzle game for all ages.

Beautifully crafted and thought out. Simple but satisfying!

لعبة اقل ما يقال بحقها رائعة

من اجمل الالعاب التي لعبتها وذات فكرة عبقرية

Love it!

So creative and well-designed. Game is smooth and awesome. 👌

Probably as simple as you can get

I've been playing this game for a couple years now. I love this game a lot.

5 star reasons

Very unusually fantastic game. Simple. Beautiful. Mind boggling. Perfect.

Fun and challenging

Really good brain activity while killing time

Cool and fun

I hope you don't say blehck when you see this review

Cool game yet frustrating

This game is great for moments youre bored and want to challenge yourself

If you get a gray screen

At first all I got was a gray screen that made some sounds. I rebooted my iPad Pro and it lit up.


Where is access to new drawing area ???

iPhone x update breaks iPad view

The lates update zooms in the picture dose not give enough place to draw.

Strong start then very poor level design.

Blek starts off great until it reaches the puzzles with timing components, the timings are straight forward but the input is way too imprecise for it, turning an initially charming game into a frustrating mess.

Game is fun but

I agree with the other reviews that say the sounds that play when the line goes into a black hole is really annoying. Other sounds are nice.


I love Blek. Some are really hard but you come back a couple days later and solve it. It’s just cool and a perfect app for the iPad...especially if you have a pen. :)


Good game, but it crashes every time I try to share a screenshot and hit save.

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