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Block Blast! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Block Blast! app an average rating of 4.86 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 285.8K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Hungry Studio. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Block Blast!?

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Rated 4.09 out of 5

285.8K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Block Blast!

Fun way to pass the time.

I discovered this while in a waiting room while my sister had surgery and I had to stay till she was in recovery. I like it because I can be interrupted and I don’t have to start over. It’s fun and free. I haven’t found any “surprise” costs.

best game ever

i love playing this game when i’m bored it’s so fun i’m in love

Good game

I’ve personally never played it but this obese girl I know loves playing it all the time


The game is fun to play but the ads are awful. I don't mind ads usually but these go on and on for long periods of time. I end up closing the app and reopening it to get rid of them.

Fun… but ads are annoying

It’s fun, but I wish that I could pay to stop the ads. I don’t know why I see ads even after I won a round.

better than woodoku

I like this version of the block game better than others I have played. The only thing I would request is an ad free version so you don't have to click 20 times between every level just to get back to the game.

Love it

Greatest game ever

Not Tetris

Thought this would be like Tetris where the blocks drop in like the demo, but this is more like 1010!.

Block blast

Could be fun but ads are long and often. No flow to game

Lovely game BUT…

Too much ads. Its annoying


Love this game would pay for an ad free version but over the last couple days it stops Working and freezes about every other use. Don’t like the update at all, much worse than before


i don like the other adds


It’s a pretty fun game. Nice way to kill time. But PLEASE give an ad free option. There are so many of them.

Fun but….

I love this game but I can’t get the “adventure” to load. My adhd brain needs levels to pass or challenges to complete. The adventures have this but after two rounds, it won’t load anymore. I also have to wait so many days for there to be a new adventure. I’ve updated both the app and my phone so I’m not sure why it won’t download.

Bring back adventure mode please

Super fun game but adventure mode adds some extra fun otherwise I’d have given this game 5 stars

this game is so easy nothing can stop me from matching all the cubes⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


My game.

The best game I have!

Fun but ads…

Ugh. Love the game but the ads are insane. There’s a million of them and it takes forever for them to go away. Offer a premium option!!!

I love this app!

I love everything about this app at my favorite I definitely recemend it

Unsolvable puzzles

I encountered several unsolvable puzzles, which actually disappointed me.

My family and I love it

I love this game and its features and it was so satisfying .


This is one of the best games to challenge your mind like omg it’s soooooooo amazing!!❤️❤️this game helps me calm down too

Would give it 5 stars if it weren’t for the ads

Please create an ad-free version, I will happily pay for it! Love this game.

Room for improvement

This could be a great game, but I have found 2 limiting issues. 1) when you choose no sound in settings—it does not stay silent. It has to be chosen over & over. It limits when & where you can play. 2) the ads are longer than the industry standard. Often the ap has to be closed because there is no way to advance or close the ad.

Fun but...

The ads are way too long and annoying. The wait is not worth it.

How can I remove the Ads

I love the game I just wish there is a way to purchase the game or remove the ads

Fix the silence button

Me and and my daughter love playing the game but every time you open the app you have to put it back on silent and it makes a bunch of noise before you can.


We need to be able to flip the pieces

good game

I like this game but to much ad and the ad length too long.

Hello need help

I love the game, I’m new in this! How I take away the adds or publicity of others games. Thank you!

Love the game, ads are annoying

I wish there was a way to pay for add free for a time period.

Great game

I'm really enjoying the game so far no and simple. I like the adventure levels best! I would have given it a five star rating but for one thing. I would like for the developers to offer a no ad option for a small fee. Most games have that and if I really like the game I would gladly pay.


A couple of weeks ago the “revive” option disappeared. Why? Not really fun anymore since I can’t beat my high score without the extra life option previously offered. Please bring it back!!

Ad free version, please.

I love this game. Simple yet tons of fun. I would give it 5 stars if it had an ad free version. Let’s make this to happen, please.

Simple and fun

Mind numbing when you want it. But lots of room for strategy and improvement and skill

Can we get an ad free version

I like the game, but ads are annoying. Thanks!

Great game. Let me turn off ads!

I will pay to turn off the ads. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

Out of stress

I like it because I can think and keep my brain I. Something good

Super fun!

Fun little game with no adds currently! Fun little strategy game to keep the mind busy!

Need to update it

Wish we turn the pieces if u can do that I would give a better star

Fun game but…

I like the game but it keeps freezing on my phone so I’m going to delete it :(

Addictive but lacking

This game is addictive and fun but why can’t y’all create a paid version? I’m tired of being forced to wait through these horrible commercials!


Just started the game and I really like it and so far it’s not hard to play


Love this game, easy to get lost in it.

Great game!!

I love playing the game as a stress reliever

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