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Bloons TD 4 app recently received 38 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Bloons TD 4 app an average rating of 4.42 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 201 ratings since its release on Aug 17 by Ninja Kiwi. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Bloons TD 4?

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Rated 4.42 out of 5

201 global ratings

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38 Positive User Reviews for Bloons TD 4

Even after all this time

It still manages to be an amazing and addicting game. I have played both btd5 and 6 but enjoy this one the most. Maybe I am blinded by nostalgia, but never the less I enjoy this game for its simplicity. The fact that this was made 13 years ago is still astonishing to me. Even though I know nobody will read this, I just want whoever does to know it is an amazing game.

Please update old bloons 👍

Like the game but can you update bloons td 1 please

Add sandbox mode

Great game just add sandbox the pc player get it. We should to.

Is there a sandbox mode?

This is a great game, there just doesn’t seem to be a sandbox mode for me.

Great game

Brings me back to my childhood love this game

How do you find the sandbox option?

How do I access the sandbox game mode on the app?

Great game

A good game but there is no auto start and it’s annoying that you have to click a button to see the monkey you can place. 10x better than the computer version though

Amazing port

This port is so good oml it’s already a good game too! the art style didn’t age good but I still think it has a charm to it like BTD 5.

Come on now

Game keeps randomly crashing today when it never has before. We need that new IOS update please!

Pls make it full screen

When I bought the app today I was disappointed to see that it was full screen. Other than that I would give this game a five star review

Awesome game but 1 issue...

I love this game so much but I got to round 87 and it crashed on me...I just ask for a update on that thank you

Bloons td 4

Fun but the graphics are not worth it, makes the game looks so much weirder

Doesn't fit on iPhone 6 Plus screen

I live this game. Always have. But there are black strips on the side of the screen about a centimeter in. That's all I ask to be fixed. I know it doesn't make THAT much of a difference but whatever

The best!!!

This game is better than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. The 5th is way to complicating and I hate how you have to unlock upgrades and the monkeys it just takes way to much time and fun away from the game. :)


It's hard for me I play the 5th one cause when I'm on easy I have like 5 super monkeys with laser vision and I was on round 45 and the bloons past me like lightning!

Good but could be so much better

Im on round 120 and it is so glichy it's not even enjoyable and it takes like 15 minutes to pass a round so if it was not very glichy att all and there was a times 3 speed it would be perfect👌


I love this game! Lol I beat it in one day.

Crash and unplayable on IOS9

Everything works up until loading game. Then poor you're out. 100% unplayable now FIX IT

Update Already!

For lords sake, please update this game for iOS 9!! The last update was over 2 years ago!! People still play this you know?? Thank you in advance!


Awesome but does it support 64 bit devices? If not can you please add that?

Please Update

Game is great just needs to be update to a better version, this version crashes a lot on iOS 10 it was a waste of money.

Good but yah

Um, I got annoyed when I found out that you couldn't refund your money. Overall it is a very good game and it was good before I found out that. I just wanted to refund so that I could get number Five

Too Laggy

Round 104 is too laggy, it is like salt flying at -10 speed

Great game!

Please give this an update so it will still be available on iOS 11


I still play this game. This is the best format y'all ever came up with. More levels please!!!

How do you make in game purchases

I just need to know cuz I always see this in the game and I click off of it and now I can't find it 😞

Thank you for updating!

Game is still as good as ever. Awesome that they updated it for newer phones. Thank you guys :)

Please Make 64 Bit!

So I can play in iOS 11! I love this game! Got all the power ups for free

Still play this game!

Even thought BTD 5 and 6 are out, I still play this game. I really wish this game had an auto round start. I know Ninja Kiwi doesn’t focus on this game, but I wish they would add that feature. Anyway. Still a fun game.


Gameplay gets tedious after level 128 and it would be cool if there were harder blimps to pop or something!


Hey there is two things I have to say:1. I don’t have the Dartling Gun. 2. Why does the secret tower require 2 million bloons to pop. Please fix those and I will rate a five

Played for years still best game ever!

I have played this game for years and i can play hours and hours and still enjoy it! I highly recommend this game!

I still like this game

Idk if it’s nostalgia, but even though btd5 and 6 are out, this game is still fun, minus the rank ups.

Great classic game

This game is great because it could go on forever and I love the game because it gives me so much nolstagia becuase the gives me good memories.


It's good and all but I think I would play the PC version instead because it is kinda old

Bloons Td 4

I like the game but you need to fix the graphics it makes gameplay hard I spent money for bad graphics game please fix that


This is an amazing game i lave it more than life it self

Level 73 bug

I am stuck on level 73, preventing me from playing the last unlockable challenge at level 80. Could you consider a last minute bug fix for good measure, even though you guys probably won't?

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