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Still pretty good


I got a new phone and when I backed up my stuff from my old phone it didn’t go through or something and I had to restart all of my stats including my purchases

I like that games but why is bloons td 6 is4.99$ ninja kiwi

Good game


Ballons TD is a amazing game with tons of fun stuff you can do all though it costs money it is totally worth it you can play with friends and by yourselves get know it amazing🐵

I think Bloons is the best tower defense game I have ever played. Also it inspires many other tower defense games.

Keep adding more


Hi this is my first review and I have been playing this for over 10 years and I love all the new content as long as new maps are being added I will be playing this game for more years to come

I love this game so much! You don’t have to worry about adds there is nothing bad about this game I highly recommend it Iv loved it for so long awesome game

i was playing with my cousin and it just stopped playing co-op like it would never work

Love this game!!!


I have loved this game for a long time — endlessly entertaining and challenging. But, alas, I can no longer connect to Co-op games. Gear spins and eventually times out or can’t connect.



I’ll name my first kid wussle so everyone thinks he has a speech impediment.

5 starts


A true Classic good time killer

Star 5


I love how you are like able to play with free play



A fun original Bloons game that never get boring



Meticulously planning your defense + the mindless sound of Bloons popping = serotonin production

would be nice if i could reliably play wifi. also why do pay to win features exist in a game i bought?

For some reason there isn’t an option to sign in to your Ninja kiwi account so you can’t use progress from different platforms.



A game that will always bring me back to a time when we played flash games on the school computers

5 star game

Fortnite fan 3000

This game is a very good game but you finish this game very quickly

The greatest game


This is the greatest I’ve set my eyes on. The ima image graphics and game play are overwhelming with perfection. I love this game more than my own family

Bloon TD 5

y TX h hi x

Bloon TD 5 is a terrific game to play you have to fend off bloons by using moneys. But honestly I cant really explain how good this game is into words. -Sleepy Hawk

You should get rid of special agents and make them like heroes and cost more monkey money and you can place them once each round and the agents are permanent

Best game ever!


This game is awesome and everything about it is nice. Great game, and it’s worth the money you pay to buy the game. The game could be better if they added the B.A.D to the game. Thanks Ninja Kiwi for this game!



This is the best app ever !!!!!!!!!!!


garmer time

Very fun and balanced! Very good family game and fun for all ages! Definitely play with your kids or parents!👍🏻

This game is so fun, you unlock all the monkeys so quick. Best thing feature is it’s not easy at all, which makes all the time spent worth after beating a “wall.” (A level or mission which most people give up on)



I remember when I was in third grade that I used to play this game with all of my friends on indoor recess



It won’t let me log into Facebook I just want my data back :(

I remember playing this growing up and it’s exactly like i remember it to be!

Bloons td 5


Great game in my opinion it is the best game on mobile

This right here is the top dog of Bloons games! This stuff will get you hard

Best game ever!!!

im happy i love game

But it takes forever to get freeplay but when you get it it’s so fun!!!🙃


pumpkin head🎃

This game is great! Best definitely the best Bloons game YET!!!



Truly amazing, I bought this about 3.5 years ago and played it straight for about 2 months. Just recently played it again and bought BTD6 both are addicting and are a great way to kill some time


gdgd hi thrhhrhfhdhf

So I got a save game and then I deleted the app, and when reinstalled it I accidentally pressed cancel to my old save and it did not say are you sure and because of that I now lost everything, long story short ASK ME IF IM SURE I LOST EVERYTHING

Life changing


This app made me 14 foot 8. Also I’m now a god

Audio doesnt work on ios. It plays for a short while during the startup of the app but then stopa and nothing fixes it

Love this game, however I recently got a new phone and in no way was I able to restore my progress. A great addition to this game would be cloud storage; So players can save their progress / restore if need be. Please consider it!! Thank you.


Cole Complains

I’m addicted to the monke game. Help.

Sandbox Rules

J.S Blaze

The sandbox with the new towers (heli, chipper, etc) is much funner

U my cheese

amoug hs susus bake

Perfect cheesy game lov it so god 🥵🥵🥵🥵

Bloons TD5


Very fun, easy to learn,highly recommended



this game executes everything perfectly u can be good with no cash spent best purchase on my phone


Smiley Pants 13

This game is so fun I can’t stop playing it!!! This is literally the best game I have ever played!!!



Great tower defense game with endless content I can come back months later every time I get bored and always pick up right were I left off

It is fun


But it could be way better than it was

Great game


One of my favorite games ever will recommend



I’ve been trying to play multiplayer through game center for weeks and it has not let me. It always kicks me or the other player out.



Is a game you buy and everything is locked you don’t get anything for free these days

Love this game


This game is just so freaking fun you need to buy it to see for yourself.


Codename Elf

First game i play in Bloons series. Cool game so y not play. Game where monkey pop bloons go pop, go play now ldlslkakss

Love BTD


I’ve been playing them for years. Always a good go to

Great game

Bloon Exterminator 8

I love it for nostalgia but to be honest Bloons TD 6 is better But...... This game was very nicely made and i enjoy it alot

The best


This is the best thing to play!!!! I really recommend it it’s really fun you can even play with other people to defeat the balloons it’s so so so amassing I really recommend it.



Great game, though I noticed the menu music is pretty identical to Spyro the dragon music pretty cool to be honest

The best game I’ve been playing since I was little

i stroke my penis to this game the monkeys are cute

Great game!


As an Indonesian person, I feel as though this game accurately represents my culture and how my ancestors kept the Dutch from invading our small farming village. Keep up the great work.

Great game

Bloon Exterminator 8

I love it for nostalgia but to be honest Bloons TD 6 is better But...... This game was very nicely made and i enjoy it alot

I love it


I love balloons TD five it’s so fun to just mess around in the sandbox mode and do fun stuff in the multiplayer is also really fun and play with my friends the game is been out for years but it’s still fun

Amazing 10/10


My favorite strategy based mobile game to this day

Plz add more monkeys

blah hum1234

I’m at level 44 and getting pretty tired of using the same monkeys and I want new ones. But the overall game is awesome and it is super fun I definitely recommend this game for you guys and gals.


hey kiidkjsnenshdgeh

Been playing for two days haven’t stopped since


scrapy nose

So this game is a battle game between monkeys and balloons/Bloons. So I recommend it for anyone as long as you don’t get mad easily no offense. Anyway download this game it’s so fun.



This game is good becasue it is fun.

Could use all the towers but really good thanks to ciwi ninja😏😏😎😎😎

Good game buy now worth money purchase game or die and place monkeys worth all 2.99 dollars funny monkey game good. Buy

This is literally the best game in the entire universe I am quite possibly the best player this game has ever seen. It is really good and you short Ballons

This game is amazing and while there are no problems with game play, there is a bug where sometimes, when the game is booting up, the audio cuts out. Other than that this game is awesome.

Getting the ladies


You bust this out in public ladies will bust those pants off



Game has been consistent for years

Funnest game


I just started playing but it is so much fun



Reject humanity return to monke






monke pop balloon. 10/10 would monke pop again

Paid for game then upgrades, it’s ridiculous!

Best BTD

I lost $2.00

No flaws whatsoever, not stupid like the successor of this game (BTD6)



Really good game my mom bought me it and I love it

Always been a fun game until the past week. Suddenly every single round of a game ended with a pause/freeze. Maybe for the casual player, might not be a problem... but for those who mow down round after round, it’s a complete nuisance.

I love the monkeys but can you put a strong strong strong strong monkey like a god moon strongly it’s a moon god and with more strong ness then sun god and sun temple.!! 😁

I love it!!! It’s my 2end favorite game ever!!! Make more apps plz

Great game


The game is really fun to play with you’re friends but there is one problem when I get a code to my friends game it won’t load



He was really good you should try it it might cost but it is worth it😁👍🏾

Great game

Bloon Exterminator 8

I like it but it does get old after a while And why is there no odyssey anymore I really enjoyed those



This is the best mobile game EVER!! I was introduced to this game from one of my cousins👍🏼👍🏼 SUPER CUN

great but


my penas fell off while i was playing so 😳

It’s so much fun, so much to level up and use. Good Ranking System. Absolutely love this game. If you like a good challenge, here you go. Have Fun 🤩

Fun game

fortino 619

I play it all the time it is really fun to play when you have nothing else to do. Only problem is how many times they want to make you buy the money in the app but I’ll still give it a Five star rating for how fun it can be.

My saved data


So I purchased a lot on this game and it’s all gone can I get that back ?

Great game but


This is a great game but I was level 25 and had purchased some money then I log in one day and it’s all gonna I’d like to have my things back please



A classic, endless fun, how could you go wrong? There aren’t even any ads. Just fun. Love it.

Everything in this game is great, it’s SO addicting and fun, definitely one of my top three games. You have to try it if you haven’t yet

Very fun

Tara })({

It is very fun and I see nothing wrong with the game




Best game ever!!!!


BTD5 really keeps you entertained, it’s fun to listen to music and vibe on. Just overall 5/5. Highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a challenge 😉

Really fun


This game is so much fun and addictive

Good but bad

Nehemiah Dutch

So this game is really good but sometimes co op servers don’t work and it is annoying

Worth the money


I’ve been playing this for months now , it’s very cheap and is lots of fun . Good for killing time



This is litterly the best game I’ve ever played would recommend it for people who are bored.BEST GAME EVER

Co op


Co op just doesn’t work when trying to play with friends.

So there are some bugs

bloons td 5 god

I like this game beacause it is very fun but the game itself does not have that good of graphics but I just love the rest of the game although it is a little addicting.It is very hard to get past rounds after round 40.



Awesome game spent a bit of money but was worth it in the end. Loved playing it with friends and doing competitions with them!!

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