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Bloons TD Battles 2 app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Bloons TD Battles 2 app an average rating of 4.57 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 15.6K ratings since its release on May 24 by Ninja Kiwi. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Bloons TD Battles 2?

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45 Positive User Reviews for Bloons TD Battles 2


I just don’t like sending so I think that you should have a limit and more hero’s like ETN PSI BRICKELL and more and we need more towers to

Thank you

Thank you for adding odora but I would love Sadat to

good but so glitchy

definitely one of the best tower defense games but it’s filled with glitches and bugs that can make you lose or makes the game straight up unplayable, first off the bloom trap engineer sometimes just doesn’t give you money, another glitch is sometimes you or your opponent doesn’t lose lives, I discovered this when I sent 30 DDT’s and like half of them went through his exit but didn’t lose a single live, but when he sends 2 fortified bads I lose when they go through my exit?

Great game, but I would like a little change

First off, this game is A+. Second, it uses the towers from Bloons TD 6 and lastly, the game is free. The only thing I would like you to add is the Beast Handler Tower to the game, I feel that it would be really spot on

Ninja Kiwi please see this.

There are two bugs that I have discovered. One bug is that on engineer you get bloon trap and it sells for no money. Also plasma accelerator does not work.


The hero’s are great but you just need to add Geraldo and etiene

I need this to be done

Craters please make it so you can’t spam suff until round 5 so you can’t just join and get killed instantly and have more fun.

Robo cop

Is the middle path super monkey based off of RoboCop lol

U need to add this

There is no practice in BTD 2 so how am I supposed to have fun if I don’t want to play against other people.

Best game

This is my fav game bc I watch tewber and play this great game

Mostly fun, too much grinding

You can play one or two games that take 20 mins each then you get bored. You should add an option to test towers before buying them.

Clever idea with popular demand

Make ranked more difficult for cheap players for instance make DDTs lower the senders trophy count for each DDT they send it would make players decide if they want an easy win with losing trophies or the challenge of going the distance to get the win using effort and knowledge of the game without losing trophies it would truly come down to who is good enough to climb ranked and who is not. Ultimately it would be a real ranked battle where a player’s decisions will determine whether they go up in


My only issue with the game is that everything requires monkey money. But monkey money is hard to get so maybe some towers can be unlocked by completing missions.

This needs to be added

So I’ve realized that every match i go in the other player always uses all there money on balloons what I’m saying is there should be a limited amount of balloons you can spawn it would help some people and me a lot so yea. Pls,

Fun but my progress did not save.

This game is really fun but, recently when I logged on it started the tutorial.

This game gets a 5 out of 5

Y’all hating on tiny things grow up the games amazing if you cant handle nerfs or in game currency like every other game has than you don’t respect the time and effort these people have done to creat an amazing game for you do t hate the game over the things the devs have to do also there was a guy who wanted to be able to try out all the tier fives and hero’s in casual and private matches but that makes no sense because of that was the case who would grind ranked????


I think this game is a very good game because of its skilled gameplay. Not only this, but new updates, towers, and seasons are also amazing additions. 10/10

Add sandbox mode please

The game is really fun not lying.but I think people need to know the towers better because if you don’t know what towers are best the you just spent a monkey that you don’t know about.and also great game but could you make bloons td 6 free for Christmas please that’s all thank you

The ranking mode is very messed up

So whenever you lose on ranked mode you lose like a rank token and I really want to know why that has to happen. I would’ve enjoyed the game mode a lot more but this feature makes the game a lot more frustrating. It doesn’t make any sense and why didn’t you do it like how you did in the first BTD Battles to we’re you lose money? I would’ve like this game a lot more if it did that. And could you please fix the helicopter!

The app good

Really good and it’s fun and free

Weird name…

Pat Fussy with both of the first letters switched around (btw this is one of the heroes) spells something weird. If that is in the game, their should be a hero named Barry Halls. lol

Add a hero?

Can you plz add adora?


Please fix the sync error I’m about to uninstall

Awesome Game! But Too Many Cheaters!

I love everything Bloons. But I am sick of cheaters making it unenjoyable to play. I understand it’s a game about being put under pressure and stuff like that. But there needs to be a limit set for the amount of Bloons a player can send so that there is less fear of getting wiped out at the beginning of the battle and not being given a fair chance. I blame this for keeping me in the yellow stadium and not progressing any further in the game.


So I had rated this 3 stars because I couldn’t play and to put it briefly, I can now.


Great game. Love both this and btd6, been playing for a bit and I enjoy the graphics and difficulty. Sometimes I make a mistake, and sometimes they’re just better. When I lose, usually I understand why I lose and how to not lose.

A suggestion for the game

This is a really good game for people that get bored easily or that like strategy games. I have a request for ninja kiwi. It would be cool if we could convert our xp into experience for our monkeys. If this gets put into the game I ,along with some other players, would enjoy that.

Add 2v2 mode plz

I wish there was a 2 player mode so I could play with someone Ik. The game is cool but if there was a 2v2 mode where the eco is split in half for both players and each player has 2 towers it would be much more engaging. Ranked would be cool as well.

Good game but…

This is a amazing game, I got it from a pop up in balloons monkey city, The only problem is it gives me the pop up every 30 minutes and I can’t close it so I have to close the app and reopen it every 30 minutes to play the game. Other then that it’s one of the best games on my phone

Just a little improvement

So, I really like the game but I would really like a creative/practice area. It would be so fun! Please add this

Super fun


Good but...

Where’s 1 player like I want to play alone. Please respond.

My apologies

Your game is amazing it’s just that it was a rough day but your game is so fun I like a good competition, thank you for all the work you put in this game, keep up the good work. 😀😀

This game is good but it has one problem or my ipads broken

I was battling a guy for 36 minutes i think but um i won but the game kicked me out and I lost my five stars on the play with fire event game mode


This is the best game ever way better then the others

Good game

Such a great game played it a lot whit my brother / cousins/ friends. I would really love for people to make this game more popular or any other Bloons games.

Plz fix this

Bruh this game needs to take this out sending balloons it’s so annoying there’s like spammers like spam this at the start of the game it’s so annoying so please please take that out please it’s so annoying

Didn’t work

First off, I’ve played this game before on an iPad, but wanted to migrate to a phone. When I tried downloading the game on two iPads (7th generation), it only worked on one of them. When I tapped the new player button, the screen turned black with a loading icon and then didn’t do anything. The exact same thing happened when I tried clicking the new player or existing account buttons on my iPhone SE.

The game won’t load

It dose not work for me it worked for my brother

1 thing

To be honest the game is very good but the thing is people r so toxic every time they win they spam me with the most toxic emotes ever (also I like how Quincy looks like a literal 4 yr old)

Xp too slow

This is a great game but the xp takes too much grinding without vip

Great game

This is a very fun game I enjoy it a lot I’ve been playing it for the past few weeks now overall the game plays nice I like the animation style and I like the little events but the only thing that I don’t like is when I go to face people and the only thing they do is spam balloons I don’t know if you usually get requests but I would appreciate it if you could Nerf the balloons that you can send in a way


So many players spamming the balloons on me so you guys should make a cool down on The balloons so there would be no spamming

Could be better

I’d like to explain why this game is good but not 5 star material 1. Tack isn’t the best tower in the game nor is it a top 5 and everyone’s favorite tower is tack shooter every second of my life is thinking about using tack shooter 2. Wizard also needs a buff because tack wiz isn’t a top 5 load out fix these 2 issues and i will change to 5 star

Porfavor cojan esta idea

Este es el juego más usado en mi dispositivo pero me gustaría que pusieran un modo sin internet o un modo sánd box como Battles td6 Porfavor aganlo