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Rated 4.08 out of 5

25 global ratings

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25 Recent Reviews From the United States

My mom is op at this game no 🧒

By Albert Fingerdoodle

My mom casually at level 127,374 🧌


By django jane

it has ads now. i hate it.

Love this game but these newer changes…

By bbailey0502

You’d think you would want us to use the lives we have and play the game more but in this newest update it only lets you use 20 of the lives you have stored. It also limited the amount of stored lives you can have now. That doesn’t make much sense to me. It won’t incentivize me to buy more lives if that’s the end goal.

Stupid plan

By Mamabair1

you think you are smart by limiting the number of lives I can accept from friends you are so stupid. Maybe you think it will make me spend money?what it really does is make me close the app and play something else. Instead I could be watching videos which is the only way you will ever get money from me.


By Vtsong

Ive played this since November of 2010…highs and lows, ups and downs…what happened to the daily climb? Today I see I can only accept 20 moves from friends. You’ve done it this time. 4352 games. Buy by candy crush.

The new update

By Didiguire

Ok so I never usually do a review, but this update has perturbed me. Why??? Why are you only allowed to accept 20 free lives from friends. This is super annoying. Why let people ask for free lives but then cap them. I’m not as upset that you can only have 200 free lives from friends, but to allow only 20 a day to be accepted is not my cup of tea. And in my opinion a lame update.. lots of things I like, I don’t mind or love but this one is just dumb, please get rid of it. Then I’ll go to 5 stars.


By donnafeltus

It’s good just enjoy Ann the candy crush

Great game

By shagscob

Enjoy the game but can’t get my payment to work for the piggy bank. Please help


By fhgghu

I Love you about ❀️ yes πŸ‘ Music 🎡hours 🏑

App shuts down in the middle of play

By Geri Hazelitt

The app keeps shutting down in the middle of play and removes a life. Super annoying and should be fixed asap.

I love Candy Crush Saga

By wplfy

It is always a clhallenge and always fun. I have played it for years and still enjoy a game or two.


By Jeremy Baysinger



By C@ndiii18

If you are winning multiple levels it kicks you out and makes you restart the level you just completed. Which also makes you lose your streaks that you have

Great game recommendation

By derpydoge127

If you love candy crush you should try huniepop 1 and 2. They are on sale right now 80% off on steam only and are like this game. 9/10.

Solid Game

By Dirty Race

It’s fun to play when you are just aittimg around doing nothing. Cool game.

Sponsore me plz

By the guy you should s

I do so much promoting for the company and game so plz sponsor thanks.


By jasoncandi

Level 11530 is impossible to beat! Tired of wasting boosters! Just about totally done with this game!

Why it’s so addicting

By alexanderrrrrrrvn

Every time I play it my eggplant goes up and the way the candys move is so seggsy


By 82669

I would like to be able to create my own fish in puzzles.


By margie269

Constantly changing things , mostly taking things away and all levels seem to need extra moves which cost MONEY


By Mi Carmelita

It’s fun- however, whenever I’m on a winning streak, it shuts down and my streak is lost. It’ll take a few minutes to allow me back in.

Solid game

By bumpertomato

I love the mechanics of the game but sometimes the game crashes after a long time playing. When the game crashes all my rewards are removed and I also lost my 1 hour of unlimited lives/10 gold bars from the gold chocolate box

Fun but confusing

By MaddenFan07

I’m enjoying the game but i wish there was somewhere to go to learn the rules as to what certain things mean. Like the piggy bank is full but yet i have no gold bars to buy extra turns...why? What good is the piggy bank?

Candy crush

By vgghkjhkgg

I love this game I can focus and teach my brain something new.

Relaxing game to play 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

By Hhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This game helps me when I what to rela x and have fun

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