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Doorman Verify Neighbor Game app recently received 30 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 12 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Doorman Verify Neighbor Game app an average rating of 1.75 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 20 ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Abdul Rehman Al Oweis. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Doorman Verify Neighbor Game?

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Rated 3.47 out of 5

20 global ratings

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30 Positive User Reviews for Doorman Verify Neighbor Game

The phone does not work

Whenever I use the phone is doesn’t work

Fix my screen, please

Hi I’m Jocelyn can you fix my screen because it small and I can see everything on pause button so can fix it ? Please if yes thank you

Read this before getting this game

It’s good and works fine in my opinion but it does crash a lot usually at the end so it’s nothing to worry too much about but it still crashes right before you can see your ranking and your details and stuff. There is also some pop up ads that usually come right after you open the door so beware of that. One last thing is it’s not completely full screen but it’s no that bad. I think it’s worth it tbh but I will definitely get the original game once that comes out.

My game keeps crashing

I like this game its fun but the thing is every time I'm playing it crashes before im done or when im about to get my rank, and when i reload the game it says i didnt do one game yet. But then again it’s probably because i dont have enough storage.

It’s alright but a couple bugs

I mean you get ads but I put my phone on airplane mode but when I get to the clown part it crashes me or the peach peach peach peach guy, etc, so please fix it. You can remove those characters with achievements or fix it so it doesn't crash my game. Thank you

The game is fun just one thing

Ok the game is fun cool and stuff but at the end if i win or lose i get kicked out but the rest is ok so its still like a five!


it’s a good game however every time you end the first day it crashes

It’s good but

Every time when I open the door an ad comes

NOT family friendly

It’s a fun game until they decide it’s funny to implement curse words into a CHILDRENS game, I truly find it unacceptable and it really ruins the entire concept of the game. You have lost a valuable user.

It’s good

Like if I try to get a achievement I’d be in the middle of my game or almost done and it will crash me and Ik it’s not my phone storage of anything cause I thought it was so I put it on a ice pack and checked my storage and it was fine and I see people complaining about the adds I think they are fine but whenever I let someone in sometimes it gives me a add and almost lets someone else in that usually is a doppelgänger so if they fixed the crashes and paused the game when there’s a add I think i

it’s alright.

the game works well for me, it’s just that whenever i get to the end my game crashes, i don’t know if it’s my device but it also crashes when calling the D.D.D, overall, it’s decent.


Ok so let me start with the positive side. Since I’ve played this game it’s been fun, I’ve enjoyed playing. From what I’ve seen, as I’ve watch lots of streamers playing this game, it is a very good copy of the original game. Now first I downloaded this on my phone and it was pretty fun and I had little to no ads or complaints. But now, since I’ve downloaded it on my iPad, it’s then disappointed me by the insane amount of ads. Just with one click, an ad. When I open the app, an ad. When I’m calli


It’s a good game, it works perfectly there’s not much ads and it’s pretty simple to play but there’s one thing that always occurs and it’s the crashes, when you play after 15 minutes or a little more the game just crashes and with the iPhone 14 that I own makes me confused, it’s a really nice game but you should fix that.

I’m mad

I love watching people play this game but I don’t have a pc, I was so excited for it to come out on IOS but every 2-3 minutes I get an add and it’s frustrating. I don’t even have an option to get rid of them.

To many ads

I don’t know what happend when I frorst played there was no ads now everytime I click somthing there is an ad I get 50 ads by the middle of the game.


there are tooo many adds like soonbas you click on a floor or the tele phone or even the danger button it will quickly put up an add and its so annoying and is frustrating

Some technical difficulties

This game is really fun and so far love it, but sometimes I have a problem where the folders for what floor won’t let me open them when I click them. It’s mainly the first, and sometimes it will fix itself but can be annoying. But love the game anyways

Too many add in the game time

This game is actually perfect and I waited for it!But there is so so so many adds when people playing! It is make your game unplayable and uncomfortable for players! I will play this game every day but if there will be no adds, it is will be actually better because adds every 20 seconds are really annoying.I will wish, you will fix it!

12 Negative User Reviews for Doorman Verify Neighbor Game


I like the game and all but it keeps crashing, and then the ads keep popping up when you unlock the door then got to lock it back!

Fun but crashes constantly

The game itself is fun and has easy controls. However it crashes every few minutes and the phone will just stop working

Not happy

I have been wanting to play this game since it came out and it looked good but then the phone did not work so I could not kill the dopplegangers so two stars.

Game crashes

Works fine but crashes randomly throughout. Finally completed a game without crashing after 4 tries but as soon as it told me my score it crashed. Also way too many Ads

Good but

This game is good and the concept is good. But there is a lot of glitches in the game and it keeps kicking me out of the app. I like the game but hard to play when the glitches happen and you keep getting kicked out


Every. Single. Time. I finish a game right before I get my rank the game crashes. The game also crashes when ever I get a good doppelgänger.


Things that you can fix 1. Phone does not work sometimes 2. I don’t get to see my rank


Don’t get me wrong I like the game the problem is it’s very laggy and there are soooooooo many adds. I’m giving this game a 2 star rating

As I expected for being mobile.

I decided to pre order this game since I’ve been watching many of my YouTubers play it. Ofc for it being mobile, I should’ve expected the pop up ads every time I put a finger on my screen. The ads did stop after awhile being on the app but when you replay, it does come back. It’s a decent game, just not for mobile. Since this is a pre order and I don’t know if the app is fully functional but I’ll come back to it. For now, this is my review.

Its fine just to many ads

Whenever you open a file or close and open the door it’s always interrupted with an ad and it gets really annoying because it’s every time you close or open the door or even the file to check there floor…it’s really annoying because then it cancels out the background noise of the game making it completely silent..if your gonna make the game at least cancel out the ads 😒

So maaaaaany ads

You cannot get through a single neighbor interaction without watch 3-10 ads. Every file cabinet click - an ad. When you click to see if they are on the approved list - an ad. It’s practically unplayable. I would rather pay to play it than watch this amount of ads. If you click the options screen from the menu you are forced to watch an ad!! Please have a pay to remove ads or something!

would have received a five-star rating if it wasn't for back to back ads

The game is good, but there are many ads every time you click. There’s an ad after ad. It isn’t very pleasant but besides that, it’s a pretty good game.

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