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Dunk Shot app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 2 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Dunk Shot app an average rating of 4.32 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 10.8K ratings since its release on Jan 24 by Ketchapp. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Dunk Shot?

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Rated 4.22 out of 5

10.8K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Dunk Shot


Its a fun game but the ads make it laggy and it is not optimized for the iphone notch


This game can keep anyone entertained for hours. Doing bounces is super fun, and getting secret basketballs is super satisfying. Super fun, definetely download

love it but want more!

really loved this game, got super hyper fixated and finished all the challenges and collected all the balls would love if there was more added at some point!


It’s fun, but please let us play music while we play. When I play the game, it stops all music. Makes it boring.

Help you out

For secret balls here’s two score 18 and get in the same hoop 3 times

Great game

I play this game everyday and really helps when I’m bored. I love the challenges section and the many different balls you can collect. I don’t experience that many glitches, but here and there I’ll watch and ad to be able to continue after I failed and sometimes it doesn’t let me continue but I don’t mind. Overall this game is a great time killer and it’s definitely challenging at times so it’s number one on my top mobile games. 🤍

Great game

It’s perfect. Perfect down to every minute detail. Everything about this game is fun and addicting definitely download it if you want a very fun game!

I lost almost all my stuff

It’s gone help


I absolutely love this game! Although i wish there was more challenges! I accidentally finished them all and would love more

Only one thing that bugs me

Love the game. But when I watch an ad for a second chance, it doesn’t give me my second chance and I have to restart anyways. Please fix!


I expected ads in the free version. But just so your aware ads are still prevalent when you pay to remove them. Game is fun, just don’t waste your money to remove ads.

Yeah payed for few years

This game is great, I’ve been playing it for probably 4 years but idk why it says the game is 12+ it should be 4+


love the game but seriously the need a key challenges r j gonna get ignored by me bc multiple times i’ll spend upwards of 600 coins and either not get it or get a key after spending like 450 coins. also the no aim challenges r a little hard at times. still liked the game tho j a thought !

Great and underated

Great game and I never seem to run into many bugs or ads. The ads are really rare to come up. Good to play if you are bourd

My Review

Your game is good but I had a lot of things unlocked but then it happened the game turned into a blank white screen

Breaks my phone

This is one of my favorite games but it frequently breaks my phone!😀😀😀 I love it but it made my 4th cousin wuantivious dinglebottom the third commit🥺🥺🥺!

Please fix this

Can you fix the game so it fits on the iPhone 11 phone screen. I have an 11 and I can’t see the top of the screen


It is such a good game! I went on a trip to Ohio and I played this game for 4 and a half hours!


I love this game! It is the best game ever, I love playing this game 24/7. It is so interesting.

Dunk shot

This game IS CRAZYYY ITS SOOO GOOD one of my favorite games and i only like few games but this game bro 🔥🔥

Don’t waste your money 💰

Fun game and I purchased no Ads but still showing Ads 🤦🏼

Good game but…

It’s very fun but my problem is that when I watch a video to continue, it doesn’t work and I have to start over. Also, I watched a video to get a ball and I didn’t get it

I love this game

I've played the game before on another device but forgot about it.The game is really fun and I recommend playing this game you won’t regret downloading it.

Ad killer.

On most games, this trick works. If you’re tired of ads and you want to get rid of them, I use this most of the time. Just turn off your Wi-Fi and... No More Ads! If this tip helped you, put a fire emoji on your review! ;) 🔥🔥🔥

My revives don’t work

Thats literally the only problem

Dunk shot

I love this game but only one thing ticks me off, when I would pass my high score but mess up it will ask me to continue and after I watch the Ad the game still makes me start all over from #0.

Dunk shot review

Ok Ok hear me out it’s a cool game but when i lose and it says to watch a video to keep on going i expect to keep on going but for me after i watch the ad it makes me restart.. kinda annoying tbh

Fun game!

I’m addicted to the game, been playing it for years. It’s addicting but at the same time gets old after awhile. So I delete it, but then end up re-downloading and getting addicted to it again. Only problem I have is the ads.

I love it! But…

The game hasn’t had an update for a long while, I have everything unlocked and all my coins are just stacking. I’d love if if you guys added more things! 😁

Weirdly good game

despite its simplicity, ive been playing this game for years and i never get bored of it. I can’t quite explain why it’s so good but it’s just a nice mindless game to play while i listen to music.

Great game, fills up screen poorly

The game is pretty great and the shots feel very satisfying to hit, but the challenges portion of the app becomes somewhat unplayable because of the way the game fills up the screen of the newer iPhones with notches.

Continue Glitch

Dunk Shot is a great game except for the fact that when I watch an ad to get an extra life, it doesn't give me the life so I watched an ad for nothing. Please fix this because i want to get the secret ball.

Sad it’s over

I’ve had dunk shot for about three years and here about a minute or two ago I just unlocked and beat everything in the game. Not sure what to do from here besides try and beat my high score. This is the most fun game I’ve ever played.

I really like this game but...

After getting it today I’ve played several longer runs but now it’s freezing on the 2 Nd or 3rd basket. I hope this clears up!

I Really Really Like This Game

This game is awesome barley any ads. No reason not to give it 5 stars😇

Dunk shot game rate

This game is so much fun and the great thing about it is that there are no adds but the balls are so expensive and there 100 stars it is so hard to get stars.but to be real it is a great game

Fix your game

Everytime i press continue i watch the ad and it still makes me restart my progress, can u fix that


This game is so fun and will is a good challenge for you and I hope I get better at because it is hard and so much fun at the same time and I hope you guys get this game and get a little challenging because it is fun

Great game

Very addicting fun simple game that I just keep coming back to with lots of neat challenges and different themes and balls to unlock


FANTASTIC GAME all I wanted to say was you should make a ball that is like the calendar one but changes the date by what your score is.!!


the app is great but you need to update the app so that you can see the timer bar during the challenges on iphone 11 and others! pls change that

Good, but has a kink or few

I’ve played this game alot, and it has shown that i love it, there is a glitch i need you to fix. At random times, the game freezes, and it annoys me, but the game is very good, so thats why i am giving it four stars. 😇


Way too many ads I know it’s how most games make money but otherwise isn’t a fun game.

2 Negative User Reviews for Dunk Shot

Losing interest

At first the game was legit fire....but sooner and later the challenges became absolute hard which is very uninterestingly stressful and to me the challenges were too hard and that made me lose interest in this game

Paid for no ads but continue to get them

Why am I getting ads when I paid for no ads?

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